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Show ’em You’ve Got Guts!

It’s hard to believe but today the Putrid Blightkings are one year old. In that time they’ve become a firm favourite of hobbyists, making their way into Nurgle armies around the world. To celebrate our fat, evil baby’s first birthday I’d like to take a look back at what I’ve managed to do with the kit over the last year. However this isn’t just about reminiscing so let’s set the ball rolling by showing something I’ve actually managed to finish off – the first of my Chosen of Nurgle.

I mentioned when I first built him that I felt I hadn’t been that adventurous in converting him but now he’s finished I’m glad I stuck to my guns (or in his case simply stuck a gun to him). As a model he already stands out as a simply fantastic miniature so any wild or elaborate conversion work just wasn’t needed. And, as we shall see, I have managed to get a few crazy conversions out of the kit.

He’s joined in the squad by this chap (still awaiting paint).

I’m still planning to make two more for a complete squad, and yes it is embarrassing that I’ve only managed to build so few despite having had a year to work on them. Thanks for mentioning that in front of everyone. Jeez!

When the Blightkings were first released I waxed rather enthusiastic about them, rattling off a list of ideas that probably meant next to nothing to anyone beside myself. At one point I claimed that I could foresee using them “or all kinds of Nurgle worshipping characters, ranging from Sorcerers and Dark Apostles up to a Daemon Prince”. Now the Sorcerer remains to appear, and the Dark Apostle ended up looking like this instead, but the Daemon Prince is finished at least.
He’s far and away the biggest and craziest thing I’ve managed to create from the Blightkings so far, as well as one of the most nerve wracking things I’ve ever put together, but the end result remains one of my favourite miniatures in the collection. You can read more about him here.

In my review of the kit I went on to suggest turning the Blightkings into Plague Ogrens or Nurgle Obliterators although once I had them in hand my suspicion that they were far too small was confirmed. I went on to suggest however: “Another possibility, and one which serves to balance out the size issue, would be to have one or two Blightkings wired or grafted into a motile, semi-sentient weapons platform.” My idea was for something not dissimilar to this demented contraption (and if you want to know more about it the place to look is here) but with the pilot physically wired in as with a Dreadnaught.
herald-of-nurgle-convert-or-die-11Anyway, this idea stuck with me and, although the original (fairly weird) concept has yet to see fruition, it did lead to the evolution of this rotund gentleman. You can find the story of how he came to be here and here.

Having discounted using them as Obliterators for the moment (and by the way Games Workshop, one year on we still don’t have decent models for them) I started thinking about what else they could be turned to. I already had the feeling they’d be too big to use as normal Plague Marines and so I started considering making Nurgle Possessed instead. As it was this idea evolved into the Nurgle Chosen you see above.

One thing that’s worth mentioning about the Blightkings, and makes them quite unusual, is the diversity in size of the heads. It’s worth noting here that there are 17 of them (I‘ve not counted them, Games Workshop’s advertising blurb told me so and they would never lie to me). These range from chunky bonces that look big on a Terminator, to little pin-heads that fit a guardsman. This is rather handy and allows the heads in the middle to be used on Plague Marines like the ones below. However it’s also worth being aware, especially if you’re buying a specific head separate from the rest of the kit through one of the third party bits sites.

I also said that I didn’t expect Gutrot Spume to be nearly as popular with convertors and, in my experience, this has proved to be correct. Having said that I’d still be curious to see what can be done with the model if it was brought into the 41st Millennium so if you know of any good conversions put a link in the box below.

The one thing I’ve not talked about much here are Nurgle Terminators, although many of the Blightking parts are a neat fit for this. My reticence is, in part, because my own efforts to make Nurgle Terminators based on the Blightkings hit the wall in short order and have yet to really bounce back. However I am starting to feel inspired in this direction once more so let’s give it some time and see what happens.

In the meantime hopefully you’ve enjoyed this look back at the Blightkings one year on and, as usual, if you have any comments or suggestions, know of any conversions based on this kit you think should be showcased or just want to be congratulated for having bothered to read this far, let me know in the comments box below.

No Guts, No Glory – Part 5

Got a bit of an itch to work on some Nurgle models at the moment (should get that looked at I guess…). Sadly this hasn’t yet translated into painting up anything I’ve already built and instead I’ve kitbashed another new Chosen.

As always feedback is welcome in the box below. Not as welcome as adulation, praise and general hero-worship you understand but if you think I can improve him come at me, I can take it!

