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This Blog Belongs To Da Orks

So the Orks are on the warpath, not merely in Games Workshop stores around the world but also all over my painting desk. As I mentioned last week I’ve been trying to restore my old Ork army, touching up and improving paintjobs, fixing broken models, making improvements and so on. Over this last week or so work on my Laughing Faces tribe has continued to accelerate, fuelled by excitement about forthcoming Ork releases.ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-33











ork-boy-convert-or-die-40k-6Here’s the mob I’ve updated so far. All together now boyz; WAAAAAARGH!!!Ork Mob
Flash Gitz
This weekend we also got a proper look at a new Ork kit, the (very, very long awaited) Flash Gitz. Flash Gitz are everything an Ork should be; loud, crude, ridiculously over-armed and utterly lacking in any approximation of common sense. Even at first glance this kit has that by the bucket load. Some people have already bemoaned the fact that this isn’t a dual kit (that is to say, one that produces two different units by exchanging different components on the same base model). I’d say this is even better. With all the spare gubbins in this box you could spread good humoured (small c) chaos through a whole army. For an Ork fan (or even, in the case of some of the components, an Orc fan) looking for the sort of boisterous, over-enthusiastic good humour that makes the greenskins great this kit looks like being a real treasure-trove.

Anyone can kitbash, it’s no longer the case that converting unique miniatures is the sole preserve of sculpting geniuses with a natural affinity for greenstuff (they’ve moved on to even wilder, weirder and more inspiring projects as a quick glance around the internet will affirm). Option laden plastic kits like this have democratised the hobby to a truly wonderful extent. No matter your skill level the models you want in your collection are increasingly within your reach. Thus whether you want Flash Gitz in your collection or not there’s something for every Ork fan here. Oh and the targeting squig is just amazing, my favourite element of the old metal/finecast model reborn in plastic. And there’s a mechanical arm holding a cutlass? Need I say more?

What are your thoughts? Are you painting yourself red (so you can work on your army faster) or is this release too weedy for you? Get your comments in the box below.