Going Berserk

The forces of Chaos have always, by their very nature, been an eclectic bunch, their technology unrestrained by by the strict edicts of the Imperium and their bodies twisted and mutated by their daemonic patrons. Here Games Workshop has almost limitless potential to be creative, and us hobbyists can kitbash to our hearts’ content. Over the years however the degree to which this is reflected in the Chaos Marines’ range has waxed and waned. When I first fell to Chaos back in the mid-2000s there really wasn’t a whole lot to differentiate the followers of one god from those of another. If I painted my Marines green I was sworn to Nurgle, if you painted yours red you were a follower of Khorne. There were a few god-specific models kicking around as I recall, mostly still made of metal, but not many. What really drew me to the service of the Dark Gods was a combination of several factors; a mate gave me his old codex, I had no money to spend on new models and I owned a load of loyalist marines, a bunch of bits I’d scrounged up and an over-active imagination. The result was kitbashing carnage and a life sworn to the ghastly powers that dwell in the warp.

In recent years however things have improved a lot. The release of the Thousand Sons brought us a range of kits specific to Tzeentch’s chosen legion and, although I now think some of those could be improved a lot and expanding the range further would be well worthwhile, at the time it was a revelation. Then along came the Death Guard and really blew me away. With its huge range of unique kits all designed around the theme of a single god this remains, for me, the gold standard for a Chaos Legion. Needless-to-say I’ve been waiting with baited breath for GW’s designers to turn their attention to the World Eater’s and Emperor’s Children and, at last, the former has arrived.

Khorne Berserker World Eater 3

After months of build up, Saturday morning saw the full reveal of Khorne’s legion and for me they were well worth the wait. We’d already seen some of the range of course, the Khorne Berserkers for example were shown off back in September.

Khorne Berserker World Eater 2

These are really nice models, workmanlike and perhaps not the most surprising or creative but fitting the bill perfectly and demonstrating that a model doesn’t have to be fancy to be good. When I first saw them I thought “Yeah, these are fine, they do the job” but the longer I’ve looked at them the more I’ve come to love them. I always say that you can swap out specialists and leave characters on the shelf but if you don’t care for the core troops then the army isn’t for you.

Plus they certainly beat the hell out of the old kit, which has been kept going long, long after it should have been shuffled off to retirement.

Shite Old Berserkers

Then in October we saw the appearance of Lord Invocatus, a special character who rides around on a thunderous juggernaut spreading carnage.

Lord Invocatus

Now I think the juggernauts of Khorne look really cool and I’m always happy to see someone perched atop one of these mechanical bulls and laying waste to the followers of the corpse-emperor so you’d think I’d be a fan of Lord Invocatus but honestly he doesn’t do much for me, especially now that we’ve seen the very similar generic Lord of Khorne (below) which, for my money, is much nicer.

Lord of Khorne on Juggernaught

Like the Berserkers the Lord on Juggernaut just gets on with doing it’s job and looking cool. Lord Invocatus meanwhile feels like it’s trying too hard to stand out as something special whilst working with a limited range of options crammed into a small amount of sprue space. From what we’ve seen so far my assumption is that one kit can make either the Lord on Juggernaut or Lord Invocatus, in which case Lord Invocatus’ flaws become a bit more forgivable – there will always be limits to how much you can do with just one sprue after all. If Lord Invocatus proves to be an entirely separate kit I’m less impressed, a special character should have a lot more visual impact than this. Either way the head with the crest and yet another topknot just doesn’t work, and there’s nothing about him that feels particularly unique or cool. Go big or go home I would say – give him his own kit with an extra large, souped-up juggernaut, daemonic weapons chained to his arms and a few crazy mutations, or don’t bother. As it stands I can see the generic Lord on Juggernaut finding a home at the head of my army but Lord Invocatus just doesn’t look all that special to me.

However Lord Invocatus isn’t the only special character in this release. No discussion of the World Eaters is complete without mentioning the big man himself; the Primarch Angron.


Following in the footsteps of Magnus and Mortarion, Angron is the third daemon primarch to enter the setting and he looks outstanding. I do struggle a bit to paint these very large kits so perhaps I should restrain myself from rushing to buy him, and I sometimes feel GW are in a bad habit of making models that are bigger, and bigger still, but if there’s one time when being OTT is just fine it’s the daemon primarch of the World Eaters.

