About Me: I’m tall, dark and handsome, kind of like Corax but with the pleasant, easy-going demeanour of Angron and the fun-loving side of Konrad Curze.

The Magpie image you see above, and the Convert or Die banner are the work of artist and illustrator Janice Duke. To find out more about her work head to her website at www.janiceduke.com or visit her blog.

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  • Harrison

    Hey! I was wondering if you had a comparison between the acolytes in silver tower vs. The box of Kairic acolytes.

    Specifically size/height comparisons.

    Youd think that kinda thing would be a dome a dozen, but I can’t seem to track any down.

    I’m asking you though because even if you don’t have any pics youd know tje mofels well enough to write a useful comparison between the two.

    Thank you!


  • Daniel Cedro Gomes

    I saw your REVIEW about a boardgame “Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth’ and I would like your opionion because I am starting at WarHammer 40k (I have the boardgame “Space Hulk 4th edition”.

    Would you buy this boardgame “Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth’ or 2 sets of Start Collecting (Space Marines and Orks for example) ?


    • Wudugast

      I’d say it depends very much on what you’re looking for. Both could be great ways to start an army but neither is set up as a dedicated “starter set” as compared to Dark Imperium. With Betrayal at Calth you could paint all the models as a single army (i.e. same colour scheme throughout) and have a solid space marine army from a single box (you could even bolster it later by getting Start Collecting Space Marines as a cheap way to boost the number of models). Betrayal at Calth would also get you a boardgame into the bargain (I’ll admit I’ve never played it, and I think even Games Workshop themselves would acknowledge that almost everyone bought that boxset for the models rather than for the boardgame, but I’ve heard its actually quite good). What neither of these options offers however is all the rules etc that you need to play the game. That’s covered by Dark Imperium which contains two armies (Space Marines and Death Guard), the full rulebook and various other odds and ends like dice. The space marines in Dark Imperium are also bigger than those in Betrayal at Calth/Start Collecting. These represent Primaris Space Marines (which are a new addition to the background of the game, and a bigger and tougher than the ‘normal’ marines we’ve seen up to now). That said the new Death Guard and Thousand Sons have also been bigger than the marines we’ve seen previously so many people have theorised that the smaller marines we saw in the past are going to be phased out. Personally I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon but my personal taste would lead me to buy the Primaris models anyway (I just like them better). If you don’t buy Dark Imperium you can always pick up the rulebook separately, you’re not forced to buy DI just to play the game.

      So I would say; if you want a general introduction to the game – Dark Imperium.
      If you want to get an army of Space Marines (who look amazing, even now), and you don’t mind if they end up looking a little short in a couple of years time – Betrayal at Calth.
      If you want to get into a different army (e.g. Orks) – Start Collecting.

      All these options are cheaper than buying all the models individually though. Hope that helps and welcome to the hobby!

  • Harrison

    Hi! It’s me Harrison again – I have an opinion question regarding a conversion I’m doing, and if you wouldn’t mind me shooting a few photos of a project you’re way, I’d love to pick your brain over it! Shoot me an email so I can email you some pics concerning my dilemma 🙂

  • Viktor Carlson

    Just stumbled across your blog and got intrigued by the Demonic Femme of Black Earth, but my GoogleFu must be weak, because I cant find the manufacturer! Do you have any intel on the matter?

    • Wudugast

      Certainly (and you’ve just reminded me that I’ve got a couple of those still waiting for paint – another job for the “to do” list!). Black Earth changed their name a couple of years ago and became Mag Bellum. You can find out all about them over at heresyofus.com (where there’s also a blog full of amazing conversions, well worth a look if you like this kind of dark Inq28-esque stuff). If I recall correctly the daemonic femmes themselves aren’t available any more but Mark, the guy behind heresyofus/Mag Bellum is a really accommodating and all round decent bloke so my advice would be to take a look through his store and if you can’t find what you’re after drop him a line at marksheresy@gmail.com and I’m sure he’ll see you right if he can.

  • Imants

    I’ve discovered your genestealer cult models and they are fantastic, I’m doing my own at the moment and was wo during if you’ve done any how to paint tutorials anywhere as I like your style a lot.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! No tutorials I’m afraid (good suggestion though – something I’ll look at doing in the future). I’m also the world’s worst at writing down my painting recipes. However having wracked my brains here’s what I recall about painting them. For the dark blue I used Dark Reaper, and then highlighted with 50:50 Dark Reaper: Fenrisian Grey, followed by an edge highlight of Fenrisian Grey. The bone is done with Ushabti Bone, washed with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted with Screaming Skull. I used to really struggle with orange but after painting a few of these I’ve found a really quick way to get nice results:
      1.Base-coat with Fire-Dragon Bright.
      2.Layer of Gryph-Hound Orange (Contrast) over everything.
      3.Highlight with Fire-Dragon Bright and your done.
      Good luck with your genestealer cultists, I’d quite like to get back to mine soon too. 🙂

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