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Elven Sevens

It’s time to turn my attention to another Blood Bowl team, one I’ve been chipping away at for the last couple of years; the Elven Union. I’ve not made the fastest progress with them but after several visits to the painting desk I’ve managed to complete five of them. This leaves me a long way short of a full team, but just two more players will give me enough for Blood Bowl 7’s so I decided to start with that.

Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (5)Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (1)

I also painted a couple of markers for the team (because easy wins right?). For some reason they’ve proved to be a real pain in the bum to photograph so the pictures aren’t the best but hopefully you get the idea.

Blood Bowl Elf Coins

Whilst I was about it I decided to grab the Elves I’d painted previously for a quick repaint. Instead of gold and silver their armour was split into gold and a kind of nasty off-gold that at some point in time I must have liked but which now looked decidedly iffy. Plus I couldn’t remember for the life of me how I’d painted it even if I wanted to. Here’s how they used to look.

And here they in their smart new colours.

Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (2)Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (3)

Of course we can’t let this moment pass without a group shot of the team.

Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (4)

As is so often the case working on these has me fired with enthusiasm for tackling the rest of the team. Then again there are various other things I’m keen to get painted so it probably won’t be straight away. Plus there’s the fact that if I paint too many elves at once my regular readers start to worry about me and I don’t want to add to their woes – the poor things suffer enough just by being my regular readers!

Wolves Of The Old World

In the early hours of this morning (UK time), when sensible folk were still abed, Games Workshop rolled out another of their big previews. I didn’t set an alarm for it but I did enjoy taking a look at it over a cup of coffee and needless to say, now I’ve given it all some headspace, I have thoughts ready to inflict on you, my gentle and long-suffering readers. We saw quite a mix of stuff too, from World Eaters (which I may – or may not – talk about in a future blog once I’ve got my ideas in order) and some walkers for House Cawdor which seem to be a real “marmite” release which some people (like me) love and others hate. However today I’m going to talk about the green lads and their good boys; the new Goblin Wolf Riders for the Gloomspite Gits.

Wolfriders 1

Well would you look at that! Somebody stop the presses and hang out the bunting – Games Workshop have managed to sculpt some decent wolves at last! Well done guys, pity it’s taken you 40-odd years but persistence beats resistance and these shaggy beasts were worth the wait! (Pedants will currently be desperate to remind me of the existence of Rippa’s Snarlfangs and the Soulblight Dire Wolves – both of which are ok – and the two wolves which hang out with Belladamma Volga which are actually really nice, but still, GW does have a reputation for missing the mark with their wolves on a regular basis so it’s still novel enough to be a relief when they get it right).

Wolfriders 3

These weren’t the only new Goblins to put in an appearance either. We also saw the previewing of Grinkrak’s Looncourt who for some reason have the exact same back story as the Flesh-eater Courts – that being that they believe, against the evidence, that they are in fact chivalrous knights. I know it can sometimes be tricky to think up new lore but this is a direct copy and paste, and much like with the ghouls it’s not really reflected in the models. I guess “identifying” as a noble knight is the new in thing in the Mortal Realms and we should go along with it rather than risk causing offense – what harm could a goblin or a ghoul do to a damsel in distress after all? Not naming the warband “the Green Knights” is a missed opportunity too – and if there’s one faction in the setting that can run with the puns it’s the Gits. At least the models are cracking.

Loonknight Goblin

More and more lately however I’m wondering if the Old World ever really went away. Were the last eight years all some kind of bizarre dream in which my fevered imagination conjured up magical realms and Stormcast Eternals whilst the Warhammer that was has rumbled on much as it ever did? Looking at GW’s release schedule you’d be forgiven for thinking so. The new Wolf Riders are a classic example of this – they’re awesome but conceptually they’re lifted straight out of the old Orcs and Goblins range without the slightest tweak to bring them into the Age of Sigmar. Now I don’t mind this – I liked old Warhammer – but wasn’t the point of Age of Sigmar to create a new world in which new ideas could be brought forth and explored? Sure, in the early days we didn’t have a whole lot to work with, it takes time to produce a whole new range of miniatures so models from WHFB were reused to flesh out the setting, but come on – it’s been eight years guys! In that time GW has churned out a lot of kits, many of them fantastic, and of those very few would look out of place in the “World That Was”.

