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Demon Dog

I’ve no idea where this model originates from, I found it in a box of old models I was sorting and thought it looked like an easy win. Any experts in old lead want to point me in the right direction? 

Ugly Demon Dog Wudugast (1)Ugly Demon Dog Wudugast (2)

To be honest it’s a bit… erm… rubbish. Maybe I just got a duff cast but the face(s) especially are pretty mushy and there’s a massive mouldline which runs unerringly through the few decent details there are. I did the best I could with it, although the latter proved impossible to completely remove. I reckon it’s passable from a distance, if you stand about 5 miles away it actually looks ok. Anyway I think I gave it more time and effort than it deserves but its done now so I’ll pack it away and think no more about it!