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Elven Sevens

It’s time to turn my attention to another Blood Bowl team, one I’ve been chipping away at for the last couple of years; the Elven Union. I’ve not made the fastest progress with them but after several visits to the painting desk I’ve managed to complete five of them. This leaves me a long way short of a full team, but just two more players will give me enough for Blood Bowl 7’s so I decided to start with that.

Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (5)Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (1)

I also painted a couple of markers for the team (because easy wins right?). For some reason they’ve proved to be a real pain in the bum to photograph so the pictures aren’t the best but hopefully you get the idea.

Blood Bowl Elf Coins

Whilst I was about it I decided to grab the Elves I’d painted previously for a quick repaint. Instead of gold and silver their armour was split into gold and a kind of nasty off-gold that at some point in time I must have liked but which now looked decidedly iffy. Plus I couldn’t remember for the life of me how I’d painted it even if I wanted to. Here’s how they used to look.

And here they in their smart new colours.

Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (2)Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (3)

Of course we can’t let this moment pass without a group shot of the team.

Blood Bowl Elves Wudugast (4)

As is so often the case working on these has me fired with enthusiasm for tackling the rest of the team. Then again there are various other things I’m keen to get painted so it probably won’t be straight away. Plus there’s the fact that if I paint too many elves at once my regular readers start to worry about me and I don’t want to add to their woes – the poor things suffer enough just by being my regular readers!