By the time 8th Edition came around Warhammer had a lot of problems. The size of armies had grown so vast that new players could easily find themselves looking to paint hundreds of miniatures before their collection was ready for battle. To survive it needed to become more flexible, and desperately required a skirmish spin-off to serve as a stepping stone. Meanwhile the lore was a strange mix of cliches and ideas which were uniquely Warhammer, which the writers had to wrestle into shape whilst desperately seeking to ensure they had their own voice and weren’t trading solely on nostalgia. The range of models had grown large, and needed plenty of resculpts to keep it fresh, and the constraints of making models that rank up on square bases was clashing with the posing potential of the plastic models and new sculpting techniques. By the time the End Times rolled around Warhammer was desperately in need of some kind of soft-reboot. However absolutely nobody was saying “I really love this setting, but wouldn’t it be better if it was set on floating magical space bubbles. Oh and the Lizardmen need a silly name. Other than that it’s perfect”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those who’s still sore about the destruction of the Old World, it’s just that the more time passes the more I wonder what the hell the point was. Much of what we’ve seen since 2015 would have fitted into the previous setting. Old Warhammer was an odd mix of the very generic and the uniquely creative – Age of Sigmar was an opportunity to break away and do something really creative but they seem to have lost their nerve. Now with The Old World project coming it’s harder than ever to differentiate AoS from WHFB. If, for example, I wanted to start an Orcs and Goblins army for WHFB I could find pretty much everything I might want amongst the ranks of the current Orruks and Gits. Wacky spelling does not new models make! Things like the Stormcast Eternals, Idoneth Deepkin and Kharadron Overlords serve to demonstrate what they can do if they want to but in the main they seem to be afraid of pushing the envelope.

This isn’t just an issue with the goblins either. Today also saw the previewing of a new Beastlord for the Beasts of Chaos. Again, he’s a really nice model – although the beasts need a hell of a lot more attention than just one new hero – but he’s no different to the kind of beastmen we saw in pre-End Times Warhammer.

Beastlord Beastmen Warhammer

Likewise the new Slaves to Darkness are just a revamped kit for Warriors of Chaos – they look cool but there’s nothing different here.

Chaos Warriors

Some people might be saying “So what?”. The Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen were cool before and they’re cool now. Why reinvent a perfectly serviceable wheel? If it ain’t broke and all that. Now that’s fair enough but the thing is, they did – dramatically and unashamedly – blow their old setting to bits, burn their bridges and declare that this was a whole new era in which everything you had known before had been devoured by daemons. This wasn’t gentle – this was as subtle as Angron. Soft reboots, GW clearly thought, are for wimps! Yet here we are, almost a decade later in the real world and tens of thousands of years in the timeline of the game, and half the old characters are still around and everyone still dresses the same.

Lately Games Workshop has been previewing concepts from the forthcoming Cities of Sigmar revamp. Except is it a revamp? Everything we’ve seen so far, and I’ll admit it isn’t much, is very similar to what we used to know in the Empire.

CoS Preview GunsCoS Preview

Now I’ve got nothing against nostalgia (although I’m pretty sure it used to be better) but if I’d slipped into a coma in 2014 and woke up now would I see any difference between the Warhammer of now and the one I used to know? Of course given the state of the world otherwise this might be comfort, at least some things don’t change for the worse, but if you told me it was a whole new setting I’m not sure I’d believe you.

