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Warhammer 40k may seem quite high-tech at times, and of course there are parts of the Imperium where you can barely move for tanks, guns and space ships, but there’s a broad seam of magic, religion and paranoid superstition at the heart of everything. If your Imperial Guard regiment needs new orders from an all-too-distant headquarters then they won’t be getting one of those fancy faster-than-light video calls that their peers in Star Trek enjoy. No, they have to call upon the services of a blind space wizard who will deduce the will of central command through the medium of dream interpretation. Ever wondered why your Imperial army is fighting against your mate’s Imperial army? Now you know!

Astropath Imperial Guard Wudugast Warhammer40k ConvertOrDie (1)Astropath Imperial Guard Wudugast Warhammer40k ConvertOrDie (2)

I’ve liked the Astropath model for years, it’s simple but powerful and there’s a lot of character and quiet dignity conveyed without many details. Plus, if my little collection of Imperial Guardsmen ever need to make a long distance call (of dubious accuracy) now they can!