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Get To Da Choppa!

At last – bloody minded stubbornness carries the day, the orky-revamp is done! Last on the tally of models in need of a touch up we have this squad of deffcopters.

First up, the squadron leader – marked out with a suitably impressive trophy skull.




To be honest deffcopters have never really grabbed me in the same way as other orky models, which may be the reason they’ve ended up left until last. Had they not come as part of the (otherwise excellent) Assault on Black Reach box I may never have ended up picking them up at all. Partly I think it’s the fact that they’re not the easiest models to convert, partly it’s that it isn’t easy to turn them into sub-assemblies so you end up painting a large and faintly intimidating lump all in one go. Having finished them I’m pleased enough with the results but I still can’t say they were my favourite bit of the project.



Because they aren’t the easiest things to convert I tried to work in a few additional markings to differentiate each from the others.



I do have a few unpainted Black Reach Deffcopters kicking around so, in spite of my complaining above, I may add a couple more to the squad, probably one with a big bomm and one with a buzzsaw. Anyway, with that the orky revamp is done (and everyone sick of greenskins can breathe a sigh of relief… for now). Next Chaos will get its moment in the sun, and I’ll be showing a few old projects which haven’t really seen the light of day yet. Until then, cheers and thanks for reading!