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We Don’t Need No Water…

Well, for all my boasting in the previous post about finishing my Orky-revamp before the New Year it looks like I’m set to fall short (blame Christmas!) Still, I’ve come pretty close, with these Burna Boys completed there’s only a mob of Stormboys and three Deffcopters still to do – and in fact they’re pretty close to done as well. Fingers crossed they should be finished off early in the New Year (and – he says scrabbling for excuses – I think I did say I planned to have them done by ‘New Year-ish’).
Anyway, enough justification, let’s look at some models!

My squad of Burna Boys started with these two metal models and they remain two of my favourites. They just have so much Orky character in spite of being somewhat lumpen and poorly proportioned by modern standards.burna-3My preference is to avoid having two identical models in the same collection, especially when you’re dealing with a force as (small ‘c’) chaotic as the Orks. Thus the squad remained rather under-strength until the release of the plastic boxset allowed me to expand the ranks.Thankfully the ‘orky character’ survived the transition into plastic – this boy in particular becoming another firm favourite of mine.

burna-1I reckon this boy in his welding mask is probably the boss.
burna-4When it came to restoring them I hummed and hawed over this next one for quite a while. As I’ve mentioned previously many of these models, in their previous incarnation, were pretty gaudy and hard on the eyes – this Burna being a prime example. Toning him down would have called for quite a bit of work that I wasn’t sure was needed, especially on the gliffs decorating the strap. In the end I left them (and the bright yellow hose) alone, but repainted the metal work and other elements to keep him in line with the rest of the collection.
burna-5One more Burna completes the squad.
burna-6Here’s the whole mob, gearing up to satisfy my unhealthy interest in fire!
Anyway, I’m off now for a few days holiday, but – if all goes according to plan – we’ll see the last of the Orks restored and ready for action in the early part of the New Year. Until then!