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Once More Into The Breach

Remember this guy? To my slight chagrin I painted him back in June and haven’t added to the squad since.
Shamed into action by the sight of him standing alone on the shelf (and the presence of a big bag of unpainted shields in my bits box) I finally got myself into gear to make a squadmate for him.




breacher-convert-or-die-15Don’t hold your breath waiting for me to rapidly build up the squad (as you may have noticed by now that’s not how I roll!) My current rate of progress means I should have finished the squad by early 2019 so if I can come in a little ahead of that I’ll be rather pleased.

Into the Breach Part 2

For anyone out there who thinks I’ve lost my way and forgotten about my Chaos warband in all the recent Ork excitement never fear, progress is still being made. As proof here’s the first of my Chaos Breacher squad (which I showed as a work in progress back here), now fully painted and ready to storm through any trench-lines or boarding actions into the teeth of the guns.



breacher-convert-or-die-6 As ever, any feedback is welcome.