Unspeakable Adventures – Part 2

Time to return to the dark and twisted world created by HP Lovecraft and the challenge Azazel and I have set ourselves, to paint at least two characters from Cthulhu:Death May Die every month.

First up this time it’s Sergeant Ian Welles. This World War 1 veteran lost his arm when an otherworldly horror swallowed it and it seems to have left him extremely pissed off. Take note gentle readers; never bite off a man’s arm, he’s liable to become somewhat vengeful.

Cthulhu Death-May-Die Sergeant Ian Welles Wudugast (1)Cthulhu Death-May-Die Sergeant Ian Welles Wudugast (2)

Meanwhile Sister Beth is a nun – a nun with a gun! She’s taken one look at Cthulhu and said “I’m having nun of that!”. Ahem… Her artwork shows her in a blue habit but I went with the more traditional black and white. I’m not quite sure what they were trying to achieve with her pose though, it’s a little bit too “sexy/slinky/femme-fatale” which doesn’t suit the character at all, and the way she’s holding the knife doesn’t co-ordinate with the rest of her at all. Definitely a case where the sculptor should have received some honest, constructive feedback and clearly didn’t.

Cthulhu Death-May-Die Sister Beth Wudugast (1)Cthulhu Death-May-Die Sister Beth Wudugast (2)

All being well more adventurers will be along next month, and I’ve even snuck a couple of monsters into the painting queue as well…


23 responses to “Unspeakable Adventures – Part 2

  • Dave Stone

    Great work on both Wudu, there is a lot of character in the sergeant sculpt, but have to agree totally with you on the nun sculpt, so many bad decisions on that sculpt, do like your colour choices though.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers Dave! Yeah, the sergeant is a nice model isn’t he; nothing fancy but loads of character. It’s a shame about Sister Beth because I can see her being a popular character to play (somebody is bound to pick the nun right?) but it is what it is.

  • imperialrebelork

    Whoa! These are very cool. I hope you make it a “habit” to paint more Nuns and WW1 veterans because after all it’s just a bit of “armless” fun

    • Wudugast

      Haha! Cheers dude! Aye, as attempts to disarm him go that one was pretty unsuccessful (although now I think about it, if that’s what it means to be disarmed I’d hate to be dismembered…). Anyway, enough with these puns, you’ll make me cross! (…and I just realised I should have called this post World War Nun…).

  • Alex

    Damn, IRO beat me to the habit pun! Nicely done though mate, lovely pair of minis. Welles’ uniform is brill, and sure, Sister Beth might be a bit wonky, but still very cool 🤘

  • Kuribo

    These came out well, mate! I guess you could say that veteran nearly had to say A Farewell to Arms. Not sure that literary joke will land but I had to go for it! Its fun seeing you painting these up and I look forward to the rest. You’re proving that you’re much more than a grimdark painter as well (not that I ever doubted it!). We’ll make an elf painter out of you yet! 😀

    • Faust

      He did paint up some Blood Bowl Elves, but maybe those are not the Elves you are looking for! 😉

      • Kuribo

        Don’t make excuses for him haha! Wudu has time to paint up everything but elves and those of us from Rivendell have had enough 😀

    • Wudugast

      Oh mate, that was painful! 😂 Got a genuine, out loud snort of laughter from me, well done sir! As for the elves, I reckon you’ll just have to wait for my next post… 😉

      • Kuribo

        You think that was bad, just imagine how the guy who lost his arm felt! 😉 I can’t believe it was that easy to get you to paint some elves. It feels like you’ve painted none for a couple of years and I say one thing about it and now you’re going to do it!? I’m a little bit skeptical about all this 🙂

      • Wudugast

        Ah, but is it your powers of prediction or persuasion that you deserve to be credited for? 😉

      • Kuribo

        Haha, the suspense is killing me!

  • templeofthutmos

    I can’t even compete with the puns in this post and comments section. But well done nevertheless!

  • Faust

    Both are very nice looking. I thought the nun had a book tucked a book under her knife arm and that’s why she posed so oddly. But looking closer, it’s just a weird pose. My guess is an artist sketched it out and the sculptor just did what they could to implement it. Not the worst model in the world though and I’m sure they will both look great on the table! 😃

  • mcmattila

    Hey, there’s some similarity between the sarge and my latest model. Both are armed with a pistol and the other arm’s out of commission. But hey, should his shins be bare? You’ve painted them green, but it looks like the sculpt has short pant legs.

    • Wudugast

      Hey you’re quite right there! I guess the wounded soldier is a classic character/aesthetic. Yours deserves extra credit for being a clever conversion though. I need to read about him properly but I’m way behind on reading posts at the moment. From my quick look he’s cracking though. 🙂

      As for Welles’ shins I wondered the same thing. At first I thought he was wearing socks with gaters and so I painted them black but it just looked strange. I took a look at the art work and the studio model and they both showed it as part of his trousers (maybe the style at the time? I’m no expert on WW1 era haberdashery). His shins do look a little odd when seen close up like this but I think he looks better at arm’s length/table top so I went with that – these are intended for gaming so for once in my life I went with the gaming look.

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    I think the puns have been mostly exhausted now so the last thing you need is more shining wit! 😉 Nice work on the minis!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I don’t mind being described as a shining wit, so long as it’s not by someone who delights in spoonerisms. As for whether any of these jokes qualify however I’m guessing it’s a case of nun of the above!

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