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Witchling Stalker

Back in the late 2000s I went through a brief flirtation with Wyrd Miniatures and the crazy steampunk world of Malifaux. It never really stuck but it did leave me with a handful of models which are either unpainted or painted in a manner that at the time I mistakenly believed looked good but which, in the cold light of day, was actually a bit shit. Anyway, I stumbled on this little dude in amongst some other stuff and decided that he really deserved a repaint (I won’t show you how he looked before – suffice to say that, for a ninja, he was rather garish…).

Apparently this is a witchling stalker – and not, as I always believed, some kind of goblin ninja. It seems that these are sorcerers who have been enslaved in some manner (my understanding of the Malifaux lore is a bit sketchy as you can probably tell) and are now used by the Witch Hunters of the Guild to hunt down other mages.

Witchling Stalker Wyrd Malifaux Wudugast (1)Witchling Stalker Wyrd Malifaux Wudugast (2)Witchling Stalker Wyrd Malifaux Wudugast (3)

In theory I have two more somewhere, although god only knows where at the moment. When I find them, or any of my other Malifaux gear for that matter, I’ll probably give them a quick update as well.