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In Defence Of Our Good Name

Continuing the theme from last week I decided to give the loyalists a little more screen time, starting with my Dreadnaught; Honoured Grendel.
dreadnaught-convert-or-die-1He’s as old as the hills (or as old as the Assault on Black Reach boxset anyway*) and there’s a lot I would do differently if I painted him (that banner could be better for one thing) but I’m fond of him and in many ways it’s fitting that a venerable war-machine should be represented by an equally venerable model.
*I know that’s only one edition ago, and probably wasn’t really as long ago as it seems – nonetheless there’s been a lot of paint under the bridge since then.
dreadnaught-convert-or-die-3I imagine the servo-skulls hovering around the Dreadnaught as fulfilling a similar function to remora – the fish which associate with large marine predators, like sharks, cleaning away old food, dead scales and parasites. In the same way the servo skulls care for the Dreadnaught, doing all the small tasks, oiling gears and clearing ammo feeds, that the bulky walker cannot.
dreadnaught-convert-or-die-4Coincidently I just took a look at the new Chaos Helbrute that went up for pre-order on Saturday (obviously as a fan of both chaos and dreadnaughts I’m rather excited). However it also inspired me to look back at my other Dreadnaught (like Grendel he’s also from the Assault on Black Reach boxset – but in this case converted into a Helbrute). Its showing its age a little now too as my skills have (hopefully) continued to improve, so I’m feeling inspired to return to it and touch it up a little.

Anyway, whilst we’re looking at the Hawkmoths here’s my Devastator squad. Most of them I painted up in the early days when I first started work on the Hawkmoths. Owing to a degree of procrastination the Sergeant came much later (finished just a few months ago).