Berserker Banner

On Saturday Games Workshop revealed the rest of the range, the headline to the article even going so far as to promise “Hordes of New World Eaters Units”. What we saw was, for my money, some of the best things in the whole range – but “hordes” is stretching the truth a little.

First of all we have Eightbound, possessed berserkers who have been driven into a killing rage after discovering they have one of the daftest backstories in the setting. Chaos Marines which have been possessed by daemons have been around since the very earliest days and I’ve been hoping we’d someday see models which really reflected the natures of both the marine and the daemon doing the possessing (Death Guard marines possessed by daemons of Nurgle for instance, or in this case Khorne Berserkers possessed by the rage-filled daemons of Khorne). This would be more than enough to satisfy World Eaters fans but no, some silly eegit who probably communicates only in memes, decided that they should be possessed by not one, not two, but eight daemons of Khorne! Because OTT is cool right? Because eight is the holy number of Khorne right? Because everything Khorne should have something to do with the number eight right? Because I don’t know very much about the background and I don’t have anything in the way of an imagination but somebody gave me the job of writing this bollocks and nobody cares about “fluff” anyway!

As someone who turns from mild-mannered and easy-going Wudugast to a rage-fueled monster that Angron himself would tell to calm down at the mere mention of the word “fluff” seeing this kind of rubbish published has, in the parlance of da yoof, “triggered” me so let’s move swiftly on. The models, at least, are really cool. I shudder to think about the price but I want them anyway. Each one can be built as either a possessed marine…

Eightfold Khorne World Eater 1

… or an exulted version which has beaten the daemon within into submission and gained even greater power as a result.

Eightfold Khorne World Eater 2

I really like the way each one can be tweaked to be more or less possessed so that you can dial up or down the level of mutation on display your own taste. Personally I like my marines to be twisted by the warp, but too much mutation is by no means a good thing so I’ll probably end up somewhere about halfway between these two examples. I also really like the way the armour is forming into a mouth that’s swallowing the marine’s head in a nice nod both to the battle against the daemon that’s occurring within and to the icon of the World Eaters (a fanged mouth biting down on a planet – they never were a very subtle legion…).

Lastly we have the cultists of Khorne, deranged mortals known as Jakhals.

Jakhals 2

These are ace, I’m a big fan of Chaos Cultists and this has been a good year for them. I will undoubtedly be looking to get my hands on some of these; to serve as cannon fodder for my World Eaters, as a berserker vanguard for my Lost and Damned cultist horde, as more recruits for my Necromunda chaos cult and to kitbash with my Necromundan Corpse-Grinders.

The preview also notes “If you think they look nasty now, wait until you see what they can do when they’re all juiced up on stimms” which makes me hopeful that there’s an alternative way of building of this kit still to be shown.

This appears to be the unit champion…

Jakhals Champion

…however it’s this brute that has me particularly interested.

World Eaters Dishonoured

He’s bigger than the other cultists and referred to as the Dishonoured so could it be that we’re looking at a failed World Eater of some kind who’s been stripped of his armour? We can’t see the back of his head from this angle, if we could we’d be able to see if the Butcher’s Nails are there or not, so for now all we can do is guess. Either way he’s a damn cool model as he is, although once again I’m thinking about Necromunda and wondering if he might have a use as a Goliath champion with a bit of kitbashing.

