House Stark – Part 6

Time to add another unit to my House Stark army and you’d think I’d do the sensible thing and finish off one of the squads I’d already started – the Black Guard of House Bolton or the House Tully Sworn Shields – or something from the starter set that I’ve not got around to yet like the Umber Berserkers or the Stark Outriders. But no, that would be far too sensible – instead I decided to smash through a whole squad of Karstark Spearmen instead.

ASOIAF Karstark Spearmen Stark Wudugast (5)ASOIAF Karstark Spearmen Stark Wudugast (2)ASOIAF Karstark Spearmen Stark Wudugast (3)ASOIAF Karstark Spearmen Stark Wudugast (4)

And there we have ’em – more grist for the mill of the North’s wars!

ASOIAF Karstark Spearmen Stark Wudugast (1)

Still, this – dare I say it – bold maneuver now gives me a 30 point army, big enough to take to the battlefield should I so choose. The sensible move would be to turn my attention back to the Lannisters and get them up to 30 points as well, but sensible moves have rarely been my forte so we’ll see if it happens or not…

28 responses to “House Stark – Part 6

  • Azazel

    They really look great painted up like that – it’s the kind of LotR-feel that many of these ASoFI figures have to them that really appeals to me, even though I’ve not read the books or watched the series.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, there is something very reminiscent of LotR with these – I wonder if it’s the “almost-but-not-quite” historical element. I’ve never been keen on the LotR models but I really like these and I’m not sure what makes the difference – I enjoyed the books/filmed versions of both and although the LotR range has a some stinkers there’s some really decent models in there too so why they don’t appeal more is a mystery. Then again I’ve got enough in the backlog already!

      As for ASOIAF the TV show was good but went downhill (and the ending was just bollocks which didn’t even make sense). I really rate the books but they’re not finished – although the author has said the ending will be very different to the TV show which is a big plus. The pacing of book 5 is a bit off and then it ends on a cliff hanger, right in the middle of a load of pivotal events. If the series was finished I’d recommend it highly but as it stands you’ll only end up frustrated by a half-finished story.

      • Azazel

        Yeah, I have a boxed set of the books, but I figure I’ll care about them once the series is, you know, finished. I watched the first episode of GoT and it was …fine. Not so compelling that I needed to watch more so it went on the “I’ll get around to that one day” pile of TV shame.
        As for the models, I think it’s very much that “almost historical” thing that you mentioned, or to put it another way if someone was told that the Stark models you have there were from the “decendents of Arnor” you’d most likely go “oh, okay. Sure – yeah, they fit right in.”

      • Wudugast

        This is something else I’m enjoying about this project actually, the models in the main are just generic enough to work in most settings which have a medieval/fantasy theme. By painting these up I’m also getting a collection of fantasy humans that I can call upon for other games later.

  • Dave Stone

    Great work Wudu, they look really impressive all ranked up

  • theimperfectmodeller

    These really are an excellent range of figures. Lovely work once again. 🙂

  • Alex

    They look great mate – I’m really enjoying this project!

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    Gosh, they look really good, both individually and as a unit! 🙂 I like the shield design!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! The shield design is the white sun of House Karstark. They’re one of the poorer, smaller houses so I wanted it to look like it had been painted straight onto the wood and then battered around a bit in battle, so I tried to keep the cracks and grain of the wood showing through. At the same time they’re still a proud house, their gear may be worn but they’re not careless with it – hopefully I got the balance right. 🙂

  • Pete S/ SP

    Lovely work there.



  • Argentbadger

    They look super. The really sensible move would be to get some games in with this force now that it is big enough to play 😉 That might inspire your choice of next project.

  • Mark A. Morin

    Hope you get to game with these soon. They look epic. I too was left feeling screwed by the ending in GoT. Have not read the books, but after the series, I’m not planning on doing so.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! It won’t be straight away but I’m hoping 2023 will see some dice rolled for these – I’ll try to post a battle report when I do.

      Aye, the ending of the show was complete rubbish wasn’t it? All I can say in the defence of the books is even with the ones that have been published so far the story is radically different (and better I would argue – although before the last couple of seasons the show was still pretty good). Of course, until old George wakes up and actually writes the last two anything beyond that is anyone’s guess!

  • lordcommandereloth

    These look excellent sir a great addition to your force!

  • Faust

    Looking good and I like that shield design. On the plus side, you finished the group. So even if you did wander off mark, you still got something you can use soon! 😃

  • Kuribo

    These burley chaps look great! They look straight out of the Game of Thrones show to me. Is the shield emblem their house design? I can’t say I’ve ever seen shields that look quite like that and while I don’t fully understand the design (yet!), I definitely think they’re visually appealing all the same!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yes, the emblem on the shields is the symbol of their house, the “white sun of winter”. These are Karstarks (originally the Starks of Karhold, and descended from the Starks of Winterfell). They were one of the closest allies of the Starks for a long time, although you may recall (and I’m pretty certain this was in the show – sometimes I can’t remember what was in the show and what was only in the books) that Lord Rickard Karstark has a bit of a falling out with Robb Stark after Rickard’s sons are killed at Whispering Wood, and Rickard murders some Lannister prisoners in revenge, and Robb ends up executing him.

      • Kuribo

        Ahh… I see it now! Thanks for explaining it, mate. I can’t remember if that happened in the show or not but it sounds like something that should have happened. Those Lannisters are nothing but trouble! 🙂

  • patmcf

    OOHH matey sooo good!

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