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Boyz Just Wanna Have Guns

These lootas were some of the first Orks in my collection and, to be honest, the paint work on them was pretty terrible. I’m not going to inflict any ‘before’ images on you, just take my word for it, they were garish and crude (and when I say garish I do mean ‘don’t look at them too long or you’ll knacker your eyes’).ork-loota-convert-or-die-40k-4Some of them are still a little garish and crude for that matter, this next boy in particular. I debated whether or not to tone down the red and yellow stripes but in the end I kept them, they’re just such a big part of his style! I also notice that between finishing him and taking this photo his gun has broken again. I’ll fix it when I summon the patience to do so, in the meantime I’ll rely on the fact that slightly wonky weapons aren’t as noticeable on an Ork as they are on some other races (pity the player whose Eldar turn out less than immaculately dressed).ork-loota-convert-or-die-40k-3This one is pretty loud as well (his gun used to be bright red, with blue, yellow and green bits for good measure. It may actually have been looking at it in a heady combination of nostalgia and disgust that set me down the path of fixing up my Ork collection in the first place). Anyway, look at him now, much more stylish – and combining bad-ass (his cigar) and safety conscious (his ear defenders).ork-loota-convert-or-die-40k-1As I said these were very early additions to my Ork collection. This boy came roughly at the same time as I started to delve into the Ork background and discovered that Lootas are often Deffskulls (hence the last minute decision to paint his helmet blue). I suspect I was also suffering a heated internal dispute about which clan to join – in the end I went for a sort of mix-and-match approach, elements of all of them, but not actually taking the plunge and sticking with one colour scheme exclusively. Such divided loyalties appear to be a recurring problem for me, you’ll note that I can’t seem to pick one Chaos God over the others either (so will undoubtedly end up as a Spawn) and my Space Marines are fairly tenuously connected to the Imperium. Possibly I have trust issues?ork-loota-convert-or-die-40k-2Lootas often hang out with Meks so, in probably my crudest segue yet, next post should be about my (new and improved) Big Mek. Until then, cheers!