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Nun With A Gun

I’ve been tempted more than once to paint some Sisters of Battle since the range got revamped a couple of years ago. There’s certainly no denying that they are incredible models, some of the best that GW produces, so when I saw some being sold off at a knockdown price I decided to give them a go. Since then I’ve been messing around trying to work out a colour scheme I liked and Fembruary seemed like the perfect moment to focus and get one of them finished. 

Sisters of Battle Warhammer 40k Wudugast (1)Sisters of Battle Warhammer 40k Wudugast (2)

I did enjoy this one so expect to see more of them sooner or later. But not this month because time is running out and I’ve got a few more Fembruary projects I’d like to sneak in before we’re done.