Destined to Fester – Part 2

Earlier in the week I showed off a couple of Plague Marines and promised that, if you were patient and stuck with me, there’d be a couple more on their way. Now here they are. See I keep my promises, not like those other filthy, lying blogs you’ve been seeing behind my back!

First up here’s the squad’s standard bearer. Absolutely love this head from the Putrid Blighkings kit so I had to find somewhere suitably imposing to show it off.

And here’s another plague marine with a bolter, rounding out the squad.

For now my plan is to get paint on this little lot and then think about adding to the squad further, although of course I’m easily distracted so who knows what’ll happen!

Destined to Fester – Part 1

I said last week I was working on some more Plague Marines to start a second squad. The first I completed a while ago and proved to be the inspiration behind the project. Here he is again for those who, like me, can’t get tired of seeing him.
As I’ve mentioned he’s quite a bit taller than his squad mates, I’m almost tempted to refer to him as ‘true scale’. In the haphazard world of chaos marines this isn’t the end of the world but, as a tall person living in a world made for short folk myself, I’m sure he gets tired of dunting his head every time he gets into the dropship so it’s time to make him some equally tall squad mates. If I wasn’t already working on a squad of Nurgle Chosen based on the Putrid Blightkings then I’d make these Chosen. As it is they’ll just be Plague Marine squad number 2.
For the squad’s champion I wanted someone really evil looking but also with the vibe of a debased preacher or dark apostle. I wanted someone who’s pact with the God of Life and Death hadn’t come from necessity, or been forced upon them by the horror of their circumstances, but who has chosen their path willingly and has absolute faith in their part in Nurgle’s inevitable design for the universe. Let’s take a look at him:

I’ve also finished off another of the rank and file (rank eh? You see what I did there…) ; a stoic and stubborn acolyte ready to trudge through any hell in the Plague God’s name.

There’s also a couple more that I was hoping to have ready to show off but time hasn’t been on my side this week so we’ll have to be patient – after all whilst the other gods may pass us by Nurgle comes for us all in the end.

Rotting Ways

Way back in the mists of time, one of the first squads I started to build for the Beasts of Ruin was my plague marines, led by Golothess the Befouled.
I still love old Golothess but I’m not too proud to admit that the rest of the squad are showing their age a bit (check them out here if you don’t believe me). Nurgle provides a great opportunity to learn with greenstuff, and ugly results can still look alright on ugly models, but still, none of these guys really wow me now. Over the years I’ve added a few new recruits here and there which, I think, improve the quality of the squad overall. Then this guy came along and shook everything up.
I know I should be all modest but I really like him. The problem is he’s a little bit bigger than his mates.
Now that’s not the end of the world, chaos ought to be chaotic as I’m forever saying. However having made him I found myself wanting to make some more. I decided to give him a home in a new squad (expect a few WIP pics soon), and call Golothess’ Acolytes finished, at least for now. Before they could step, shamble and crawl into graceful completion however there was one more model to finish off – this bearer of the icon of despair.

Rather pleased with him, especially the banner, and he’s given me lots of inspiration for the forthcoming second squad. As always any thoughts, feedback or, especially, inspirational ideas for squad number two, are welcome in the comments box.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to wrap up the story of Golothess and his acolytes without a final group shot.

And here they are, leading the march of Nurgle’s beloved children in the quest to contaminate the universe. Let the galaxy rot!

Change In The House Of Flies

I was keen to show off some Work-In-Progress images of this guy as part of the ‘No Guts, No Glory’ series, particularly as those pieces have all been about finding out what I can do with the (amazing) Putrid Blightkings kit and this one has stretched my adventures with those particular models well beyond anything I’ve tried before. However in the end it wasn’t to be, beyond a quick snapshot here. However, unlike a lot of models where there’s a comprehensible – if only tacked together – shape fairly early on, this one stayed as a pile of disparate bits right up to the very end. It wasn’t until the last moment (and a few hair-raising eleventh-hour tweaks) that I got to see the finished piece myself and confirm that it was all actually going to work.

It’s with tremendous relief then that I get to see him finished (incarnated?). Obviously this could have been a trainwreck but I’m glad I persevered. Take a look:


Nurgle Daemon Prince Wudugast (1)Nurgle Daemon Prince Wudugast (2)Nurgle Daemon Prince Wudugast (3)Nurgle Daemon Prince Wudugast (4)Nurgle Daemon Prince Wudugast (6)

He’s a fairly big lad, even leaving aside the fact that he’s in mid-air, which – in my opinion – is how a daemon prince should be (big not flying!). Here he is next to my Nurgly Dreadnaught Igorin Rotbringer.


