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Mo’vember Slayers

Time to tackle some more hairy dudes in the name of Mo’vember. As soon as I saw the challenge being run at Rantings From Under The Wargames Table I knew it would be a good chance to work on my (very slow burning) WHFB Dwarf army. After all, dwarves and facial hair are practically synonymous. Enter three grumpy little Slayers from Avatars of War, in search of a honourable death.

Dwarf Slayer Warhammer WHFB Wudugast ConvertOrDie (1)Dwarf Slayer Warhammer WHFB Wudugast ConvertOrDie (2)Dwarf Slayer Warhammer WHFB Wudugast ConvertOrDie (3)

I took the chance to mix things up by giving the third one some tattoos. Nothing fancy as it’s still an area I need to practice.

Dwarf Slayer Warhammer WHFB Wudugast ConvertOrDie (4)

With these three done I just need to find the first one I painted and I’ll have almost finished the first rank of the first unit of this army. I told you this was a slow burning project!

Dwarf Slayer Warhammer WHFB Wudugast ConvertOrDie (5)

Tomorrow, something else for Mo’vember – something much, much bigger and fatter…

The First Slayer

Readers may remember that I’ve been banging on for years about putting together a Dwarf army for WHFB, without actually doing anything about it. Earlier in the year, realising that I wasn’t going to simply talk the army into existence and needed to actually apply paint to some models at some point I painted my first Dwarf in over a decade (not including Chaos worshippers of course!) during the national lockdown in the spring. Now I’ve finished off a second one. This time it’s the turn of a slayer that I started work on at roughly the same time, but which ended up suffering from a dearth of attention once I was able to get back to work.

These have always been amongst my favourite of the Warhammer dwarves, warriors who have lost their honour through some failure or transgression and so take a vow to seek death in battle at the hands of the most terrible enemy they can find.  Each abandons all possessions, bar the axes he needs to do the actual slaying with, shaves his hair into a spiky crest and dyes it orange so that anyone who meets him is left in no doubt as to who they face.

Sadly Games Workshop never really did the Slayers justice, the old models were a bit ropey and the new Fyreslayers of Age of Sigmar – despite the fact that I rather like some of them – have deviated a long way from the concept of the Slayers of old. Instead I got my hands on the Dwarf Seekers from Avatars of War, which are basically just Slayers by any other name.

Dwarf Slayer Wudugast ConvertOrDie WHFB (4)Dwarf Slayer Wudugast ConvertOrDie WHFB (3)Dwarf Slayer Wudugast ConvertOrDie WHFB (1)Dwarf Slayer Wudugast ConvertOrDie WHFB (2)

As usual I’ve no idea when I’ll get back to this project properly but I’m heading towards the end of 2020 with two dwarves painted, and that’s two more than I had when I started.

Dwarf Lord

For pretty much as long as I’ve been interested in painting miniatures I’ve harboured a dream of painting an army of dwarves. As yet it’s remained just a pipe-dream but I’ve accrued a number of the little dudes over the years, especially when WHFB was replaced by Age of Sigmar and many of the older models were retired. Lately I’ve been pouring over the Warhammer 8th Edition Dwarves army book again and getting an itch to march out of my mountain hold and give those younger races a good kicking. I don’t think anything will come of it straight away but I couldn’t resist painting up this old dwarf lord, one of my all time favourite dwarf miniatures.

Dwarf Lord Warhammer ConvertOrDie Wudugast (1)Dwarf Lord Warhammer ConvertOrDie Wudugast (2)

As I say, for now those dwarves I’ve acquired will remain in their boxes whilst I crack on with other projects but some day their patience will be rewarded. For now however I’ll be turning my attention to the filthy greenskins, which are exactly the kind of thing this dwarf clearly disapproves of. He’ll be marking down a grudge against me already and the project hasn’t even started…