When the End Times was in progress I suggested that what we’d probably see was a partial apocalypse, shaking things up ahead of a new and refreshed setting. Chaos would come close to destroying the world but, at the last moment, the Gods would withdraw, laughing, to their own realm, leaving the survivors to fight it out amid the ruins. GW would have the chance to change anything they wanted, old characters with old models could be killed off, new characters and factions could arise, new rules – even a whole new game system – introduced. It would give the End Times some kind of significance, without needing to wipe the slate clean. The bathwater could be poured away without needing to send the baby with it. Afterwards I was (mostly) willing to give Games Workshop credit and let them do their thing, hopeful that the passage of years would create a setting that I could believe in and which would make the whole exercise worthwhile. I’m still waiting. Of the 24 factions currently present in Age of Sigmar all but 8 of them are essentially unchanged since before the axe fell on WHFB. Sure, some things have changed – breaking up the Orcs and Goblins into two separate factions, and dividing out the Warriors of Chaos into five new armies (one for each god) has given them room to grow and the results have been well worth it. However that, and the new rules for that matter, could easily have been achieved without the wholescale destruction of the world.

Stormcast Bloke

Let’s take a quick look at the eight new factions. Could any of them have existed in the World That Was? I would argue that all of them could. The Stormcast Eternals are perhaps the most iconic AoS army – and the one which, I suspect, precipitated GW’s decision to go through with the whole exercise. Space Marines sell – so why not have Space Marines in fantasy too? Double your money! It’s an understandable decision for a business to make but I reckon it could have been done just as well in a post-End Times Old World with nothing more than a few tweaks to the backstory. The Bretonians were in dire need of a range refresh and with Game of Thrones dominating screens around the world people were excited about knights. Most of the Stormcast concepts are not a million miles from a re-envisioned Grail Knights, granted superhuman power by the Lady to restore the realm.

The Kharadron Overlords and Fyreslayers could easily have been part of a re-envisioned Dwarf range, especially if some of the concepts were dialled back a little. Dwarves in Warhammer were traditionalist to a fault and extremely resistant to change but with their holds smashed and ransacked by daemonic hordes and many of the old guard killed and strung up by their beards a few young upstarts might be able to promote new ideas (ready to be patented by GW of course) onto a suddenly less recalcitrant population.

Fishmen were rumoured for years – apparently springing from a design studio in-joke that spread to tinfoil-hat-wearers and online theorists and never really went away. They too could have come to the surface in the form of a slightly tweaked Idoneth Deepkin. The Kruelboys could well have been lurking in the swamps and caves of the Old World, the Lumineth Realmlords tweaked into something closer to the High Elves and the Nighthaunt added to the undead ranks commanded by the Vampire Counts. Aesthetically speaking the Ossiasrch Bonereapers are the faction most unique to AoS – although ever here there are similarities to the Tomb Kings of old. Are they enough to justify the risky, and still controversial, decision to destroy a well-loved setting and start over from scratch? Those aside absolutely everything else from the mightiest Son of Behemat to the smallest gobbo could have been released in the old setting without stretching the lore one inch.

Ultimately I’ve got nothing against Age of Sigmar, it was a bold move and an opportunity for great creative strides, but since then their courage seems to have deserted them and as a result the whole thing starts to seem unnecessary. The wolf riders are amazing models but when it comes to their fantasy settings Games Workshop are living in the past.

Seven Skavens!

Time to turn my attention back to my little collection of sporting rats. You may remember that back in September I put together an Underworld Denizens team by combining my Goblins and Snotlings with a few Skaven. Now it’s time to return to those Skaven and, by adding a few more recruits, turn them into a team of their own. Part of my plan was to get the rest of the team finished but, as I mentioned recently, I’ve got a lot of things on the go at the moment. I’m excited about sporting skaven – but I’m also excited about lots of other things so I’ve got to prioritise. It was at this point however that I remembered some wise advice from that fount of knowledge on all things Blood Bowl – Faust of Double Down Dice – who reminded me of the existence of Blood Bowl Sevens. Sevens is a set of alternative rules for Blood Bowl with the key difference being teams made of just seven players, rather than the standard eleven. So whilst getting my rats ready for a full game of Blood Bowl called for quite a bit of painting Sevens was much more manageable – easily slotted into my jam-packed schedule. Later I’ll try to drum up a few more bodies to bring the team to full strength. To get us started though, here’s a Clanrat Lineman…