Anyway, apart from Lord Invocatus and some very dodgy lore regarding the Eightbound, this all looks fantastic and I’m already cracking my knuckles and pacing, a low growl building in my chest as the Butchers Nails start to bite and command me to paint, paint, paint for the Blood God! However, I can’t help but ask “Where’s the rest of it?”. Your way of estimating exact number of kits may vary but there’s no denying, the Death Guard got a hell of a lot more than this. The World Eaters, like the Thousand Sons, lean very heavily on the wider Chaos range to bulk up the numbers with borrowed kits and daemonic allies. For a long time I’ve been feeling that Tzeentch’s legion was short changed in comparison to the followers of Nurgle, and now the World Eaters seem to have gone the same way. Based on this release the World Eaters will get six kits of their own (the Berserkers, Eightbound, Jakhals, Lord Invocatus, Lord on Juggernaut and Angron himself – plus the already released Kharn of course). The Death Guard got somewhere around twenty and are visually much more complete as a result. I recognise that GW do not have entirely unlimited resources, just as I don’t have unlimited money, time or energy to spend buying and painting models, but it’s hard not to feel that more could have been done here. This isn’t so much eating the world as taking a small bite. Where are the juggernaut cavalry to follow the mounted lord into battle? Where is the World Eater’s Lord on foot for those days he doesn’t feel like riding to war? Where are the daemon engines with which Khorne has had such a long association; the brass scorpions, blood slaughters, berserker dreadnaughts, blood reapers, doom blasters, death dealers and cauldrons of blood? Where are the Khornate beastmen, the Berserker Surgeons, the Ogryn Berserkers, Red Butcher Terminators, a new kit for the Mutilators or the Teeth of Khorne – the World Eater’s heavy weapons squads designed by Jes Goodwin all those years ago? These last are particularly missed I think as they’d bring something to the army other than just angry men who want to get into close combat and hit people in the face. Having a theme to an army is good, but – despite what the kids with the memes would have you believe – there’s no need to treat Khorne as being one dimensional.

Teeth of Khorne Jes Goodwin

Overall I’m really happy with what we’ve got and I’m sure some of it will be finding its way into my Chaos collection in time. Part of me hopes that this is just the first wave and, like the Sisters of Battle and other recent releases, we’ll see a second wave with a whole heap of new kits in a year or so’s time. Part of me however fears that they may end up like the Thousand Sons and left on the sidelines.

Anyway, I’m off to eat some raw meat and sharpen my chainaxe. If you have thoughts other than the hammering of an angry god stabbing painfully through the raw flesh of your mind and want to punch the keyboard furiously until it spells out a message then the comment’s box is the place to do it.

31 responses to “Going Berserk

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    Well, it turns out ignorance is my saviour here, as usual! I know none of the background, or chequered history of the model ranges, but I like the minis you’ve shown here and reading your thoughts on what is and what might (not) be happening! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Funnily enough this is something I always think about when I write these reviews; how does this read to someone who is either very familiar or completely unfamiliar with the setting? My goal is to entertain both groups, without patronising the first group or alienating the second. I’m sure I don’t get it right some of the time but if you don’t know your World Eaters from your Word Bearers and still enjoyed reading my thoughts I’ll take that as a great compliment. 🙂

  • Alex

    Great read as ever mate, and some really nice minis in that lot. Nice to finally have a Juggernaut that we can finally believe in, and those cultists are rad. The mouth-sprouting armour on that ‘exulted’ chap is a nice callback to the venerable Hellbrute I reckon! More please James Workshop!!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers dude! You’re not wrong about the mouths in the armour linking them to the hellbrute, I hadn’t spotted that until now but it’s definitely there. Likewise the “bitey mouth for a hand” thing that the exulted guy has going on. I must say, Khorne gives his lads the best mutations nowadays doesn’t he? “Oh, you like killing – have some mutations that make you better at it”. None of that “eyeballs for nipples/instead of a face he’s got five arses” carry-on that the other gods get up to.

  • Hoggfather

    100% on your thoughts. Wasn’t sure why Invocatus did nothing for me but you’ve put into words exactly why he falls flat compared with the perfectly servicable juggerlord. All the other new models are great though (LOVE the cultists hooked up to vats of stimms!) & at this stage I’m fully resigned to the fact that I’ll be forking out for the inevitable army box.

    The unit choices that they’ve gone for are a bit bizarre: if the leak is to be believed, terminators are the only infantry with better shooting than pistols & the writers appear to have decided that everyone else’s vocation falls into either frothing berzerker or tank driver. ‘If you want a heavy bolter, go join the Black Legion!’

    • Wudugast

      Yup, exactly. I get that close combat is the World Eater’s “thing”, and I’d be complaining if there was a single model in the army who didn’t look like he could hold his own in hand-to-hand – but that’s not all there is to battle and it’s certainly not all there is to the World Eaters. And whilst I’m thinking about it, why do we have a bunch of guys who run into battle on foot – but no lord to run alongside them (apart from Kharn of course) and a lord who rides into battle on a juggernaught but no cavalry to charge in with him? I don’t tend to buy into internet rumours, they’re all too often false*, but I do wonder if there might be some truth to the claim that we’ll be seeing more World Eaters soon, perhaps in the launch set for 10th edition or shortly thereafter. It would certainly fit with the GW model of “sell you something now, sell it to you again in 6 months!”. Of course, I know myself well enough to recognise that I’ll be looking to get my hands on that army box too…

      *and I started one once by mistake – I made a spurious example in a blog post and a few weeks later I saw it being quoted almost word for word as “heard this from a good source”. I can’t say for sure it came from me of course and I don’t want to sound egotistical or try to claim I have “reach” but as I’d made it up, and GW never did release whatever it was, it’s hard not to draw conclusions. Needless to say since then I’ve taken every online rumour with an extra large portion of salt!

