I still think that the Eightbound have one of the stupidest and most half-arsed back-stories in the Warhammer 40k universe but despite that these possessed World Eaters have some damn cool models and I couldn’t resist getting one of them painted any longer.

World Eater Eightbound Khorne Wudugast Warhammer 40k (1)World Eater Eightbound Khorne Wudugast Warhammer 40k (2)World Eater Eightbound Khorne Wudugast Warhammer 40k (3)World Eater Eightbound Khorne Wudugast Warhammer 40k (4)

What a violent and angry looking young man! He needs to work out his feelings in a positive manner I think, rather than focusing all that hatred on the weakling Imperium of Man. Nah – who am I kidding? Skulls for the skull throne right!

17 responses to “Eightbound

  • Dave Stone

    Excellent work Wudu, haven’t read the backstory, so couldn’t comment on that, but your painting of the model has certainly brought out the brutality of the sculpt.

    • Wudugast

      Haha, rereading that I do sound a bit crabbit don’t I! Essentially the story is that these are daemonically possessed marines, but instead of being possessed by one daemon they’re possessed by 8 daemons at once because Khorne loves the number 8. It doesn’t make much sense, nor does it really tell me anything about the motivation of the warrior or provide any clever hooks for painting, modelling or gaming. There’s just so many better ways they could have played it, but instead it just ends up feeling really lazy. Khorne has a reputation online as being a bit dull and simplistic (skulls, blood, the number 8, repeat) and that’s a real shame because there’s so many interesting possibilities to explore, so to see GW themselves ignoring the opportunity to do something interesting and creative and instead just leaning into a few clichés gets my goat a little (something I perhaps should have written something constructive and thought provoking about instead of just being grumpy… but then again that’s not the Khornate way to handle your problems is it!). Anyway, glad you like him! 😀

  • Alex

    Ooh yeah, he’s bloody livid! 🤬
    Cracking job dude, hope all is well 🤘

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    If that’s not someone with anger management issues I’d be surprised! Very nicely painted! 🙂

  • Faust

    You could say that someone needs to change his diaper, as he seems very, very, very angry!! Haha! Hope the diaper changing bits are going well and it’s good to see you get something painted up. Like Dave, I wasn’t familiar with this one, but make sense now. He kinda looks like cyber mutant thing to me, but I forgot this being Warhammer and Chaos, there HAS to be a demon involved! 😉

    • Wudugast

      Haha, aye the little one has looked as cross as him once or twice now you mention it! Growing teeth is no fun at all apparently. That aside she’s full of fun and doing well – although if I’d had a tiny bit more sleep lately I’d have remembered to describe the back-story for this model before I started moaning about it!

      Yeah, you know gee-dubz, they’ve got to shoehorn a daemon in somewhere, or in this case 8 of them…

  • Kuribo

    I was going to ask what the backstory was but you kindly shared it above. I’m not sure it makes much sense to me either, not that I am a lore expert for either Warhammer! I was looking at these minis the other day and I can’t quite decide how I feel about them. I really like Khorne in AoS but I don’t like the minis in 40k quite as much. I can’t put my finger on why that is exactly.

    Getting back to the topic at hand, this guy looks great and I was surprised to see you not use red on the armor. Does your Khorne army use an alternate scheme? I guess it is safe to assume that we can look forward to seven more of these angry blokes? 😉

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I really should have explained what I was on about before going straight to moaning! Sleep eh, apparently it’s a good thing…

      To me, possessed marines are cool, and they’ve been around for decades. If I was in charge of GW we’d have different possessed for each of the Chaos Gods, it makes sense that a marine possessed by a daemon of Nurgle will look very different to a marine possessed by a daemon of Slaanesh and so on. I’d have been more than happy to say “he’s possessed by a daemon of Khorne and he’s battling it for control of his body and trying to claim its strength”. No need for all this “everything must be multiplied by 8” carry on.

      As for why his armour isn’t red you have to cast your mind back to the late 2000s * does wavy flash-back effect* Back then we didn’t have World Eaters, Death Guard and so on, at least not as full ranges, they were all just Chaos Marines. One legion was only distinguished from another by their colour scheme. God-specific troops like Plague Marines or Khorne Berserkers stood out from the rest of the army. I wanted a colour scheme that suited not only my core troops but also worked for any God-specific troops that I included so they all looked like a unified force, whilst not tieing in to an existing faction (so the Black Legion was out too). That left me with not many options and the one I went for was off-white. To me it suits a warrior of Khorne just as much as one of Tzeentch, Nurgle or Slaanesh, and little details (like the red cables and blood splatter on this guy) can be used to tell you which God an individual model worships. Nowadays the Thousand Sons, Death Guard and World Eaters, as well as the various daemons, have been split off from the Chaos Marines but to me my collection is still all one army with a unified colour scheme. 🙂

      • Kuribo

        Haha, I don’t do well with sleep deprivation either!

        I agree with your thoughts on possessed marines. They were never my favorite minis in the range. I think I like unmutated marines more. The older I get, the more I realize how particular I am about these sorts of things 🙂

        I completely understand your rationale for painting them now. My chaos army from the early 2000’s had regular Space Marines (Black Legion, I think they’re called) and then I got Khorne Beserkers which I fielded in the standard Khorne colors in the same army. I’m pretty sure you were allowed to do that back then, though I barely played 40k and it was only with my brother so I could have easily been mistaken with that. Either way, I know what you mean and I think having a unified color scheme is a great idea!

  • templeofthutmos

    They really do beat that “8x” horse, don’t they? Nevertheless, great work on him!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I know, I think that’s a big part of why it bothers me really; it’s been done to death. It’s a bit of a “meme” isn’t it, and I think we’re entitled to expect something a bit more original from the people write the official back-story. Ironically I think they’re afraid that if they just described them as “World Eaters possessed by daemons of Khorne” then they’d be accused of not being very original so instead they break out a different cliché! Lovely models to paint all the same though, I must get cracking on the other two soon.

  • Azazel

    Lovely work on the angry boy here. I think he might become less angry if only someone would remove that round spiky thorn from his paw, though!
    I think the 8×8 thing might just be a last gasp of silliness for 9th edition – hopefully they have less insane rules for 10th. And by “they”, I mean every bloody thing in the game…

    • Wudugast

      Aye, having a circular saw stuck through his hand must be making him distinctly cheesed off. That, or maybe he’s just flown into a rage after reading his backstory!
      I’ve not played 40k in a long time but I am curious about 10th, the free rules should make it more accessible to people like me who just want to push some models around at home and don’t care about the “meta”. It’s hard to believe they really broke a sweat getting the rules just right for the World Eaters or other later codexes when they knew there was a whole new edition just a few months away.

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