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Architect of Destruction

‘Shackle the soul and forge the flesh. Bind the machine and butcher the rest’

(Codex: Chaos Space Marines)

 Ladies and gentlemen allow me introduce my Warpsmith, Sheb-Teth the Soul Feaster!


I actually really like this model. Fair enough its incredibly fiddly to put together and its impressive collection of appendages has been the subject of many hentai themed double-entendres (insert your own here). However for me personally the biggest problem I had was drawing the viewer’s gaze to the head. ‘Faces and bases’ is a rule I try to stick to (i.e. the two most important elements of a miniature to get right if you want it to stand out are the face and the base, the former because that’s where people naturally look to begin with, the latter because many people don’t bother). On the warpsmith however it’s easy for the head to be overwhelmed by the halo of tentacles that surrounds it. It also makes taking half-decent photos of it almost impossible as the camera has a tendency to focus on random mechatendrils rather than the core of the model itself but I persevered.





The model’s pose certainly adds a great deal to his character, his overweening arrogance and command coming through in his challenging stance, chin out, axe held high. I imagine him being locked in a battle of wills with my Chaos Lord Kallamoon Kell, neither confidently the master of the other but requiring an alliance… for now. It’s the exploration of these minor conflicts and divergent personalities that I find not only feeds my interest in an army but also inspires new ideas to explore and develop. How long will Sheb-Teth be willing to serve, dedicating his prodigious talents to building war machines for another? Yet what form might his rebellion take? What weapons should he craft to stage his inevitable coup? With all the attention the Mechanicum have been getting lately I’d love to put together a few dark Skitarri, mutant servitors or thrall tech-priests to aid Sheb-Teth in his work. I’d also love to build a rival Warpsmith, someone with whom Sheb-Teth would lock horns in a vicious battle of professional competitiveness, each striving to outdo the other and all the while distracted from Kell’s throne.

All that will have to wait until time allows however. In the meantime though I have just finished my Maulerfiend so expect to see him shortly (as soon as I’ve got some pictures!)


Voices of Transgression

As promised in my last post, here’s my second Dark Apostle. He joins Aghkam Poxspeaker but serves as the more generalist voice of Chaos Undivided alongside his Nurgle worshipping brother.
dark-apostle-convert-or-die-2Like a lot of the models that accompanied release of the last Chaos codex this one really impressed me at the time, which makes it slightly boggling that it’s taken me this long to get it painted. Then again I could say the same thing about several other models from that release (Warpsmith, Maulerfeind, etc). In the end I think I have three legitimate excuses; 1)he’s highly detailed, 2)I wanted to do a good job of him and 3)he proved to be a serious pain in the arse to put together. Anyway, he’s done at last!




dark-apostle-convert-or-die-6Finally here’s a picture of him doing what he does best, preaching to the Converted. Oh yeah, I went there!
Dark Apostle

Like A Surgeon

I mentioned in the last post that I’d made myself a promise that I wouldn’t buy any new Orks until I’d finished fixing up the ones I already owned. I also confessed that I had broken this promise almost straight away, but that I felt justified in doing so. Facing the facts I decided that I really didn’t like the new plastic Painboy (I may have been a little critical in my review back here and the passage of time has only seen my opinion of this model worsen). Having a suspicion that when it went out of stock it wouldn’t be replaced I decided to snap up the old (and perfectly serviceable) finecast model before it went the way of the Squat and was replaced altogether by this plastic monstrosity. (Some people would have you believe that purchasing a model in “Failcast” is a similar, but slightly less preferable, experience to having a GW exec come round to your house and punch you in the gullet. I found there was nothing wrong with it* making the need to replace it with the unimpressive plastic version less than pressing. Why, why could we not have had a new plastic Warboss**, rather than this grinning loon absurdly obsessed with his own disproportionally huge hand?)

*In the interest of full disclosure I’ll admit there were a few bubbles in the resin, but liquid greenstuff was enough to patch them up and I managed to restrain myself from throwing a major tantrum on every forum I could think of.

**Don’t even think it pedants, a limited-run boxset-only slightly altered version of a model from the old Assault on Black Reach starterset doesn’t count round my house!

Anyway, before my ranting starts to frighten everyone away, here’s my freshly painted Painboy.



painboy-convert-or-die-4And here’s his grot-orderly sidekick/assistant.


painboy-convert-or-die-5The Painboy was always one of my favourite Ork models but one I never got round to buying. I’m really pleased to have him now though, especially as he marks the first new model of my return to the Orks (apart from the Nob – built from bitz – that I showed last week but that’s splitting hairs!). Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the current wave of Orks on the blog because there’s more on the way!