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The Black Knight Rises

Bit of a rescue job called for here. This poor old Black Knight was started a while ago but, for various reasons, I made a bit of a hash of things and for a while I just stalled. He’s still not as good as he could be but I’ve got him to a stage where he’s good enough that I’m happy to leave him here. I do have several more of them so I think I’m better off taking what I’ve learned here and applying it to them rather than continuing to struggle.

Black Knight Vampire Warhammer Skeleton Wudugast (1)Black Knight Vampire Warhammer Skeleton Wudugast (2)

Long term I have a dream of putting together a large collection of these knights (by which I mean at least ten or fifteen – maybe more). I don’t know why exactly but I find the image very visually appealing – although it’s safe to say I wouldn’t feel that way if they were charging down a remote country road in my direction! Like most hobbyists these kind of projects capture my imagination for half an hour three or four times a day at least but this one has stuck for many years now so it might well actually happen. If it does this guy can lurk at the back behind what will hopefully be a host of better painted comrades in arms.

Cursed City: Watch Captain Halgrim

Time to dip a toe into the filthy streets of the Cursed City and what better place to start than with Watch Captain Halgrim. Once a senior member of the city watch, when the vampires took over the city and the purges began Halgrim betrayed his oaths and turned his coat, signing on with the new overlords in exchange for joining the ranks of the undead nobility. Sadly for him his treachery failed to pay off in quite the manner he was expecting. To this day however Halgrim leads the ranks of the city watch – though now both he and they are nothing more than decaying automatons.

Cursed City Captain Halgrim AoS Warhammer Wudugast (1)Cursed City Captain Halgrim AoS Warhammer Wudugast (2)

It might be a while before I get around to painting the troops under his command but I’m certainly looking forward to them. Before that though, my next targets are a few skeletons of a different stripe…