      • Hoggfather

        We all love a good ego rub, but rarely are they over the things we want them to be! Can see how you’d be a bit cynical after that, but it does seem reasonable to think there’ll be a second wave at some point to fill in those glaring gaps – just the matter of when which can be relegated to the grapevine

  • Dave Stone

    Oh great my daughter will be asking me to sort out more models for her ! LOL Thankfully I already made her an Angron so won’t have to worry about that one. The other models look good and should add in some nice variation. The cultists are cool, but would have loved to see them do Blood Pact models.

    • Wudugast

      Just looked up your version of Angron and you’ve done a cracking job there. There’s always a risk, when people make their own version of a character and then an official model for it is released, that the old conversions no longer look “right” because they don’t match up to what the “real” one looks like now. I think that’s a real shame because it diminishes people’s hard work and creativity but it’s there all the same. In this case however both you and GW deserve a thumbs up for doing a great job of faithfully capturing that classic Angron artwork – with the result that if you put him next to the new model your Angron would still be instantly recognisable.

      Hope your daughter enjoys the new kits! 🙂

  • Kuribo

    I think these minis look great and are a massive improvement on the old Khorne minis. Those things were so old, I bought and painted some of them when I was in high school, somewhere between 2000-2004! I really like GW’s Khorne sculpts in AoS and I should paint something for the Blood Good one of these days. I’ve nearly done so several times and maybe one of these new sculpts will finally get me motivated again 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Oh you should definitely paint some Khorne! Khorne models, in my opinion, really lend themselves to display painting, it’s all that nice glossy red, black and brass. Seeing how well you handled red with the Blood Elf project I think you’d do a super job there. 🙂

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Well I can see you having fun with these in due course that’s for sure. 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    Great write up as per usual and I could almost see your saliva dripping onto your device as you typed away haha. That brute is absolutely brilliant and I love me some cultists so those models I’ll defy be picking up.

    • Wudugast

      Haha – oh yeah, Chaos and Orks are to me what Orks and Guard are to you I reckon – the one thing you can never say no to! You definitely can’t have too many cultists and these ones look great so I’ll be getting some of them no matter what. 🙂

  • Faust

    Hmm, those cultists are pretty neat and I think I’d be tempted to make them into my own Necromunda gang if I still played the game. Those are not the new Chaos Cultists though, more their own thing?

    • Wudugast

      Oh yeah, those cultists are perfect for a crazy Necromunda gang, that’s probably what I’ll be doing with mine. Another great joy of abandoning the official ‘munda rules in favour of doing my own thing is it’s easier than ever to bring in anything I feel like. 🙂

      Yeah, these aren’t the only new cultists we’ve seen lately – it’s actually been a really good year if you love Chaos cults (and I do!). We’ve also had normal cultists, traitor guard, the dark commune (cultist commanders) and the accursed cultists (mutant cultists), and now Khorne cultists. Hopefully someday we’ll see cultists for the other gods as well. I actually have a load of cultists pretty much done and ready to post but I probably won’t get around to them until after the move.

  • Alexis West

    Honestly, I’m feeling a pretty resounding “meh” about these. Mostly I think that’s just because they double (or is that octuple) down on the “all CC all the time” thing GW has been pushing for Khorne for some time now, as you mention. And yeah, just make them Khornate Possessed (and God-specific Possessed all around, please), no need for this 8 Daemons in one dude bs.

    I am at least really happy that there is a generic JuggerLord option, since I have two of them I made back in the Khorne Daemonkin days, but yeah, 800% agree that he should have a unit to ride with. I don’t really feel like the lack of a regular on-foot Chaos Lord is that big of a deal, since they’ve always been kind of a crap option, and everyone just gives them a jump pack of bike or mount or whatever they have available anyway. Would have been nice to get a cool Jump Lord, tho, and if they’d done that, easy enough to have made it a dual kit with a regular backpack so the option was there.

