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Revolution Is My Name

The aim in mind for my traitor guard is to build up a real horde of heretics; a swarm of thugs, chaos fanatics and other degenerate scum. In terms of the vibe I’m looking for think of the Skaven from Warhammer; massed ranks of shabby, poorly armed foot soldiers, accompanied by weird specialists and crazy warmachines.
Obviously the task of actually recruiting all those bodies represents a bit of a logistical headache – the very principle is that there needs to be a lot of them. In order to solve this I’ve had a root around on ebay and managed to pick up a load of Cadians and Catachans on the cheap. These models, unwanted in their previous incarnation, will now be converted into the next wave of the Chaos advance.
Philosophically I think this gives something to the spirit of the models themselves; the character of former Imperial soldiers who have turned to the worship of Chaos being represented by formerly Imperial models.
Anyway, here goes with traitor guard squad number two – Clan Maul. First up we have this chap with a flame-thrower, another survivor of the Special Weapons squad I planned long ago (back when I was basing the collection around the Imperial Guard codex rather than the Lost and the Damned list from Forgeworld).convert-or-die-traitor-guard-15



convert-or-die-traitor-guard-18And here’s the first of his new squadmates, another devilish looking traitor.


traitor-guard-convert-or-die-2Hope you like them, there’s more to come soon and, as usual, if you have any feedback I’d be happy to hear from you in the comment’s box below.

It does not matter how the galaxy burns, only that it does!

Well would you look at that – this blog just passed 10,000 views. Either someone out there is pressing ‘refresh’ a lot or people are actually reading this! I know it hardly makes me a blogging rockstar but, coming so close on the heels of my 100th post, it’s exciting and humbling all in one. Now seems as good a time as any then to say thanks to everyone who’s read my posts, or just looked at the pictures, and especially to those of you who’ve commented, made suggestions or generally inspired me. Cheers all!

Anyway, lets nip this soppy appreciation and back-patting in the bud and crack on shall we? As well as all the ogrens, psykers, ratlings, sentinel and everything else that’s joining my traitor guard force I’m still working away on the rank and file themselves, the backbone of my treacherous tech-barbarian horde. After all someone has to do the actual work.








traitor-guard-convert-or-die-traitors-23As I’ve mentioned before I love the idea of massive swarms of these guys rushing ahead of their Chaos Marine masters – I just need to keep myself from getting distracted by other wacky ideas and get on with them.

Heretic Oath


Just found this guy whilst sorting out some stuff. Not sure what I originally had planned for him but whatever it was he fell out of favour and off the radar, and ended up in a box. Having serendipitously rediscovered him I decided to finish him off and add him to my traitor guard. He didn’t need much work, just a few details and finishing off the base – in fact it probably took me less than quarter of an hour to finish him, which makes his sojourn in the box a little shameful.

Quite pleased with how neatly the flagellant lower body fits to the traitor guard torso, which gives me some ideas for the champion in my Renegade Infantry squad.convert-or-die-chaos-faith-keeper-2I’m thinking he might represent some kind of preacher or faith-keeper, encouraging the fractious masses with litanies of hatred and despair. I intended the scrap of parchment in his hand to be a page torn from some unholy book but now I wonder if it might actually be crib-notes, written then cast aside by some arrogant Dark Apostle, then found and recycled by his lowly counterpart amongst the traitor guard. And if his words don’t sway the troops with the inevitability of the primordial truth then perhaps the sight of the severed head of the last fool to waste his time (perhaps by suggesting they retreat) should do the business?convert-or-die-chaos-faith-keeper-3Look at him; needs a rebreather just to survive the hellish death-worlds his masters enjoy, still doesn’t wear shoes. Hardcore!

Hammer of the Gods – Part 1

Perhaps this miniature should serve as a reminder that, although I’m a big fan of the ‘paint what you want, work at your own pace’ approach, sometimes it wouldn’t hurt to get my bum in gear a little. I started work on this model a long, long time ago – back when the Beasts of Ruin consisted only of a handful of Terminators and Chaos Marines. I fancied a few Chaos ogrens to lumber alongside and started working on a test model made from a combination of ork nob and ogre parts. Over the years he’s mutated regularly until he ended up in his current incarnation. convertordie-ogren-1The thing is though, it took me so long to get him painted up that Games Workshop went and released new plastic Ogrens in the meantime (something that in itself seems a long time ago now). I did wonder about packing it in with this model and relegating him to bitzbox purgatory, but a combination of fondness and stubbornness stayed my hand and I resolved to finish him.convertordie-ogren-2


convertordie-ogren-3He’s a little small compared to the new plastic Ogrens, and I’m already working on at least a couple of models based on that kit, so I worried that he would look a bit like the underfed brother next to the others. The best solution, I reckoned, would be to make another so they could be short together. Life’s always better with a friend, even if you’re a thuggish mutant enslaved by the ruinous powers!convertordie-ogren-5



convertordie-ogren-8And here’s the two of them together. I’m making a Bone ‘ead to keep an eye on them and make sure they keep going in roughly the right direction, but he’s not quite finished yet. Soon, I promise!convertordie-ogren-9I started work on them long before Forge World released Imperial Armour 13 with its updated Renegades and Heretics army list so I was particularly interested to see how ogrens had been handled in the new book. Where previously we had a whole variety of units (Ogren Berserkers, Plague Ogrens, the Hounds of Xaphan) now we just have Ogren Brutes, which can then be upgraded by adding packmasters with chaos hounds (reckon I’ll do something with that soon) and/or dedicating the squad to one of the gods. This means that as well as ogrens dedicated to Khorne and Nurgle we can also see ogrens dedicated to Tzeentch or Slaanesh both of which strike me as interesting propositions from both a fiction and a modelling perspective. Khorne seems a natural choice for an ogren (Khorne approves of hitting things, ogrens like hitting things, it’s a match made in heaven really) and with their poor hygiene and resilience to disease they fit in nicely with the followers of Nurgle as well. Slaanesh is harder to conjure though – I’m struggling to imagine an ogren enjoying decadent feasts or the height of sexual perversity. Likewise an ogren that plans to master the power of the warp and become a master magi is setting himself up for a disappointment. However I reminded myself that ogrens tend to go where they’re led regardless of their affiliation and could easily find themselves bound to a Slaaneshi or Tzeentchian master (the latter enjoying the protection of some serious muscle whilst he channels the warp – the former… well, perhaps it’s best not to ask).

Anyway, I already have plans for some Khorne and Nurgle ogrens but perhaps a few more dedicated to the other gods wouldn’t go amiss… I’m thinking the Skaven Stormfiends might contain the makings of a Slaaneshi ogren, and perhaps there’s something Tzeetchian in the Morghasts? Any thoughts?