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Unspeakable Adventures – Part 2

Time to return to the dark and twisted world created by HP Lovecraft and the challenge Azazel and I have set ourselves, to paint at least two characters from Cthulhu:Death May Die every month.

First up this time it’s Sergeant Ian Welles. This World War 1 veteran lost his arm when an otherworldly horror swallowed it and it seems to have left him extremely pissed off. Take note gentle readers; never bite off a man’s arm, he’s liable to become somewhat vengeful.

Cthulhu Death-May-Die Sergeant Ian Welles Wudugast (1)Cthulhu Death-May-Die Sergeant Ian Welles Wudugast (2)

Meanwhile Sister Beth is a nun – a nun with a gun! She’s taken one look at Cthulhu and said “I’m having nun of that!”. Ahem… Her artwork shows her in a blue habit but I went with the more traditional black and white. I’m not quite sure what they were trying to achieve with her pose though, it’s a little bit too “sexy/slinky/femme-fatale” which doesn’t suit the character at all, and the way she’s holding the knife doesn’t co-ordinate with the rest of her at all. Definitely a case where the sculptor should have received some honest, constructive feedback and clearly didn’t.

Cthulhu Death-May-Die Sister Beth Wudugast (1)Cthulhu Death-May-Die Sister Beth Wudugast (2)

All being well more adventurers will be along next month, and I’ve even snuck a couple of monsters into the painting queue as well…