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Infested! – Part 8

Well I thought I’d finished making models for the Nestorian Infestation, I thought I’d be focussing purely on painting the ones I’d already made then moving on to one of the other creative projects I’ve been juggling. Apparently I thought wrong.

In my defence at least some of the blame for this particular model needs to laid at the door of that mad and creative powerhouse and fellow blogger IRO. It was him that put into my head the idea to make a genestealer child and, like tainted xenos genetics worming their way through a once loyal Imperial citizen, once implanted the idea wouldn’t leave me alone. After several fruitless hours trying to track down a model pram of just the right scale I suddenly recalled this image from the cinematic trailer released ahead of the genestealer cultists release back in 2016.

Genestealer Baby (2)Genestealer Baby (1)

It’s a wonderfully potent image of the corrupted civilians and their family orientated outlook. Whilst their eyes see a beautiful and innocent baby ours’ see a savage monster just waiting to grow big enough to start hunting and devouring human prey. It’s a concept that lies right at the heart of what makes the genestealer cultists both so interesting and so horrifying. Whilst the Chaos cultists revel in destruction and seek only to tear down and destroy the civilisations within which they have hidden themselves, the genestealers value hard work, family and caring for the next generation. Indeed I would imagine the whole community being fiercely protective of any children, and heavily involved in their care and upbringing, especially if that baby is a purestrain genestealer.

I also realised that my plan to make a lady genestealer cultist (codenamed; Xenos Warrior Princess) for Fembruary had evolved into a genestealer hunting assassin instead. Merge the two ideas together however and I realised I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a genestealer mother and baby.

Convert Or Die Genestealer Baby WIP (1)Convert Or Die Genestealer Baby WIP (3)Convert Or Die Genestealer Baby WIP (2)Convert Or Die Genestealer Baby WIP (4)

Of course time is now fairly short to get her painted before the early April deadline, especially other corrupted civilians still demanding attention. Time to break out the brushes!


Infested! – Part 1

It turns out Inquisitor Nestorian has been a very, very naughty boy indeed. Whilst he was supposed to be defending the Imperium from xenos threats he’s instead fallen in with a bunch of genestealers – and as we all know nothing good can come of that in the long run.

For those not in the know the Nestorian Infestation is the product of collaboration between Big Boss Redskullz, Echoes of Imperium and Wilhel Miniatures, set around a world overrun by genestealer cultists and the arrival of Imperial forces in the form of the Deathwatch. As a mere onlooker I could hardly do justice to describing it but I do recommend taking a look at the aforementioned blogs to find out more about the corruption that’s taken hold.

In order to unleash the next stage of the project however the team require civilians to populate their planet, the ordinary working men and women of the world who have been corrupted at a genetic level by the star children and their heralds. Drumming up a crowd takes time so Big Boss Redskullz has put out the call to the community to make some civilians. By the time he made the announcement I was already feeling the itch to make some genestealers of my own, and given my love of collaborative projects I realised at once that I too would inevitably be drawn into the service of the cult.

I’ve got a few ideas buzzing in my brain at the moment but the first to emerge is this workman who probably finds his extra arm to be a huge assistance in whatever manual labour he spends his days on.

Convert Or Die Genestealer Workman (1)Convert Or Die Genestealer Workman (2)Convert Or Die Genestealer Workman (3)Convert Or Die Genestealer Workman (4)Convert Or Die Genestealer Workman (5)

He’s not the most radical of conversions but keep in mind that he’s intended to be a background character in someone else’s game, to lend immersion to the world without overshadowing the warbands of the players themselves. Nonetheless I suspect that he’s not quite done yet, to me he still looks a little bit too much like a goliath, so if you have any thoughts on what to do about that I’ll hear them.

Flogging A Dead Horse – Part 1

Last time I talked about the Ordo Mors I mentioned that there was another character in the works, a scout. At the time he was nowhere near ready to show you, in fact he was looking pretty terrible, and the only reason I mentioned him at all was by way of goading myself into finishing him as opposed to having a temper tantrum and giving up entirely. However I’ve persevered and here he is, ready to seek out a path for Morix and his retinue.

Ordo Mors Scout Convert Or Die (1)Ordo Mors Scout Convert Or Die (2)Ordo Mors Scout Convert Or Die (3)Ordo Mors Scout Convert Or Die (4)Ordo Mors Scout Convert Or Die (5)Ordo Mors Scout Convert Or Die (6)Ordo Mors Scout Convert Or Die (7)

Of all the characters I’ve made for this warband he’s probably the one which has pushed my skills the furthest, not least because the main body of his horse is almost entirely sculpted from greenstuff. It’s now time for the whole retinue to hit the painting desk, although of course there’s still time for last minute feedback and suggestions.

The Emperor’s Angels – Part 4

Having completed one truescale space marine devastator I was keen to try making a second. Whilst the first was a very straightforward build there are limits to the compatibility of the Primaris kits with the older space marine models. A bit of greenstuff was needed to lengthen the arm so that the multi-melta sat correctly relative to the body, and more work is still needed to tidy up both this and the additions to the cabling (I’m well aware that at the moment it looks a bit guff), but overall I’m pleased with how he’s looking so far.