Blood Bowl Wudugast Skaven (1)Blood Bowl Wudugast Skaven (2)

…and another one…

Blood Bowl Wudugast Skaven (3)Blood Bowl Wudugast Skaven (4)

Lastly I wanted to add some savage muscle to the team in the form of a Rat Ogre. For this I certainly wasn’t going to pay Forge World prices for the official model, nor was I going to mess around with the plastic kit sold by Games Workshop (I’ve painted enough of those in my lifetime thank you very much!). Instead I had a rummage around on ebay and found myself a Powered Rat Brute, made by ResinWarfare and 3d printed and sold by Mousillon Miniatures.

Blood Bowl Skaven Rat Ogre Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Skaven Rat Ogre Wudugast (2)Blood Bowl Skaven Rat Ogre Wudugast (3)Blood Bowl Skaven Rat Ogre Wudugast (4)

Here’s the team, all set for action.

Blood Bowl Skaven Rat Ogre Wudugast (5)

Lastly I decided to paint a couple of markers for the team as well.

Blood Bowl Skaven Wudugast

And there we have it – another team of Seven’s good to go. Next step will be recruiting even more rodents and turning them into a full team, but that’s a job for another day.

Progress Report – September 2022

Oi, watz dis den? Fort dis was supposed to be Orktoba – what chew doin’ talkin’ abart fings from ova mumfs den?

Settle down greenies – because before we sink our teeth (or should that be “teef”?) into Orktober it’s time to take a look back at everything I’ve managed to paint over the last quarter-year. Back in June I talked a bit about my efforts to clear out the backlog of unpainted models that I’ve accrued over the years and the way in which my attitude towards it has changed in 2022. Rather than reiterate everything here I’d recommend going back and seeing what I have to say for myself by clicking here.

Usually August and September is one of the most productive times of year for me on the hobby front but lately life and work have been kicking my arse a fair bit and the time and energy needed for painting miniatures has been in short supply. Still, you know what they say – the cost of living may be high but it’s still better than the alternative! Anyway, I’ve not been entirely absent from the painting desk so let’s take a look back at everything I’ve managed to achieve towards my various goals.


Since last we looked back we’ve had a new edition of the game and three new warbands so, given that this was where I achieved the most in the first half of the year, you’d expect the hype from GW to have translated into more models ready for the tabletop at my end. Well you’d expect wrong wouldn’t you…

Heart of Ghur


Last time around I think I made some rumblings about working on some 40k/Necromunda terrain but alas that’s still to happen. I did however knock out this ominous shrine to the Dark Gods…

Skull Shrine Chaos Beastmen Warhammer Wudugast (5)

…and a whole load of fences too.

Fences ASOIAF Warhammer Wudugast

Warhammer 40k/Kill Team

Next to naff all done on this front, although with the coming month being dedicated to all things Orky hopefully I’ll be able to redress the balance a bit.

Blood Bowl

I’m pleased to say this is where the real progress was made over the last few months, with four new teams hitting the pitch.

First of all we had the Necromantic Horrors

Necromantic Horrors Blood Bowl Team Wudugast Undead Warhammer

…followed swiftly (or at least as swiftly as they could manage being dead and all) by the Shambling Undead.

Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Team Wudugast Warhammer Zombies

Then just a week or so ago I finished off my mob of rambunctious Goblins as well.

Blood Bowl Wudugast Goblin Warhammer (10)

And finally, with the month almost out, I surprised myself by cannibalising my Goblins – and various others – and putting together a team of Underworld Denizens as well.

Blood Bowl Wudugast Underworld Skaven (2)


Despite bold claims that I would get my Orlock gang painted, or at least started, over the last few months the brave lads from the House of Iron are still notably absent from the underhive. All was not entirely lost though, I did make a start on a gang of outcast hive scum, disreputable down-and-outs ready to scratch a living on the fringes of society by any means necessary.