Nurgle Daemon Prince Wudugast (5)

And buzzing over the heads of the worshipful ranks of the Rotten Souls.


Nurgle Daemon Prince Wudugast (7)

So what do you think? Is this another dread summoning for my daemonic legions or should I have left him to gestate in some toxic sump a little longer? Let me know in the box below.

Big Mouth Strikes Again

You may recall that a few weeks ago I showed you Aghkam Poxspeaker, my Dark Apostle of Nurgle. I’ll admit that, as time passed, I started to feel a little bit dissatisfied but it wasn’t until KrautScientist put in his thoughts that I realised what was bothering me. That hideous mouth, which should be the disgusting centre point to the model, was a bit of a missed opportunity. Obviously I wasn’t going to let that stand so I separated him from the troops for a second round with the paintbrush.
As a reminder, here’s how he used to look.
PoxspeakerAnd here’s how he ended up looking. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s an improvement.
PoxspeakerWhat startled me, as I started to work on him, was how intricately sculpted the inside of his throat turned out to be – almost as if his creators intended this kind of effect. 😉
PoxspeakerPoxspeakerI also noticed that the back of his skull seems to have suffered a particularly unpleasant wound at some stage so I decided that if I was going to have him looking gory and disgusting I might as well go the whole hog!
Poxspeaker As usual if you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions put them in the box below (unless you think I should put his throat back to the way it was – you can keep that suggestion to yourself!)

No Guts, No Glory – Part 3

I do love a dreadnaught. Most of the time ‘walkers’ in science-fiction leave me cold. Most likely it’s a result of growing up in Britain but there’s something about a handsome, cultured and well-groomed hero piloting a sleek and stylish mech that I find fairly irritating. More exciting to me by far is a heavily-armed walking life-support machine with all the aerodynamic grace of a perambulatory refrigerator, grimly laying down the law in the name of some neo-medieval Thatcherite hell. Probably in the rain.
Add to this the fact that Nurgle and Helbrutes seem to work well in combination. Both tend towards being outsize, lumbering and ugly. Both should by rights be dead but have somehow managed to live on, albeit not in a form that most would actually choose. I even wonder if the resistance to pain with which Nurgle is known to bless his followers make interment in a Helbrute a less miserable experience. As a result one of the first things I wanted to do with the Putrid Blightkings kit was create a Nurgle infested Helbrute. Never mind that I find big kits a bit of a chore to paint, or that I’ve already got two Helbrutes, plus another I need to get some paint on, let’s focus on my avaricious desire to add another!
Nurgle HelbruteAt the moment he’s only tacked together but this should give you some idea of where I’m going with this. I armed him with a missile launcher as I see him trudging along at the back, a bloated, disease-ridden walking shrine to the Plague God, launching salvos of toxic warheads over the putrescent ranks so that the gifts of Nurgle are already well established when they get there.
Nurgle Helbrute

As you can see the back of the model is still slightly sketchy but the picture below shows where I’m headed.
Nurgle Helbrute

Here’s the individual components disassembled.

Nurgle Helbrute

And here’s a close up of the main body.

Nurgle Helbrute

So what do you think? Should I have taken that rash to the apothecary or was I right to bath my ironform in a soup of decay? As always your comments are welcome in the box below.

Shepherds of Rot

I’ve been promising him for a while but the mighty wrath of Khorne has been distracting me from the servants of his more fecund and jolly brother. However here he is at last – Aghkam Poxspeaker, Dark Apostle of Nurgle.
Nurgle ApostleNurgle ApostleNurgle ApostleNurgle Apostle
It’s all fairly infantile of course but I can’t help but imagine him belching out the word of Nurgle to a giggling congregation of Nurglings. Of course, one has to wonder how he would go about winning over disgruntled Imperial serfs to his cause like that, but then I’ve often thought being a Dark Apostle of Nurgle can’t be the easiest job to begin with. Chaos offers the strength to overthrow the Imperial yolk, Khorne supremacy in battle, Slaanesh every imaginable pleasure and Tzeentch great magical power, whilst the unfortunate salesman for Nurgle finds himself peddling the line ‘Well, we’ve got some cracking diseases…’ He’s hardly the one you’d pick really, unless of course you were already sick and dying, in which case the wheezing invocations of any daemon would probably be enough to sway you to his cause in exchange for renewed vigour. Then again Nurgle’s an optimistic fellow so perhaps Aghkam doesn’t mind that. He can keep going with his pompous, long-winded and flatulent sermons, safe in the knowledge that as the galaxy succumbs to decay all men will come to him eventually.

