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Appetite for Destruction – Part 5

From the short and bearded to the tall and bearded. As I was working on yesterday’s dwarves I found myself thinking about other miniatures with impressive facial hair that I could paint for the Movember painting challenge and suddenly remembered about the ogres. As it happened the Gutlord champion of my ogre Ironguts was sitting on my desk, assembled and undercoated but otherwise untouched. Better yet I’d converted him to sport an remarkable set of whiskers. Could I get him painted up as well? Turns out I could!

Ogre Irongut Gutlord Warhammer Wudugast AoS (1)Ogre Irongut Gutlord Warhammer Wudugast AoS (2)Ogre Irongut Gutlord Warhammer Wudugast AoS (3)

Part of the joy of Ogres is although they’re big they’re actually pretty straightforward to paint so you never know, I might try to do a few more before too long.

Appetite for Destruction – Part 4

During the summer I tend to be out a lot, the pressure of work is high and finding time to paint miniatures isn’t always easy. I tend to start projects left, right and centre, and then find myself without time to complete them. By the time I sit down at the painting desk again something else has seized my attention. Now, however, winter has rolled around once again, the nights have drawn in and the days are cold and grim. Time to finish some of those part-painted miniatures which the hobby butterfly had previously danced around. Over the next few days I’m aiming to fight once again the endless battle against the tide of unfinished projects – starting with this hulking Ogre Irongut. 

When I put together my Ogre warband for Warcry a few months ago I decided that one of the elite Ironguts would make a fine option to call upon should the puny species which attempt to defy the mighty Ogres prove tougher than expected. I started him whilst riding a wave of enthusiasm for the fat lads and now I’ve finally gathered that energy once again and got him finished. 

Ogre Irongut ConvertOrDie Wudugast (2)Ogre Irongut ConvertOrDie Wudugast (1)Ogre Irongut ConvertOrDie Wudugast (4)Ogre Irongut ConvertOrDie Wudugast (3)

I do enjoy painting Ogres, and the Ironguts are amongst my favourite models in the range so although I wouldn’t want to commit to exactly when I’m going to tackle more of them expect to see them lumbering over the horizon sooner or later.