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We Don’t Need No Water…

Well, for all my boasting in the previous post about finishing my Orky-revamp before the New Year it looks like I’m set to fall short (blame Christmas!) Still, I’ve come pretty close, with these Burna Boys completed there’s only a mob of Stormboys and three Deffcopters still to do – and in fact they’re pretty close to done as well. Fingers crossed they should be finished off early in the New Year (and – he says scrabbling for excuses – I think I did say I planned to have them done by ‘New Year-ish’).
Anyway, enough justification, let’s look at some models!

My squad of Burna Boys started with these two metal models and they remain two of my favourites. They just have so much Orky character in spite of being somewhat lumpen and poorly proportioned by modern standards.burna-3My preference is to avoid having two identical models in the same collection, especially when you’re dealing with a force as (small ‘c’) chaotic as the Orks. Thus the squad remained rather under-strength until the release of the plastic boxset allowed me to expand the ranks.Thankfully the ‘orky character’ survived the transition into plastic – this boy in particular becoming another firm favourite of mine.

burna-1I reckon this boy in his welding mask is probably the boss.
burna-4When it came to restoring them I hummed and hawed over this next one for quite a while. As I’ve mentioned previously many of these models, in their previous incarnation, were pretty gaudy and hard on the eyes – this Burna being a prime example. Toning him down would have called for quite a bit of work that I wasn’t sure was needed, especially on the gliffs decorating the strap. In the end I left them (and the bright yellow hose) alone, but repainted the metal work and other elements to keep him in line with the rest of the collection.
burna-5One more Burna completes the squad.
burna-6Here’s the whole mob, gearing up to satisfy my unhealthy interest in fire!
Anyway, I’m off now for a few days holiday, but – if all goes according to plan – we’ll see the last of the Orks restored and ready for action in the early part of the New Year. Until then!

Boyz Just Wanna Have Guns

These lootas were some of the first Orks in my collection and, to be honest, the paint work on them was pretty terrible. I’m not going to inflict any ‘before’ images on you, just take my word for it, they were garish and crude (and when I say garish I do mean ‘don’t look at them too long or you’ll knacker your eyes’).ork-loota-convert-or-die-40k-4Some of them are still a little garish and crude for that matter, this next boy in particular. I debated whether or not to tone down the red and yellow stripes but in the end I kept them, they’re just such a big part of his style! I also notice that between finishing him and taking this photo his gun has broken again. I’ll fix it when I summon the patience to do so, in the meantime I’ll rely on the fact that slightly wonky weapons aren’t as noticeable on an Ork as they are on some other races (pity the player whose Eldar turn out less than immaculately dressed).ork-loota-convert-or-die-40k-3This one is pretty loud as well (his gun used to be bright red, with blue, yellow and green bits for good measure. It may actually have been looking at it in a heady combination of nostalgia and disgust that set me down the path of fixing up my Ork collection in the first place). Anyway, look at him now, much more stylish – and combining bad-ass (his cigar) and safety conscious (his ear defenders).ork-loota-convert-or-die-40k-1As I said these were very early additions to my Ork collection. This boy came roughly at the same time as I started to delve into the Ork background and discovered that Lootas are often Deffskulls (hence the last minute decision to paint his helmet blue). I suspect I was also suffering a heated internal dispute about which clan to join – in the end I went for a sort of mix-and-match approach, elements of all of them, but not actually taking the plunge and sticking with one colour scheme exclusively. Such divided loyalties appear to be a recurring problem for me, you’ll note that I can’t seem to pick one Chaos God over the others either (so will undoubtedly end up as a Spawn) and my Space Marines are fairly tenuously connected to the Imperium. Possibly I have trust issues?ork-loota-convert-or-die-40k-2Lootas often hang out with Meks so, in probably my crudest segue yet, next post should be about my (new and improved) Big Mek. Until then, cheers!

Snakes Alive!

Poor Old Zogwort. I always rather liked him, he was a quirky, interesting and extremely Orky character and, although I never actually played a game with him, his ability to turn an enemy character into a squig sounded too funny to ignore. Unfortunately for the great warphead Game’s Workshop felt differently and now he’s been turned into a squig himself (or possibly a squat) and retired from the current codex for the crime of not having his own model.

As is now widely known it’s become Games Workshop’s policy with 40K to remove any unit without a model from the codex, something of a blow to the character of some armies but generally streamlining things for new players (I myself was new to 40k recently enough to remember how confusing it could be trying to work out what was official, what was discontinued, what was converted, what was and wasn’t WYSIWYG and so on). In the clear-out Zogwort got the boot and, for those who play Orks by the rules, conversions were relegated to gather dust on the shelf or demoted to standard Weirdboys.

