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The Year of the Rat – February

Back at the tail end of 2016 I promised so add at least one new model to my Skaven collection every month in 2017. Last month I managed just two clanrats (which means, if I keep painting at the current rate, I should get the army finished at roughly the same time as the Horus Heresy actually happens…). This month however I’ve managed to add a whole squad of rats to my army!*

*wadyamean it’s not as impressive as I made it sound? Why are you always so mean to me?!








Fair enough it’s not the largest squad, nor is it made up of the largest models, but the undead have been keeping me busy (not to mention preparing for the Chapel, plus another little project to be revealed next week…).

And yes, I know it isn’t really the year of the rat. But it is for me!