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Water Water Everywhere…

Perhaps my favourite character model from Necromunda is the bounty hunter, Eyros Slagmyst. As soon as I saw the miniature I was blown away by it and knew I wanted to paint him up – even if the price of the Forgeworld characters remains a little hard to swallow.

Essentially an Underhive reimagining of a vampire Eyros went into the hive depths seeking a cure for the plague that was ravaging his home settlement. Instead he found an ancient armoured suit. The suit provided him with great strength and endurance, but combined with an all consuming and maddening thirst. On Necromunda the nearest thing to a water filtration system is someone’s kidney, so fresh water is one of the most valuable things imaginable, yet the suit is able to purify water from any source. Sadly all too often the most convenientĀ  source is the blood sloshing around inside unfortunate hive dwellers. A ruthless gang however may well be willing to purchase clean water from Eyros and hire him to “purify” their enemies into the bargain. Although the official background doesn’t specify I tend to assume that Eyros did eventually make it back to his old home where the survivors of the plague were briefly overjoyed to see him alive, until of course he realised he was thirsty…

eyros slagmyst convert or die wudugast (1)eyros slagmyst convert or die wudugast (2)eyros slagmyst convert or die wudugast (3)eyros slagmyst convert or die wudugast (4)

Nothing too fancy here, just a straightforward and relaxing paintjob on an excellent and quirky model. The water effect in the tank on his back has come out looking rather flatter than it does in real life, which is unfortunate, although that’s definitely an area where I could use some practice. All in all though I’m pretty pleased with him. I also really like the various bounty hunters and special characters to be found in Necromunda so I’m planning to add a few more over the next little while, using a mix of official and kitbashed models.

Wild At Heart – Part 1

Whilst it may not always look it I’m still chipping away at Necromunda behind the scenes as my gangs gear up to take their stab at controlling the Underhive. For the moment I’ve been trying to keep other projects on the boil, with the result that I’ve not really finished much (read; anything) to show here but the release of House Van Saar at the weekend has given my creative energies another boost so expect to see something gang related soonish. Before that however I’m hoping to tackle a bunch of neglected models (more on that tomorrow) so to tide you over here’s a look at my, as yet unpainted, conversion of Gor Half-horn.

I love the idea of Gor Half-horn and, although he’s been rather eclipsed by the arrival of a shorter, timepiece wrecking, impressively bearded chap named Grendlsen, the impact of seeing a beastman back on the mean streets of the Imperium isn’t to be overlooked. That said although the model is extremely nice, it isn’t quite nice enough to rush out and buy – especially when funds are limited and there are lots of other Underhive associated treats demanding my attention. However a quick dig around in the bitsbox revealed enough components to build my own.

Gor Half-Horn Convert Or Die Necromunda (1)Gor Half-Horn Convert Or Die Necromunda (2)Gor Half-Horn Convert Or Die Necromunda (3)Gor Half-Horn Convert Or Die Necromunda (4)

Working on him has reminded me how long I’ve left my previous attempts to tackle beastmen in 40k and got me thinking about converting some more, perhaps as Hive Scum or as part of my planned Chaos gang. In the meantime any feedback on Gor is much appreciated.