Someday it would be excellent to see a series of articles in White Dwarf showcasing these purged characters and units, combining a gallery of particularly good fan-made conversions with some official rules. Obviously I’m not so naive as to think this is anything other than wishlisting but it would be nice wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I was one of those who had a Zogwort conversion in my Ork collection. Luckily I a) don’t play much anyway and b)thumb my nose at the rules, so I’m not too disenfranchised. Plus as my Ork collection developed they began to acquire their own character and Zogwort started to seem like something of an outsider in the ranks anyway.

Nonetheless I wasn’t going to leave him to moulder in dusty purgatory whilst the rest of the boyz got refreshed paintjobs. Compared to the conversions I produce now Zogwort really does look a little rough and ready but that’s progress for you. Once upon a time I couldn’t imagine making anything better, now I can see dozens of areas of improvement. Still I’m rather proud of myself for being ambitious enough to tackle something so complicated back then, when I was still in my infancy as a converter. Here he is, complete with a team of grots to hold him down and try to direct his output of Waaarg energy towards the enemy.




old-zogwort-convert-or-die-5So there we have it. RIP Old Zogwort, long live converted, house-ruled Zogworts everywhere. If you’ve stubbornly refused to retire your own conversion let’s see a link to it in the comment box below (after all, I showed you mine as it were). Home-made rules and particularly funny stories about Space Marine Captains that turned into Squigs are also welcome. (Who am I kidding – Space Marine Captains turning into Squigs is always funny).
‘Til next time, cheers and thanks for reading.

No Pain, No Gain

Sometimes you find an old miniature that you were once really proud of and discover that it simply no longer cuts the mustard. Maybe the paintjob that you were sure was worthy of Golden Daemon turns out to be a little shabby at best, or maybe that amazing conversion has become, with the passage of years, a rough hackjob fit only for the bitzbox. For me that model is this Painboy.

What A Pain (1)What A Pain (2)What A Pain (3)

When I first finished him I was so proud. Look at him running (running!) into battle on his peg-leg, so keen is he to start chopping up the ladz and fixing them up with some shiny new repairs (whether they need them or not). With retrospect I’m not so pleased. Of course I’m not here to do your job for you, I’m sure you can criticise him yourself if that’s what you want to do. Suffice to say I wasn’t entirely happy anymore. My main issue with him is the head. It’s one of my favourite Ogre heads (and I already have a use in mind for it) but there’s nothing remotely Orky about it, and certainly nothing that says “demented surgeon about to perform unnecessary surgery”. With a surge of mad zeal any Painboy would find familiar I decided to decapitate him at once (in suitably brutal Conan-esque style).


With that done I set about making some improvements. Here he is with his finished base and stylish new head. Incidentally the syringes attached to his belt were made from space-marine scroll cases, a little bit of repurposing that I’m rather proud of.

Painboy (1)Painboy (2)Painboy (3)Painboy (4)Painboy (5)

And here’s the whole ‘mad-surgery crew’ ready to start chopping up the boys (or anyone else that comes too close).


Overall I’m really pleased with this update which has brought this model back to his former standing in the collection (rather than shoved to a place of shame at the back of the shelf). Hopefully you like him too – if you have any comments or feedback then the comments box below is the place for you. Nobs are up next!

If the Boyz Wanna Fight (You Better Let ‘em)

I don’t usually make vows, promises, threats or grand claims about my hobby, and I certainly try to avoid deadlines. This is for fun after all, I have enough of that at work. However, way back at the start of the year I decided to dust off my old Orks and freshen them up a bit; tone down some of the more garish paintwork, fix some of those early conversions to which time has not been kind, sort out unfinished bases and so on. I then did pretty close to nothing about it until the new Orks were released back in June, spurring me into a flurry of activity. Since then I’ve carried on in fits and starts and now, with the year drawing to a close, I’d really like to see this project done. If nothing else I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t start buying new Orks until I’d finished sorting out the ones I already owned (a promise I broke almost straight away – with justification – hopefully more on that in the next week or so).

Anyway, so you can all laugh at me when I fail to come close to achieving this goal, here’s what I’m aiming for at the moment. Not including the boys I’ll show you in a moment I’m aiming to finish off; 1 Truck, 2 Pain Boys, 1 Warboss, 1 Big Mek, some Nobs (can’t remember how many at the moment), 3 Deffcopters, 4 Lootas, 6 Burna Boys, 5 Stormboys and maybe a Weirdboy. I’m not really setting myself a deadline but if I can get these bad boys in the bag by New Year(-ish) I’ll be pretty happy. As I’ve got quite a lot of other things on between now and then it may very well not happen so I’ll not be pushing myself too hard. Anyway, here’s a look at what I’ve managed so far. First off, a whole load of boys. ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-34


ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-22This Evil Suns boy has had his bike nicked (again). Not to worry, those nice Death Skull lads have one just like it, only in blue, and they’re offering it to him for a knockdown price. Bargain!ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-3

ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-25 Maybe it’s just because I’ve been painting Orks and listening to death metal at the same time so much lately but I can’t help but notice that the lyric “Waaaarrgh!” seems to come up a lot. Who knew those guys were so keen on Orks? ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-1

ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-15 This boy would appear to actually be aiming his slugga. He must be new. That’s not how things are done around here at all! ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-23


ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-12 The last few I worked on were the ones that needed the most effort, having powered through the easier ones earlier on I now had to get down to dealing with those that needed head or weapons swaps.


ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-20As I finished off the squad I realised there was a missing element – a Nob to lead them (or at least hit them enough that they stopped messing about fighting each other and actually had a go at the enemy). There are already plenty of plastic Nobs in my army (more on them in a later post) so obviously I could just move one of them sideways into a new role. However they’re all pretty massive when compared with the boys and as a result didn’t look like a cohesive part of the squad. Instead I decided to build a new, slightly more subtle, Nob out of plastic bits that I had kicking around. As I worked on him I realised he is the first Ork I’ve painted from scratch in almost four years.

Orks Wudugast (4)

Orks Wudugast (1)Orks Wudugast (2)

Overall I’m really pleased with how he came out, the paint job is deliberately dirty but then if you want nice clean colours then go and mess about with those pointy-eared pansy Eldar gits – an Ork is too busy fighting to do his laundry!

Orks Wudugast (3)

Emboldened by painting the Boss Nob I rattled through this guy in fairly short order as well, especially as he’d been cluttering up my painting desk for a very long time indeed. (To be fair, he had been undercoated. Isn’t that what they mean by Black Orcs? Boom boom…).


He’ll be the first of a squad of ‘Ard Boys based off the Black Orc bodies (a fairly common conversion but if it ain’t broke…). I want to finish off everything that’s already in progress though before I start on them. Fingers crossed as the End Times keep rolling in Warhammer we might see some new Orc models (can’t see the boys missing out on a big fight like this) giving us Ork fans another opportunity to get lootin’.

Heavy Metal Hero

Back in June when I reviewed the new plastic Meganobs I said that the first Warhammer 40k miniature I ever painted was one of the old metal Meganobs but I couldn’t find him to upload a picture. Well, rummaging around at the back of the shelf, where older and less well painted/converted miniatures are slowly pushed back to linger in dusty shame, I spotted him. And you know what? I still love him. My painting may have improved a little since then, and the new Meganobs may be bigger and meaner than their elderly (and heavy) metal counterparts but he’s still as tough and angry as ever.meganob-convert-or-die-1I admit I was a little torn between leaving him alone as a sort of historic artefact and touching his paint up a little so that he was no longer left behind by the march of progress. In the end I compromised. Somewhere along the line he must have come off worst in a fight (unthinkable I know) – the stick bomb launcher on his arm had fallen off and his metal gob was shaking around like a loose tooth so he needed some kind of TLC. As I was doing this anyway I decided to put him on a new base as well.

Anyway, here he is, ready to show those plastic whipper-snappers a thing or two.




Escape from New Orks

The first Games Workshop miniature I ever painted was an Ork Nob in Mega Armour. I still have him around somewhere, but unfortunately can’t put my hand on him at the moment or I’d upload a photo of him to the blog. Suffice to say I’m thrilled that, at last, the Meganobs are back with a nice stompy new plastic kit. Unfortunately my old metal Meganob always looked a bit runty next to the newer plastic Nobs so it’s great (if not unexpected) to see that the new Meganobs are an altogether larger and more imposing beast. The option to turn one of them into a Big Mek is also good news, and (in spite of some early misgivings when blurry photos appeared online) both the Kustom Force Field and Tellyport Blasta look excellent.

The kit also comes with a cracking new oiler grot, a nice touch and a fitting replacement for the (now discontinued) metal version. Not wanting him to feel entirely disposed by this swanky newcomer I dug out my old Oiler and fixed him up with a slightly nicer paint job.oiler-grot-convert-or-die-1


oiler-grot-convert-or-die-3Meanwhile, my other efforts to restore my Ork collection are still rumbling along, although I’ve also got a few Chaos projects in the works (hopefully more on them next week). First off here’s a couple of Meks, the first one built straight “out of the box” using the parts in the Burna/Loota kit.ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-4


ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-6This second Mek Boy is a conversion based off a spare Runt Herd. Not sure if the helmet is supposed to magnify his ideas or stop the other Meks stealing his thoughts . You can’t be too careful with those sneaky Deathskulls around after all.ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-1


ork-mek-boy-convert-or-die-3I’ve also worked on restoring a few more boys. Rather pleased with the kill markings on the first boy’s helmet. I wonder if, rather than simply representing enemies slain, these markings might be specific to the weapon, in this case the number the boy has head-butted to death.ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-7


ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-30I’m also really pleased with this mad-boy – I built him years ago and he still looks suitably deadly and demented now.ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-9