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Any Spare Change – Part 5

Just found this Dark Angel rattling around in the bitz box (probably looking for the Fallen in there). Indeed I think I first acquired him as a test model for a scheme to build some Fallen Angels to serve as backup to my Chaos Marines, a scheme which has been on the backburner almost as long as the Dark Angels have been hunting for the real Fallen.

Empowered by the warping energies of Tzeentch, and with the Changer of Ways very much on my mind after this weekend’s releases, I found myself asking – could I turn him into a Sorcerer using the parts that were left over from Mazzakim? After all robes are very much the clothing option of choice for knights of Caliban and wizards alike.

Overall I’m pretty please with him – what do you think?









The Lord of the Keys

With unnerving regularity, Cypher will arrive at some critical flashpoint, his presence kicking off a violent chain of events time and again.”
From Dataslate Cypher – Lord of the Fallen

Now if the quote above is true then where better for Cypher to show up than alongside my Beasts of Ruin? As much as the patronage of all four chaos gods it makes me feel than Kell and his warriors are set upon the path of greatness, not merely a band of renegades in a provincial sector but villains of real importance whose actions might change history. Indeed adding Cypher to the force feels like a validation of the threat they pose to the galaxy, a rubber stamp of their martial strength.
Of course, what happens when the secretive and single-minded Dark Angels turn up and start encroaching on the vendetta of my equally bitter and enigmatic Hawkmoths remains to be seen…convert-or-die-cypher-1I mentioned a couple of months ago that I wanted to add Cypher to the Beasts of Ruin. As it turned out the miniature then came together very quickly. I used a Dark Angels veteran model as the basis for the conversion but cut it in half at the waist, turning the torso just a fraction to make the pose more dynamic. I added a pair of suitable guns and a sword from the Empire Greatswords kit and the hooded desperado was complete.





convert-or-die-cypher-7Interestingly I note that Cypher is always depicted as wearing green armour, both on the studio miniature and in the official artwork. However if he is one of the Fallen – and thus a renegade from before the Dark Angels changed their colours following the Horus Heresy – it should be black. I don’t know if this is an error made by the Games Workshop team, a deliberate hint regarding his identity or if it is explained somewhere in the background (if you know or have a good theory then do please post a comment and let me know). Whatever the truth is I hedged my bets and decided to paint his armour black.