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Bretonnian Week: The Peasant

Few things are as inherently Bretonnian as a grubby peasant, whether he’s labouring in the fields for his feudal overlord or forming a ragged line of defence against whatever marauding invaders are currently despoiling said lord’s lands. Sadly my knowledge of actual peasant life is almost entirely gleaned from Monty Python, interspersed with dim recollections of a professor of agricultural history telling me that’s completely wrong.

I’m also not sure where this chap originated. He came to me in a box of other miniatures donated by a friend who was having a clear out (expect to see more of them later). Where he came from before that is a bit of a mystery to me though – I’m not even sure he’s a GW miniature. If anyone has any ideas feel free to suggest them in the box below.

Whatever weapon he originally held has long since snapped off so I replaced it with a suitable spear for him to lean world-wearily on in the background whilst his betters gallop past looking glorious and probably trampling his ill-kempt rows of cabbages into the bargain.