Hive Scum Gang Necromunda Wudugast

Aeronautica Imperialis/Adeptus Titanicus

I’m rolling these two into one because I’ve made absolutely zip progress on either. Battles between mighty titans would be so damn awesome wouldn’t they? Alas, the god-engines – and the tiny planes for that matter – must wait for another day.

Blackstone Fortress 

With just days to go I finally got myself in gear and painted up the Zoat from Blackstone Fortress. This means we now have a whole new expansion we can play through, Deadly Alliance, and a galumphing alien quadruped to help us take on the sinister creatures that haunt the fortress. There’s still plenty more to do though before I can call the game, and all of its expansions, complete at last.

Blackstone Fortress Wudugast Zoat (2)

Cursed City 

Less progress here than I would have liked (that’s becoming a bit of a recurrent refrain this time around isn’t it) but all is not entirely lost; I did manage to complete the creepy wizard Octren Glimscry. Better than nothing right?

Octren Glimscry Cursed City Wizard AoS Wudugast Warhammer (3)

A Song of Ice and Fire 

I’ve got two armies on the go here; one for the Starks and one for the Lannisters. My plan is to get each of them up to about 30 points then keep building them up in 10 point increments. So far progress on the Lannisters has been slow, but I did manage to get the Mountain’s Men ready to march out under the command of the brutal Ser Gregor Clegane.

Mountains Men ASOIAF Game of Thrones Lannister Wudugast ConvertOrDie (9)

The Starks have managed to drum up more troops however, perhaps the men of the north are a bit more loyal to their liege lords or perhaps they’re just easier to paint. Either way we’re now just one squad off making that 30 point target so I think that, no matter what else the rest of the year holds, I’d like to try and get that done before 2022 is out.

Wudugast Stark Army ASOIAF


I didn’t manage much from the world of Hate, but then it wasn’t really a priority. I did however manage to knock out a couple of tree-zombies from the tribe of Sarrassa, and a giant from the tribe of Um’Kator, which you can see in all their close up glory here.

Hate Barbarian Wudugast Chaos CMON (5)

Goals and Summing Up

Back in June I set myself a bunch of goals for this quarter so the last thing we have to do is take a look back and see which I managed to achieve – and which I failed at entirely!

Necromunda – get another gang up and running, most likely the Orlocks. More if possible.

I’m going to be generous to myself and count this as a win. I may not have painted any Orlocks but my little gang of scum are ready to take on whatever the Underhive can throw at them.

Warcry – get at least one of the “core” warbands painted, the Spire Tyrants look like a good option here.

Failed. Despite my very best of intentions the Spire Tyrants still sit looking forlorn and unpainted and the fighting pits of the Varanspire remain ominously quiet.

Blood Bowl – get the Necromantic Horrors team finished. As that only needs 2 ghouls I’m going to aim for getting another team up and running as well.

Smashed it! Not only did I get the Necromantic Horrors painted but three other teams as well. Consider my back patted!

Blackstone Fortress – complete at least one expansion.

He may only be one model but that Zoat is enough to allow us to play the Deadly Alliance expansion so this one is definitely a win!

Cursed City – make significant progress. Hard to quantify on this one, I’d love to get it finished of course but I’m not going to try to bite off more than I can chew. A squad or two of mooks and/or some of the heroes would count here, whereas a single corpse rat just isn’t going to cut it!

He’s got slightly more panache than a corpse rat but Octren Glimscry is still just one model so I’m going to say I failed to make significant progress here.

ASOIAF – make significant progress. Again I’m not going to put an exact figure on it here, just that I want to get something done and again one model isn’t enough!

With two squads completed (the Stark Bowmen and the Mountain’s Men) I think I can call this one a win with significant progress on both my armies.

