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Scum! – Part 4

Just a very quick post today as I try to get caught up after a hectic few weeks. Another addition to my Necromunda collection, here’s a down-and-out hive scummer looking for a suitably desperate gang to hire him.

Hive Scum Wudughast ConvertOrDie (1)Hive Scum Wudughast ConvertOrDie (2)Hive Scum Wudughast ConvertOrDie (3)

I went into painting him with the intention of doing so as quickly as possible, whilst still producing a model that I was pleased with and I have to say I like the results. Then again as he’s just a degenerate scumbo he doesn’t need to look too classy!

Scum! – Part 3

I found this chap lurking in a box of unfinished models and thought he was crying out to join my hive scum. You can never have too many of those lowlifes after all!

Scum Convert Or Die Necromunda (1)Scum Convert Or Die Necromunda (3)Scum Convert Or Die Necromunda (2)

With so many greenskins running around this month I suspect I won’t get much time for Necromunda but you never know. I’ve got several Goliaths who just need a little push to get them finished so who knows?


Edit: A few people have asked where the model comes from. You can pick him up from Moonraker Miniatures for a very reasonable price. A lot of the models shown on their website have less than inspiring paintjobs I feel but don’t be put off, I’ve found the miniatures themselves to be generally excellent (and you can expect to see a few more pop up here over the coming months).

Scum! – Part 2

Just a quick one today, another example of the down-at-heal hive scum I’m working on to serve as bullet-catchers for my gangers. This chap certainly looks fairly doleful, although I can’t imagine that working as hive scum is a lot of laughs. Still, if you need someone to engage in questionable and often violent activities in the dark of the Underhive, no questions asked, and you’re on a budget, he might just be the very man.

Hive Scum Convert Or Die (1)Hive Scum Convert Or Die (2)

He was a fairly simple and straightforward model to build (I needed the rest after tackling a Van Saar!), essentially just a spare poxwalker with a bloodreaver’s head and one of the ever useful kharadron backpacks. However as usual if you have any suggestions for tweaks or improvements do let me know.

Scum! – Part 1

In order to bolster the ranks of my gangs, fend off the effects of any attrition that may occur if we try playing campaigns and, most importantly, because they’re so much fun to make, I’ve decided to add a few hive scum to my Necromunda collection. For those unfamiliar with Necromunda, hive scum are similar to bounty hunters who can be hired to give a gang a little added muscle, but whilst bounty hunters are generally skilled veterans who bring a suite of knowledge and experience the envy of any gang champion, hive scum are downhive ruffians and miscellaneous bampots who bring only a willingness to murder people at next to no cost.

Spotted loitering around some seedy underhive drinking den and “convinced”  by a combination of threats, casual violence and false promises to join my gangers as a pack-serf, part-time bullet catcher and potential future meal, we have this scrawny beastman.

Beastman Hive Scum Convert Or Die (1)Beastman Hive Scum Convert Or Die (2)Beastman Hive Scum Convert Or Die (3)Beastman Hive Scum Convert Or Die (4)

Alongside him I recently stumbled on these two gathering dust in the bottom of another box of old models and decided to try resurrecting them. Exactly what project I built them for is long lost to the mists of time now and they’re definitely the products of a less honed hobbyist than I am now, but I’d argue that they’re not entirely without their qualities.

Hive Scum Convert Or Die

The one on the left will probably just get broken up for bits but I’m rather fond of the one on the right (mostly as a result of misplaced nostalgia I’m sure) so expect to see him again soon enjoying a new life as a lowlife thug (following a few judicious modifications and a quick rebasing).