No Guts, No Glory – Part 2

Remember the Nurgle kitbashes I was working on before Christmas? Well, let’s have a look at the progress I’ve made since shall we?

First off let’s look at where I’m at with those three models I showed previous. The bad news for the Chosen of Nurgle is that there isn’t currently a lot to show.  He’s been tweaked slightly – adjusting his arm to counterbalance his weight and focus the direction of movement in the model. Apart from that he’s only been undercoated – blame my butterfly attitude to the hobby!

The Dark Apostle of Nurgle on the other hand is almost done so I’ll be keeping you in suspense a little longer and hopefully showing off the finished model very soon.

That leaves us with this Nurgle Terminator.

Nurgle TerminatorTo be honest I got a bit hacked off with this one and the project lay dormant until just the other day. He just didn’t look right and, try what I might, I wasn’t happy with him. Various people had given me the same advice, in fact it’s even written in the title of this series of posts; put a Nurgly gut on him! A lean, famine ravished look is a side of Nurgle that we don’t get to see very often but maybe a Terminator isn’t the place to try skinny? Anyway it gave me an excuse to try some more sculpting.

Here’s a few work-in-progress shots. As you can see the process of building up the gut works a lot better if you take his arms off first. I chopped off the purity seal on his leg as well whilst I was about it. Straight away he looks fatter and less top-heavy but I reckon there’s a lot more to do before I’m finished with him.

TerminatorTerminatorI’ve also been working on a couple of Plague Marines. First off we have this banner bearer, built with a combination of Games Workshop and Avatars of War parts. When he started out he looked a lot like this:

Plague Marine

However I wasn’t terribly happy with him either – the combination of the Space Marine legs with the Corruptor belly meant either his legs looked too spindly or his pot-belly too big so I swapped out his legs for these ones. Hopefully you agree this is an improvement.

Plauge MarineP MarinePlague Marine

Last of all we have this chap who I rescued from the bitz box. He’s a bit of an old timer, another of those early models that I made several years ago and soon came to realise just weren’t as cool as I thought.

We all know the classic zombie movie scene. The hero has downed one of his undead aggressors with whatever weapon he has to hand (shotgun, chainsaw, exploding helicopter, whatever) but the shambling menace isn’t taking no for an answer and, despite losing its legs and lower torso, is crawling towards him with maniacal determination. That’s the look I was trying to capture with this model, mixed with a little of the ‘heroic last stand’ pose beloved by Space Marine fans; a combination of dying warrior blazing away with his bolter until his last breath and crawling undead horror.


Where do I start with his flaws? The bolter is too heavy for his hand, the backpack makes his outline awkward and the guts at the back are clearly the product of too much enthusiasm and not enough greenstuff talent. He languished, first at the back of the shelf, then in the bitsbox. I was about to tear him apart for bits but, like Bilbo thinking twice about stabbing Golum in the back, compassion stayed my hand. I’ve just bought one of the Tentacle Makers from Greenstuff Industries (highly recommended by the way) and this seemed like a cracking opportunity to see what could be saved from this model and experiment with greenstuff into the bargain. After all there’s parts of the model I still really like (weirdly I think the fungal/plaguebearer head is ace – even though a little self-honesty tells me its hardly sculpting to be proud of).


Overall, although he’s hardly the best model in the collection, I feel I’ve not done a bad job of rescuing him. Some people might counter that he’s not really a fieldable miniature (he certainly isn’t WYSIWYG, he doesn’t even have any weapons any more, and his vertically-challenged nature will probably help keep him out of the way of plenty of incoming fire-power). I’ve got plenty of proper plague-marines though (and probably more on the way) so I feel I can thumb my nose at such concerns. After all the aim of this hobby, for me, is not to go out and have a sleekly honed tournament winning army but instead a collection of miniatures that I enjoy owning. And of course to line them up in front of me and pretend to be a Chaos God, laughing maniacally as they march, crawl and shamble their way to war!

Anyway, that’s it at the moment for a slightly bitty Nurgley update – there’s something angry and Khorne focussed coming soon!