Stark Archers ASOIAF Wudugast (3)

Overall then it’s been a bit of a mixed bag but despite having a lot less time to work with than I’d hoped I still managed to get a fair bit done so I’m happy enough. So, how about my goals for the final three months of the year? Well to be honest with you, I’m cautious of setting myself up to fail so I’m going to avoid putting myself forward for anything too demanding. There is a hell of a lot going on in “real life” for me right now (as demonstrated by how long it takes me to reply to comments here – let alone read and comment on the work of all my blog-buddies out there. Love ya anyway guys, keep up the good work!). Over the next few weeks I’m going to be all about Orktober and after that, who knows? The list of projects above remains my priority so I’ll keep chipping away at them as and when I can. There are two tasks however which I’m going to try to give special attention.


Get some Orlocks painted. Even if it’s not a full gang. Even if it’s just one dude with a handlebar moustache and a devil-may-care attitude lets get something done here at last.

A Song Of Ice And Fire

One more squad will get me a 30 point Stark army up and running so that would a nice thing to achieve. Let’s send a clear message to King Joffrey that the men of Winterfell won’t bend the knee to him or anyone else!

Of course in a perfect world I’ll paint much, much more than this but I really have no idea how things are going to go over the next little while – I might get quite a lot done but equally I might manage next to nothing, it’s that kind of time. Watch this space I guess. In the meantime though, it’s time for me to paint some angry green dudes!

Kruel and Unusual – Part 4

Time to start some warm-up exercises ahead of Orktober, and my now annual Ork War vs fellow blogger The Imperial Rebel Ork (who’s already been hard at work assembling his own Ork invasion which you can see here). As all great athletes will tell you it pays to train so over the last few weeks I’ve been hammering scrap metal to my body as makeshift armour, yelling “Waaagh!” at passing strangers and mounting a spiked deff-rolla on the family car. This week I even found time to paint a few of the green lads. You won’t catch me retiring on day one having exacerbated an old ork-painting injury, oh no!

This year I’m planning to focus on my 40k Ork army but I do have plenty of fantasy Orcs kicking around as well, including various Kruelboyz, so I grabbed three of them out of the pile for a quick warm up.

Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (5)Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (4)Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (1)

I really like how this one’s shield matches his own face down to the eye-patch.

Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (2)

Ugly gits aren’t they!

Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (3)

Plenty more green lads are just a couple of weeks away but, assuming life can find it in itself to be a tiny bit less manic for a few days, I’ve got a bunch of other models I’d like to knock through first. Watch this space!

Cursed City: Octren Glimscry

One of the heroes (if that’s the right word) of the Cursed City game is the dubious character of Octren Glimscry. Octren is a founder member of the order of wizards known as the Pact Mortalis, who are just as jolly as they sound, an organisation dedicated to finding the secrets to immortality by any means necessary. He used to be best pals with Torgillius the Chamberlin, until the latter stole his research and ran away to become a lord of undeath and one of the leading villains in the game (still unpainted sadly but his time will come…). Now Octren is out to give his old pal a serious shoeing and get his research back (to use it for good, obviously, who could think ill of such a charming and friendly-looking old man?).

Octren Glimscry Cursed City Wizard AoS Wudugast Warhammer (3)Octren Glimscry Cursed City Wizard AoS Wudugast Warhammer (1)Octren Glimscry Cursed City Wizard AoS Wudugast Warhammer (2)

We still need at least two more characters painted up before we can start adventuring in the Cursed City but, after a long time of not much progress, getting Octren finished is another step in the right direction.

Sitting On The Fence 

With so many newer terrain kits having been shuffled off into early retirement I assumed that the venerable Walls and Fences set from Games Workshop would have been long gone, so when I discovered recently that they still sell it I snapped one up. After all, walls and fences are something that every collection of wargaming terrain needs, whether your armies are marching across Westeros or the Warhammer Old World, your Warcry warbands have left the Eightpoints to assail civilised lands or your Space Marines have made planetfall on a backwater agri-world. In fact if you’re operating outside the Underhive a few walls and fences are invaluable (and even then, who knows, perhaps your Necromundan gangers have broken into a lost pleasure dome in which ancient holo-equipment still renders the strange rural landscapes once enjoyed by long dead nobles). 

