Right now the weird and wonderful hobby of collecting, converting and painting tiny models has never been a more exciting and enriching place to be. Credit for this surge of creative energy can be laid squarely at the door of the Internet, that wonderful hot-house of clever ideas that allows everyone to be inspired by and/or rip off everyone else. By way of keeping this motivational cycle running if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen here, or you wandered here by mistake and now you want to escape, why not check out some of these wonderful people?

In no particular order:



Heresy of Us



Ann’s Immaterium

High times on the Eastern Fringe


Azazel’s Bitz Box.


Cascadian Grimdark

The Lost and the Damned

Game of Travel

Ruins of Arotha

Ramblings from The Trenches

Entropic Ascent

thenickeninja’s blog

Heresy and Heroes

Special credit for creating the banner and magpie icon goes to artist and illustrator Janice Duke.

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