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Life On Mars – Part 1

Well here we are in November, and my campaign to add at least one model to my Adeptus Mechanicus army in every month of 2021 has reached its penultimate stage. Over the last ten months the collection has grown from a tiny handful of models to something which, if not quite the vast host of Martian warriors I might dream of one day commanding, is at least a substantial looking mob of mechanical men. However I still have a lot more planned for this project so this month I’m going to up the ante, and set myself a painting challenge. After powering through a mighty horde of greenskins in Orktober I reckon this month I should be able to paint a complete “Start Collecting” box. This has become a staple of Games Workshop army painting challenges in recent years and frankly if they can do it so can I, right? After all, it’s only 12 models – time to put my money (or my foot) where my mouth is!

The set in question is this one, which was one of the first “Start Collecting” sets Games Workshop ever produced, and an absolute bargain at the time which I eagerly snapped up. Since then, in what is probably a familiar story to many readers, it’s been gathering dust…

My challenge is to get everything painted up by the end of this month, even if that means I’m applying the last lick of paint at midnight on the 30th (although hopefully it won’t come to that!). I have however allowed myself the headstart of getting everything assembled in advance so let’s take a look at what I’m up against.

Leading the force, and acting as the warlord in command of my growing army, is this tech priest.

Under his command will be this unit of ten Skitarii Vanguard.

Wudugast Ad Mech 40k Mechanicus Skitarii (5)Wudugast Ad Mech 40k Mechanicus Skitarii (6)

Finally, just to make my life tough, we have this Onager Dunecrawler. I always find vehicles intimidating to tackle but hopefully having a deadline will prevent me from getting too bogged down, or stalling until I end up pushing it to the back of the desk and forgetting about it. Plus, once it’s done it should make a nice centrepiece for the army.

Wudugast Ad Mech 40k Mechanicus Skitarii (3)Wudugast Ad Mech 40k Mechanicus Skitarii (4)

So there we have it – 12 models in 30 days. Should be easy right… Right..? I guess we’ll find out over the next few weeks…