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Post Britannia

Today I’m going to be talking about something which has no direct connection to miniatures at all, but nonetheless may well be of interest to many of you. Assuming you enjoy dystopian fiction (and if you don’t are you sure 40k is for you?) I’d like to recommend Post Britannia by Janice and Tom Duke. Janice Duke’s work will already be familiar to followers of this blog, having been featured several times in the past (look no further than the banner at the top of the page) but this is a distinctly different beast. Better known as a visual artist this is her first piece of published writing, with her brother Tom making a natural collaborator.


Set a few generations from our own it follows the fall, and rise, of Billy King as he struggles to survive in a poverty-wracked Great Britain. Caught between his status-obsessed peers, his fractured family and a military-governmental complex bent on control by any means Billy finds himself unwillingly transformed from his humble beginnings into something altogether different.

William King is as out of control as the world he lives in. While a hulking, menacing government bureaucracy consolidates its grip on the general populace, stripping rights and twisting bodies and minds with its attempts to tighten control ever increasing toward attaining utter dominance, Billy’s fracturing mind and feral body scrabble for hope and freedom. Abandoned by father and by brother, assailed by the insanity of his frail yet despotic mother and the dog-eat-dog society she reflects, Billy must choose between starvation in the gutter or submission to military might and pray that some part of him survives. As friends die and dreams crumble, will Billy destroy the corporatist war machine that has invaded and reshaped him from the inside out or be consumed by it?

Post-Britannia is now available to purchase as an eBook or, for those who prefer a nice physical book that can also be used to swat flies, prop-up a wonky table or throw at a burglar the paperback edition is available for North American readers directly from CreateSpace and will be available worldwide via Amazon within the next week or so. For those who want to know more take a look at Janice Duke’s own thoughts on the book, or keep up-to-date via the Facebook group.

I’ve proofread several drafts of this book over the years so it’s a huge thrill for me to finally see it in print. If you enjoy a read that’s dark, edgy and at times more than a little strange then this one’s for you.

The Art of Janice Duke

You may have noticed that my recent (rather wordy!) article on Warhammer: Total War and the recent changes that have occurred to the Warhammer universe, featured several pieces of art by illustrator Janice Duke.

As an artist Janice’s work covers a wide range of subjects, particularly mythology, fantasy and spiritual and philosophical topics, with a specialism in book covers. For me the opportunity to collaborate with a professional artist in this way is very exciting and so, as well as using the pieces as illustrations in the article I wanted to take the opportunity to properly showcase them here. As usual it’s worth clicking on them to see a full size version.


I particularly like the look of determination on Karl Franz’s face and the forest of spears in the background. An army worthy of an Emperor indeed!

I also rather like the starker, black-and-white style that Janice uses, for example in this alternative version of the Chaos Lord.


Some of you may recognise Janice’s work as she’s also the artist I commissioned to create the banner for this site and the magpie avatar. At present we’re discussing plans to collaborate further in the future so watch this space!magpie_servitor_by_janiceduke-d7e2hjg

For more information go to her website, or take a look at her blog, Facebook or Twitter. More miniatures soon (I promise!), as soon as I extract myself from my Total War addiction. The Empire isn’t going to unite itself after all…