Despite my high regard for this kit though I tried not to make a meal out of painting it and just cracked on with getting them all done. Behold – a whole bunch of walls and fences. 

Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (8)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (7)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (6)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (5)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (1)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (4)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (2)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (3)

Anyway, that’s all for today. With hindsight I should probably have opened this post with a “trigger warning” as I’m sure by now many of my readers will have taken a fence…

The Shrine of the Bestial Skull

If we’re going to have beasts that walk on their hind limbs as men, and men who howl and gibber in the darkened forests as beasts, then we’re going to need a dread alter at which they can conduct their foul rituals beneath a ghastly moon. This skull-shaped shrine from MOM Miniatures fits the bill nicely, making a fine herdstone for the beasts of chaos and a good addition to my collection of chaos terrain in general. It also fits in nicely with the new Heart of Ghur terrain from Games Workshop (which I’ll be painting at some point and in which giant skulls feature heavily).

Skull Shrine Chaos Beastmen Warhammer Wudugast (6)Skull Shrine Chaos Beastmen Warhammer Wudugast (5)Skull Shrine Chaos Beastmen Warhammer Wudugast (1)Skull Shrine Chaos Beastmen Warhammer Wudugast (2)

As a size comparison I grabbed a few finished miniatures that were sitting near the desk (providing in a bit of a hint at some of the things I’m planning to paint next!). Really I should have found some warriors of Khorne or a few beastmen but that would have meant digging them out of storage and, frankly, I couldn’t be arsed so instead we have something that looks like the start of a joke; a Khainite elf, an Orlock ganger and a northman sworn to House Stark walk into a bar (pausing only at the giant skull outside)…

Skull Shrine Chaos Beastmen Warhammer Wudugast (3)

Next up – even more terrain!

Appetite For Destruction – Part 7

Ogres are very much associated in Warhammer with all things primeval. I rather like this but there does come a point where a theme becomes stretched and the fact that these two have been sitting unfinished on my desk for so long that they may well have got there when mammoths and woolly rhinos were walking the earth definitely qualifies. 

Ogres Wudugast Warhammer (4)Ogres Wudugast Warhammer (5)Ogres Wudugast Warhammer (6)

I’ve always liked the idea of the Bellower in a unit of Ogres. Whilst almost every other unit in WHFB had a musician of some kind to set the march the Ogres just have a guy who shouts at them to hurry it up! 

Ogres Wudugast Warhammer (2)Ogres Wudugast Warhammer (3)

Add these new lads to the ones I’ve already painted and the result is an imposing wall of flabby flesh. 

Ogres Wudugast Warhammer (1)

As usual these aren’t the only Ogres on my desk but they’re the only ones I’ve finished today! 

The Wight Stripes

Bouncing straight from one undead Blood Bowl team to another might seem like madness but as usual there is a method lurking in there somewhere. My thinking goes something like this; the core of both teams are made up of zombies and ghouls, and in fact I’ve used these interchangeably as I put together the Necromantic Horrors team. That only leaves me with a few skeletons, wights and mummies to paint to get Shambling Undead team up and running as well. So I put my necromantic energies to good use again this week and got the two mummies match ready.  

Blood Bowl Mummies Undead Warhammer Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Mummies Undead Warhammer Wudugast (2)

Followed by a pair of Wights…

Blood Bowl Wight Undead Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Wight Undead Wudugast (2)

…one more Ghoul…

Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (5)Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (6)

…and four Skeleton linemen.

Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (2)Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (3)Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (4)

Put them all together with some models borrowed from my Necromantic Horrors team and we have another completed team. Not bad for a weeks’ work!

Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Team Wudugast Warhammer Zombies

Of course, this is still far from being all of the Blood Bowl players lurking on the desk – expect to see more shortly as this sporting extravaganza continues!