Convert Or Die Devastator Space Marine (2)Convert Or Die Devastator Space Marine (3)Convert Or Die Devastator Space Marine (4)Convert Or Die Devastator Space Marine (5)Convert Or Die Devastator Space Marine (6)Convert Or Die Devastator Space Marine (1)

The Emperor’s Angels – Part 3

So having demonstrated, to my satisfaction at least, that it’s possible to make truescale assault marines from Primaris bodies, what about devastators? Then there’s the fact that I’ve been looking for a way to use the wonderfully old-school missile launcher from Betrayal at Calth since the moment I saw it.

Truescale Devastator Convert Or Die (1)Truescale Devastator Convert Or Die (2)

I’ll admit to feeling a bit conflicted over using the Mk.X head. On the one hand they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure for me (I’ve got no time for Primaris marines but I really, really like those flat face plates – don’t judge me ok!). On the other hand I don’t want to include anything that makes him look like a Primaris marine with a rocket launcher, he’s supposed to be a truescale marine. Hopefully if I just don’t mention it no-one will notice.

Truescale Devastator Convert Or Die (3)

So far so good I reckon – although of course feel free to tell me if you think otherwise. That said the missile launcher was always going to be the most straightforward of the heavy weapons to convert. Time to dig around in the bits box in search of something a little more challenging…

Disposable Heroes – Part 8

Work continues on my contribution to the Iron Sleet Invitational with a second soldier joining the squad. For those new to the Invitational the talented crew at Iron Sleet have called upon hobbyists everywhere to submit five models by the 1st of December to act both as a seed of inspiration for their own work and to involve as many people as possible in the crusade to retake the Thorn Moons (which itself follows on from the Pilgrymage event featured at Warhammer World and in White Dwarf). Needless to say the opportunity to get involved in such a global event (currently involving at least a hundred other hobbyists) was too good to pass up.

Invitational Imperial Guard Convert Or Die (1)Invitational Imperial Guard Convert Or Die (2)Invitational Imperial Guard Convert Or Die (3)

Following the feedback I received last week I also returned to the Company Commander, adding battle damage to his chainsword and the squad designation to his shoulderpad.

Invitational Imperial Guard Convert Or Die (4)Invitational Imperial Guard Convert Or Die (5)

In my opinion the best thing about events like this is the chance to share inspiration and ideas with other hobbyists. With that in mind, and given that I’m aiming to make these as good as possible, I’m keen to get your feedback so if you have any thoughts at all now’s your chance to share them.

Disposable Heroes – Part 5

I struggled to come up with another guardsman, I really did, but whatever creative wellspring had informed the previous four clearly ran dry at this point because nothing I produced seemed to work. It was all either too obvious or too damn obtuse and the more I struggled the more irked I became. Eventually, in an artistic temper tantrum, I swore off guardsmen altogether and turned my attention back to the original guidelines posted by the Iron Sleeters.

“Study humanity in the eternal war – the imperial guard and its many regiments sent to bring the moons to compliance, their rogue brethren set to burn all, the Thorn Moons twists in their corrupted millions and Green Mechanicvm and their planetary defense skitarii in desperate defense of their realms, the human foot soldiers of the inquisition in their esoteric glory…”

An Imperial Agent then. Amongst the tens of thousands of mortal soldiers descending on the moons there would be those out with the Guard’s chain of command. Feared and respected by the common soldiers, they move amongst the ranks in pursuit of their own mysterious agendas. A new vein of creativity had been tapped! Cue delving into the deepest corners of the bits box, tearing unloved and unlovable models from the shelf of shame, breaking apart the unpainted and half-forgotten to create this, masked and unknowable woman.

Invitational Agent Convert Or Die (1)Invitational Agent Convert Or Die (2)Invitational Agent Convert Or Die (3)Invitational Agent Convert Or Die (4)

What brings her to the Moons? What cause does she serve? Who’s agenda does she act to further? What secrets lie hidden behind her mask? Does she serve our cause, or the enemy’s?

Disposable Heroes – Part 4

Your appointed duty is to bear the mortal remains of Colonel Idris to the front. Let him see battle once more. Let him gaze upon the faces of the heretics and they shall know that against an Imperial martyr there can be no victory.

Invitational Convert Or Die (7)Invitational Convert Or Die (8)Invitational Convert Or Die (9)Invitational Convert Or Die (10)Invitational Convert Or Die (11)

There’s definitely a need for more work here, both on Colonel Idris himself and to remove the rictus grin from the soldier charged with bearing him into battle. Otherwise though I’m rather pleased with him (or should that be them). And yes, I know the brief was for five individuals and I’m sneaking in a sixth… Leave the poor Colonel alone though – it’s bad enough the chap’s dead without you trying to stop him enjoying the war!

