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Give It Your Best Shot

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about adding a sniper to my Imperial Guard warband. Thematically I think it ties in nicely with them, particularly if I decide to try them out in Kill Team. Admittedly there’s something about the idea of snipers that makes me slightly squeamish; the thought of someone lying in wait far from the intended victim, turning the act of killing into a clinical process of mathematics, wind speeds and angles. Plus there’s the fact that by its very nature it’s unexpected. One second you are buying bread, the next you’re brown bread and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. If you’re planning to murder me at least have the courtesy to do it to my face!

Anyway, having bared my soul regarding my slight fear of snipers, I still thought that one would be a fine addition to my guard. After all being a sniper is one of those things that an unaugmented human can be perfectly good at. Take a modern military sniper and transpose them to the 41st millennium and they’ll still be at the top of their game. The toughest, most ruthless soldier in any other part of the military however would probably be just about qualified to do a space marine’s laundry. Don’t get me wrong the guard aren’t useless it’s simply that against the horrors of the far future you need to be more than just handy in a fight against other humans (that’s why the Emperor made space marines in the first place). After all, the species which have survived for ten millennia against the Imperial war machine aren’t to be trifled with – an Ork wearing only its y-fronts still beats most humans hands down and even a grot would give you a nasty bite.

Anyway, hardly had I come to the conclusion that I needed a sniper in my life than I received a bitz drop from the inimitable blogger and hobbyist IRO. What did I find lurking in amongst it but this sharpshooting lady from Victoria miniatures.

sniper convert or die wudugast (1)sniper convert or die wudugast (2)

I’ve often looked at the Victoria Miniatures range in the past but never got around to getting anything, so a big thanks is owed again to IRO for the extremely timely gift. Indeed he actually painted a version of her himself recently so if you just can’t get enough of admiring this miniature you can check out his version here.

Ugly, Brutish and Short

I made these aaaaages ago, as part of an early – abandoned – attempted to make some traitor guard. However, as I’m back to working on traitor guard again I thought now might be a good time to dig them out and let them see a little limelight.
Back then Imperial Armour 13 was a distant dream so I was basing my ideas off the (previous – not current) Imperial Guard codex (yeah, that’s right, none of your Astra Whatsits here, you’re in the Guard now son!) I had an idea for some little mutant bandits attempting to prey on my Chaos forces after they made planetfall on some crumbling scrap-world and, when the Chaos Marines moved on, a few of the bandits went with them, hiding out parasitically in the hold. Soon they would start following the Chaos Marines onto battlegrounds to pick over the corpses of the fallen, scurrying away with their ill-gotten loot to their lairs in the bowels of the ship. Eventually they would become just another part of the warband, albeit held in contempt by the Chaos Marines themselves, their skill as snipers held in high regard (but don’t ever eat what they cook!).
Essentially, then, these would be Chaos Ratlings. Here’s some pictures.



convert-or-die-traitor-ratling-5Quite pleased with the little powerclaw on this guy.
convert-or-die-traitor-ratling-4By the way has anyone ever heard of someone making an all Ratling army for 40k? I love the little space hobbits and I know I can’t be the only one. Plus there’s all those Lord of the Rings hobbit miniatures out there, surely, surely someone must be doing something with this? If you know of anyone don’t leave me in the dark, put a link in the box below. Cheers!