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Mouth for War

So, with all the attention Khorne’s been getting lately, it might seem that I’ve been stubbornly looking the other way and saving all my lovin’ for Nurgle. However that’s not quite true. My excitement about the new followers of the Blood God, some of which are simply excellent (others less so – I’m looking at you Anvil-Guy!) led me to crack on and get my Khornate Dark Apostle finished.
Here he is, ready to consecrate the skulls reaped in the War-God’s name. For those interested in finding out a little more about his origins as an unassuming lump of grey plastic the place you need to go is here.





Continuing the Khornate theme I’ve also started work on the flailing monster that is my contribution to #DreadTober (for the full story click here or head over to the main site for a feast of creative inspiration). So far he’s just had the first few coats and washes applied to the flesh areas although since I took these pictures I’ve started on the process of tidying up ready to fill in the metal. To my eye he looks distinctly rough and ready but I’m no fan of showing my own WIP shots to begin with!


As usual any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially on the Helbrute (and do speak now or forever hold your peace – we’ve only got until the end of the month to get this bad-boy wrapped up!)

Dread To Think

I’m coming rather late to DreadTober but I’ve been watching from the sidelines for a while. Now, with half the month already gone and a track record for taking my time with larger models, I’ve decided to jump in. Some people may think this is rather foolhardy… and they’d probably be right.

For those not in the know DreadTober is an online event the aim of which is to paint a Dreadnaught (or equivalent Deffdreads, Helbrutes, etc) by the end of October. Again, I’m aware that it’s already the 15th – you’re making me feel pressurised by bringing that up all the time you know! Stop it or you’ll make me cry!

Anyway, if you want to be inspired head over to the site itself and check out some of the extremely impressive and creative work that’s going on there. I’ve decided that my challenge will be to paint this monstrous beast who’s been glowering at me from the corner of the painting desk for altogether too long. I first showed him in this post from last November so, in spite of my slight embarrassment that this was nearly a year ago, it seems nicely circular that I should now be aiming to get him painted by the end of October. Hopefully this will serve as the inspirational spur that finally gets me started and turns him from an unattractive lump of grey plastic into a debonair inhabitant of the 41st Millennium. As if the bar wasn’t set high enough already I’ve discovered that he’s now rather worse for wear – thanks to a recent house-move several of his tentacles have broken off and some have disappeared entirely. So as well as getting him painted I’ll need to patch him up as well. Oh, and take some work-in-progress shots to document his progression (something that regular readers will know I avoid like the plague!) Here goes!