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No Guts, No Glory – Part 7

I know I’ve been promising traitor guard for ages, and they really are just round the corner. However before we get to them I wanted to take us back, briefly, to this model – the champion of my Nurgle Chosen squad. Here’s how he looked last time we saw him:

Big Boss Red Skullz suggested that he really needed a backpack of some kind to balance out the huge power claw and I was inclined to agree with him. However it took until yesterday for me to sit down, break out the greenstuff and actually get on with it.

And here he is from the front.

I’m thinking I might add a few more cables, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it. As ever though I’d welcome input, so if you can think of any changes or improvements you think I should make now’s the time to chip in.

No Guts, No Glory – Part 6

In the last post I showed you some Nurgle Terminators I’ve been working on (still building up the gut of the standard bearer for anyone who’s wondering). Did I ride a wave of Nurgley enthusiasm and get paint on some of the models I’ve already built? Did I hell! No, I made more! Here’s the first of two new additions to my Chosen of Nurgle – a big fat brute with a flame-thrower.


As you can see the basic model is finished but there’s still a bit of work to be done, particularly around the head where I’ll be building up the greenstuff to cover the join between the Space Marine helmet, the Blightking neck and the horn. I also went for the old grey-scale images, partly because it helps cover up the jarring colour combinations from scavenged, part-painted bitz but mostly because it makes me look super arty and cool.


Joining him – and so new he doesn’t even have a base yet – is the squad’s champion.


I’m really pleased with him (no false modesty here!) especially as I’ve been wanting to use that model with the huge mouth in his stomach for ages. It’s just so classically old-school chaos, no mere warrior down on his luck and dabbling with the dark powers but a fully fledged servant of the mad gods, a walking embodiment of their savage insanity.

Anyway, thoughts on either of them? Apart from ‘put a base on the champion or he’ll fall over’. As usual comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome in the box below.

No Guts, No Glory – Part 5

Got a bit of an itch to work on some Nurgle models at the moment (should get that looked at I guess…). Sadly this hasn’t yet translated into painting up anything I’ve already built and instead I’ve kitbashed another new Chosen.

As always feedback is welcome in the box below. Not as welcome as adulation, praise and general hero-worship you understand but if you think I can improve him come at me, I can take it!