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No Job Too Small – Part 2

Ok readers, lend me your brains (or at least your sense of aesthetics). A couple of weeks ago I showed you a work-in-progress conversion of Grendl Grendlsen, the Squat bounty hunter from Necromunda. To recap, for those who can be bothered to read one of my rambling blog posts but draw the line at two; because I can’t afford to buy everything that takes my fancy, and because I had the bits needed to make a passable version of Grendl handy, I decided to make my own kitbashed version of him rather than shell out for the official model. When I showed him here the first time the overwhelming response was “get that hammer out of his face!” Pretty much everyone was in agreement, his hammer – held high and at an awkward angle, blocked the viewers’ sight of his face and didn’t look all that comfortable for the little chap to hold either.

Here’s a reminder of how he looked then.

Grendl Necromunda Convert Or Die (3)Grendl Necromunda Convert Or Die (2)

Since then I’ve been exploring possible solutions and as it stands there are two, rather different poses to choose between. In one Grendl rests the hammer on the ground whilst surveying the lie of the land, perhaps casting an expert eye over potential ambush sights that the inexperienced gangers he’s fallen in with might soon blunder into, or pausing mid-battle to check on how the rest of his crew are fairing and call out some helpful advice.

Grendl Grendlsen Conversion Convert Or Die (2)Grendl Grendlsen Conversion Convert Or Die (3)

In the other Grendl is all action. Insert a bellow of “Forwards lads! Charge!” as our small but plucky protagonist leads his mates into the fray.

Grendl Grendlsen Conversion Convert Or Die (1)Grendl Grendlsen Conversion Convert Or Die (4)

The question is, which do you like better? I can’t be trusted on this one clearly so I’m agog for your feedback.

No Job Too Small – Part 1

A quick interruption to the theme of Neglected Models today, but I had so much fun making Gor Halfhorn, and the model was so well received, that I decided to try my hand at making my own version of Grendl Grendlsen. As with Gor I’m actually quite taken with the official model but there’s no way I can afford all of the Necromunda heroes that I like the look of, and as I have the bits to make Grendl available I decided to give it a shot.

Gor has a lot of characteristics that make him stand out, characteristics which can then be played upon to make a kitbash that is recognisably him. Grendl on the other hand is pretty much a generic squat – the excitement comes from the fact that he’s a squat at all, particularly in an era when the term is associated more with a race being canned than with the space dwarves themselves. Needless to say this made the task of recreating him that much harder as there were fewer obvious traits to copy. Here’s how he looked on the first attempt.

Grendl Necromunda Convert Or Die (1)

Overall there’s nothing especially wrong with him but I still wasn’t terribly happy. He may have Grendl’s gear but he still just looks like a generic squat, plus the way he’s holding his weapons blocks his face from in front, making him look defensive and weak rather than bold and strong. Time to try making a few adjustments, including making a head that’s more reminiscent of the official Grendl. Of course this did involve cutting two tiny heads in half and splicing them together, undoubtedly the hobby activity most likely to wrack my nerves and bring me out in a cold sweat.

Grendl Necromunda Convert Or Die (2)Grendl Necromunda Convert Or Die (3)Grendl Necromunda Convert Or Die (4)

Before becoming trapped on Necromunda following the assassination of his liege, the Rogue Trader Constant Gerrit,  Grendl was a banner-jarl of the Vega Rams mercenary company. Having spliced on the new helmet I was intending to shave off the Imperial Guard insignia but, after consideration, decided to leave it as a nice visual reference to his heritage amongst the soldiers of the Imperium.

Grendl Necromunda Convert Or Die (5)

I feel this second version is definitely an improvement, although I may still make a few more tweaks before I paint him so if you have any feedback I’m all ears.