Disposable Heroes – Part 3

In 1974, John Watson, an anthropologist based at Harvard University, assessed twenty-three cultures to compare the behaviour of warriors who wore masks or disguised their appearance with war paint, with those who did not. He found that masks do more than conceal our identity, they dehumanise us, segregating us clearly from our victims. Sure enough the masked warriors were significantly more vicious than their unmasked peers, with an 80 percent increase in their likelihood to torture or mutilate their victims, or to kill those who were defenceless. Individual liability is stripped away and replaced with anonymity, a curtain behind which the most terrible acts of brutality can be conducted without the fear of social repercussions. Furthermore the mask dehumanises the aggressor in the eyes of their victim, inducing a sense of fear which only provokes more violence from the masked antagonist.

The Imperium marches on fear far more than brotherhood. In the brutal wars of attrition used to hold the Empire of Man together at the close of the 41st Millennium there is little time to build up bonds with ones fellows before they are swept away by ruthless war. Far quicker and more expedient to drive the ranks forward not because they fight for a greater cause (although they know that the Emperor is with them, guarding their souls as they use their flesh to guard His realm) but because going back is more frightening than going forwards.

Thus my sergeant wears a helm that separates him instantly from his men. Masked and faceless he is marked out as a killer to be feared, both by the enemy and those he leads. To those he commands in battle he is not a man, a complex and flawed creature like any other, but an avatar of authority. His voice is the voice of the Imperium, his will is the will of the High Lords and to the men gathered before him in some grubby trench on the fringes of the Thorn Moons he is as close to the Emperor as they will ever come. He cannot be appealed to or reasoned with for that unyielding mask is the face of the Imperium and in his hands lies power over mortal flesh and immortal soul alike. So when he commands that his men go forward what else would they dare to do?

Invitational Convert Or Die (1)Invitational Convert Or Die (2)

Nothing fancy this time, indeed this was probably the simplest conversion I’ve undertaken in a long time, but the bits just clicked and I know better than to over-egg a pudding when I feel it’s working.

Disposable Heroes – Part 2

I mentioned yesterday that I had been inspired to join the Iron Sleet Invitational, to – as they put it – “study humanity in the eternal war”. Many of you will already be aware of the Invitational and the Thorn Moons crusade, but for those who are not the Thorn Moons event builds upon the Pilgrym event (and if that’s news to you then where have you been?!). The participants’ aim to take the inspirational world-building and miniatures of the Pilgrym event and apply it at an army sized level, something which I’m sure a great many of us (myself included) will be watching very closely indeed. Rather than try to describe my interpretation of someone else’s project however I urge you to take a look at the Iron Sleet website if you’re not already. Suffice to say that when the opportunity arose to contribute my own vision of the 41st Millennium to the event my response was a mixture of delight (naturally) and trepidation (after all I was about to place my work alongside that of some of the finest convertors and painters currently at large).

Throwing wide the creative gates the Iron Sleet group have called on hobbyists everywhere to join in their enterprise. The brief – simply to portray the humble humans sent to fight in the Thorn Moons, the mere men in a universe so often dominated by monsters and supermen.

“Build and paint five human sized models that beautifully and fittingly describe the humble human in the galactic war and show of your original ideas and understanding of the Warhammer 40000 universe.

Story is king.


We shall be several weeks under warp before we approach the Thorn Moons. Our time is to be spent training, readying ourselves for the battle to come. None of us have seen combat before. Our training officers tell us that does not matter. After so many centuries of isolation the enemy will be weak. They have never faced the wrath of the Imperium – never been tempered by foes such as us. The first bombardment will shatter them. I shall not fail my Emperor.


I’ve already discussed the philosophy behind my contribution in great depth so let’s launch straight in with the first couple of models. Neither of these is completely finished yet – and I’ll add that this probably applies to everything else I’m hoping to show over the next few days – but that further tweaks and adjustments will come once I’ve heard some impartial feedback (that’s your job by the way). Please excuse the fact that these models were all pre-owned (and pre-loved, if that doesn’t sound too Slaaneshi), the old, cracked primer predates my ownership. There’s still a little work to do on both of them before they’re ready for paint but the second model especially will need more greenstuff before he’s truly ready to go. His rebreather has also slipped a little (something I overlooked whilst taking the photos) and will need adjusting.

Invitational Convert Or Die (1)Invitational Convert Or Die (2)Invitational Convert Or Die (3)

In the 41st Millennium practicality is rarely a concern. What matters is appearance, the pomp required by those who serve the Emperor, and a rigorous adherence to tradition. When soldiers advance they do so to the beat of a drum. It stirs their hearts for battle and it makes up for the fact that there hasn’t been enough time to teach them how to march before launching them into combat.

Invitational Convert Or Die (4)Invitational Convert Or Die (5)Invitational Convert Or Die (6)

It is the stars that I shall remember, when I am old. We do not have them in our cave cities you see. The officers laugh at me when I speak of this, in a way that makes me wonder if they are being cruel. The other men tell me that to see the stars one must first gaze upon the sky and on our world only a few dare the surface and they see only glimpses of the hive-spires through the smog. To think that all this glory has been circling above our heads for all these centuries and we did not know. Every one of them, every point of light is a world belonging to the Emperor! I wonder which is Terra, which Cadia, which Macragge? I read of these worlds, I coveted every story that told of them, I dreamed of them as I laboured in our city beneath the ground. To think that now I shall see them all! I wonder if I shall meet the Emperor?