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Dogs of War

This is a model I worked on ages ago, another really early addition to the Beasts. I wanted some Chaos Bikers but think the current models are rather drab (also, an Ork looks so cool on a sci-fi motorbike that everyone else might as well stop trying). I liked the description in the codex of bikers scouting ahead of the rest of the chaos force, spreading terror and living off the land. With that in mind warhounds seemed like the perfect steeds (this was before there were miniatures for Thunder Wolves), well equipped for all-terrain travel and able to refuel ‘on the go’ by wolfing down corpses post-battle.


For a long time this model languished on the shelf, until I got around to finishing off the squad. Rather than a whole band of Nurgle worshippers I wanted a biker for each of the gods, a nod to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It’s taken a while but here they are at last (from top the bottom) the servants of Tzeentch, Khorne and Slaanesh.

chaos-biker-convert-or-die-4  chaos-biker-convert-or-die-3  chaos-biker-convert-or-die-2

Back when I started this squad the old Chaos Codex didn’t require that you made one of the bikers into the squad champion. That changed with the new codex and the more I considered it the more I realised that this made a lot of sense for this squad. After all, without someone to keep them in line the disparate followers of the four gods would be as likely to turn on each other as pursue the enemy. Thus, just as it looked like I might complete the squad at last, it was back to work to create this man-turned-monster; the infamous Ghadamon Doombringer himself.