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Good Ol’ Boyz

After finishing off my undead I started fishing around for something to follow them with, a pallet cleanser if you will, before getting back to Chaos and my slowly progressing warband for the Chapel. My hand fell on this distinctly Oldhammer Ork, a gift – alongside quite a number of other models – from a friend who was having a clear out.

Old Ork Convert Or Die (1)

Old Ork Convert Or Die (2)

In spite of being a distinctly elderly model I wanted to paint him in a modern, grubby style, rather than the flatter, more garish tones preferred back when he was first released. I reckon it works well, and of course it ties him in nicely with his newer battle-bruvas.

Old Ork Convert Or Die (3)

Of course he’s a little shorter than his new mates but there’s no need to take the mick out of him for it eh!

Old and Weird

Much as I love the modern range of plastic Orks I’ll admit to a real fondness for their older metal predecessors as well. Indeed the very first Games Workshop miniature I painted, way back when, was an Ork, one of the old meganobs – and indeed it is high time he was joined by some comrades of a more recent vintage (why yes – that is a hint of things to come!).

Today though it’s the turn of a model that’s older still, a weirdboy which appeared way back in that seminal tome Waaargh! Da Orks. With his crazy hair, wispy moustache and baggy clothes he doesn’t have that much in common with the rusty-armoured space barbarians of more recent times but I’ve always loved him nonetheless and when the chance came to add him to the growing Waargh! I wasn’t going to miss it. ork-weirdboy-convert-or-die-1

ork-weirdboy-convert-or-die-2Rather than worry about the differences however I’ve tried to emphasise them with his (almost jester-like) purple robes and bling. After all he’s a weirdboy and thus entitled to look a little strange (the clue is in the name and all that). ork-weirdboy-convert-or-die-3As ever your thoughts and feedback are welcome!

In the Service of the Gods – Part 9

I found this poor old chap lurking in the bottom of the bits box. As models go these really show their age now, even alongside the ‘modern’ Chaos Marines – which are themselves often decried as fit for retirement. Sadly he proved to be suffering from a chronic mould-line problem which defied my best efforts to cure it and drained my enthusiasm for the project, hence the rather workmanlike paintjob.

Chaos Marine ConvertOrDie Wudugast Warhammer40k (1)Chaos Marine ConvertOrDie Wudugast Warhammer40k (2)Chaos Marine ConvertOrDie Wudugast Warhammer40k (3)

For now I’m going to call a halt on the Chaos Marines – mainly because there are a few other projects I’m itching to work on. Until I return to them here’s a groupshot to tide you over.

Chaos Marines Old Groupshot