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The Irondogs – Part 4

Slightly delayed as all my attention was focused on hurrying to get the warplighting canon finished by the end of the month but the next two Goliath gangers are ready for action.

First up is the unflappable, gun-toting Fender.

Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (1)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (2)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (3)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (4)

Alongside him we have his close-combat focused vat-brother Rukk.

Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (6)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (8)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (7)

The gang still only stands at four members but with the arrival of the brothers it is at least starting to look like a little crew. Hopefully I’ll get some more finished soon, although I’m also itching to get started on the Eschers, as well as having plans of a rather more chaotic nature waiting to be revealed shortly.

Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (5)

As if that wasn’t enough to be going on with, with Cawdor just around the corner I dug around in the bits box until I found the first recruit for my gang of rubbish-sifting zealots; Boneripper the bomb rat.


Of course now this means I’ll have to get my partner’s Eschers a cat to chase him. The cycle never ends!

Scum! – Part 2

Just a quick one today, another example of the down-at-heal hive scum I’m working on to serve as bullet-catchers for my gangers. This chap certainly looks fairly doleful, although I can’t imagine that working as hive scum is a lot of laughs. Still, if you need someone to engage in questionable and often violent activities in the dark of the Underhive, no questions asked, and you’re on a budget, he might just be the very man.

Hive Scum Convert Or Die (1)Hive Scum Convert Or Die (2)

He was a fairly simple and straightforward model to build (I needed the rest after tackling a Van Saar!), essentially just a spare poxwalker with a bloodreaver’s head and one of the ever useful kharadron backpacks. However as usual if you have any suggestions for tweaks or improvements do let me know.

Hanging On For Dear Life – Part 2

I was hoping to have a couple more Goliaths finished by now but alas, although they’re so close to the finish line they can almost touch it they’re still not quite ready for the grand reveal. However that doesn’t mean I’ve got nothing at all to show you. Despite the shackles of “real life” hanging particularly heavy over the past week or so I’ve still managed to put in a little bit of time on the hangers on available to my Necromunda gangers.

First of all we have the Dome Runner who’s job it is to guide my crew through the dark depths of the Underhive, and who’ll be getting the blame if they wander into the lairs of any mutant tribes. Last time we saw him he was freshly cobbled together and looked like this.

Dome Runner Convert Or Die (1)Dome Runner Convert Or Die (4)

However I still wasn’t completely happy with him and, following suggestions from various sources, decided to turn the candelabra through 90 degrees so as to avoid obscuring his face and to add to the sense of narrative as the smoke trails behind him in the murky tunnels. I also gave him a backpack to emphasise the idea that here is a man who lives on the road, a wanderer who travels from zone to zone, perhaps even hive to hive. Of course this leaves me wondering how much such a nomad can be trusted and whether his wandering ways have more to do with staying ahead of all the gang bosses he’s double crossed, but that’s a risk it’s worth taking for the insight he brings to the hidden corners of the hive and the treasures to be found therein.

Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (1)Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (2)Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (3)Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (4)

Of course he’s not the only non-ganger to be found hanging around the hideout. My boys are getting heartily sick of vent scrapings, corpse-starch and protein capsules, and dream of a nicely burned rat like mama used to make. Luckily I’ve made them a slopper, a man skilled at turning Underhive wildlife into nutritious meals.

Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (5)Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (6)Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (7)

Furthermore, in spite of the fact that I really ought to have been painting Goliaths, I gave in to temptation and started assembling my Van Saars. Everyone has advised me that they’re best assembled as per the instructions, and that any attempts to deviate from said instructions (barring simple head or weapon swaps) ran the risk of disaster. Naturally I ignored the advice of these wise heads entirely and set about kitbashing my gang leader with gusto, not to mention a bit of muttered swearing and a growing sense of horror as the kit’s complexity revealed itself. My vision for the model was pretty clear from the outset, I wanted the leader to be posing, one foot on a case of spilled ammo, as per the leader from the studio gang, but I also wanted a woman to lead the gang as that ties in to the background I’ve been planning for them. I wasn’t willing to compromise on either point and, despite the fact that the bits really aren’t meant to go together I reckon she’s turning out fairly well. Here she is waiting to be kitted out with her hystrar energy shield (which I’ll be painting on the sprue and adding later). Obviously she’s still just tacked down at the moment, and the gun looks ridiculously huge in her hand (although in my defence that’s an issue with the kit).

Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (8)Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (10)Convert Or Die Necromunda WIPs (11)

These are all still WIP so any feedback or suggestions are welcome, although given how tricky the Van Saar was to put together if you think she needs adjusting I recommend you phrase it very diplomatically indeed!

The Irondogs – Part 3

Right – after a long day at the forge taking the metal we bought off filthy Orlocks and turning into something the equally filthy Van Saars can use to make weapons for (presumably also filthy) offworlders to shoot aliens with, it’s time to down-tools, grab a few mates and head down into the Underhive looking for a scrap. Since I first started working on my Goliath gang Necromunda has grown wonderfully. We now have hangers-on, bounty hunters, brutes, hive scum, pets, even a squat. The starting gangs have been bolstered by five more; the Orlocks, Van Saars, Chaos Cults, Genestealer Cults and Venators. I’m rather taken with both the clean, sci-fi look of the Van Saars and the biker gang style Orlocks, although I’ll admit that I’ve always been particularly interested in (the as-yet unreleased) Cawdor and Delaque. Throw in the fact that I have a natural affiliation to Chaos, a long-standing desire to join a Genestealer Cult and a love of coming up with gangs and warbands of my own design, and it’s clear that I’m going to be delving into the setting in force over the coming months. What’s more, unlike Warhammer, 40k or Age of Sigmar, I’ve actually managed to get my head around the basic rules after a couple of bashes at the starting scenario, so who knows – I may even end up getting a few games in.

It certainly seems a lot more smooth and straightforward than 40k, a game bogged down by all its turns and tables. That said they still insist on confusing me with their insistence on measuring things in inches – it’s 2018 guys, what the hell is an inch?! That minor quibble aside it does look like a lot of fun to play, and as fun games demand painted miniatures (and that’s why we’re all here right?) it’s time to break out the brushes and get to work on another unreformable brute with a face only a knuckle could love.

Goliaths Necromunda Convert Or Die (2)Goliaths Necromunda Convert Or Die (1)Goliaths Necromunda Convert Or Die (3)

Naturally old Grak was getting a bit worried guarding the gang turf by himself but now Rex is here things seem a little easier. Life is better with a friend after all!

Goliaths Necromunda Convert Or Die (4)