    More generally, I really want some kind of cavalry like this for each of the Gods. Emperor’s Children Seekers, 1K Sons Disk-riders, Death Guard Plague Drone cav, the whole lot.

    Thousand Sons got kind of screwed on special units back in the 90s, when the Rubric entered the fluff. That just cut out so much potential by decreeing that every member of the legion must be a sorcerer or a dust boi.

    All that said, I don’t really feel like the Death Guard are, in real terms, that far beyond this. Most of the bloat (so to speak) in their range, in terms of number of kits, is either starter set repacks, alternate versions, or the untold thousands of crappy Elites slot characters they have. In terms of actual Units, they’ve basically got Plague Marines, Terminators, Poxwalkers, Blight Drones, Blighthaulers (barely), and Plagueburst Crawlers. World Eaters could use a couple of Daemon Engines (hopefully Maulerfiends are at least in the Dex) to bring them up to level with that, but are otherwise about on par here. And especially compared to the Emperor’s Children, who have a single model, that isn’t even a Character, just their basic Troops at US$38 per model with 0 options.

    • Wudugast

      Oh yeah, a lord with a jump pack would be ace. And a unit of berserkers with jump packs whilst we’re about it please! Completely agree that there should be Khornate ranged units in there. I wouldn’t be averse to seeing some kind of rule whereby if they don’t manage to kill enough enemy models at range in any given turn they have to take a test to avoid being overcome by the nails and tearing off into close combat (one could even convert alternative versions of each model – one firing and one using a heavy bolter to bash heads like a club!).

      God specific possessed is a must have in my book, but I’m not as keen on god-specific cavalry as you are. To me a mount should be something that a champion earns as he walks the path to glory. I’d be happy enough seeing mounted berserkers and that’s been part of the collective mental image of Khorne for such a long time that anyway. Squads of sorcerers of Tzeentch on disks seems like a really obvious move and a glaring omission from the range. Not sure about the other two though. Big heavily-armoured Emperor’s Children on sleek, light-weight looking seekers doesn’t quite work for me. Maybe some kind of flesh-crafted horror to carry them around (Fabulous Bill shouldn’t have all the fun with body-horror in Fulgrim’s legion after all!). Likewise Plague Marines on bloat drones don’t work in my mind, I’d have a big, slow daemon slug – a bit like the thing Horticulous Slimux rides but less jolly – with a platform on its back and some rusty contraption from which the plague marines pump out foul toxic gunk (another one for the list of ‘things I should make someday’).

      I know what you mean about the Thousand Sons but really that’s an opportunity to double the options. Thousand Sons have a really strong aesthetic that’s very different to Tzeentch in general. Let’s see Rubric Havocs and Dreadnaughts. Let’s see ranged weapon platforms similar to the field guns the Guard just got, but with Rubric crews, Sorcerer overseers and weird mutant flesh/gun hybrid-beasts firing gouts of magical fireballs. Then lets also have mutant Tzeentch themed Chaos Marines as a separate entity with their own range of models (I know I’m wishing big here but I don’t see the harm in that, dreaming is free!).

      If I had my way what we’d see is near complete separation of the ranges between Chaos undivided and each of the God-specific legions. So you’d have a range of models for each of the Death Guard, Thousand Sons, World Eaters, Emperor’s Children and Chaos Marines and very, very few models would be common to more than one of these ranges. (I also think Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, Traitor Guard and Dark Mechanicum could stand on their own as separate ranges – and no, I don’t expect this to happen any time soon!). All the models in the Chaos Marines range could still have the mark of a god, but if I have a Nurgle themed Chaos Marines army it should be completely different to your Death Guard (and with loads of opportunities for making foul, Nurgly-versions of things like Helldrakes, Maulerfiends, Rhinos etc).

      I love things like the Helldrake, Maulerfiend and so on, but for the other traitor legions I’d rather seem them going their own way. There are plenty of opportunities for Khornate warmachines so lets see kits for them, rather than Angron having to turn to Abaddon every time there’s a big fight brewing and say “Any chance I can borrow some daemon engines?” whilst Mortarion sits back smugly surrounded by own vehicle pool of mechanical horrors.

      Very much agree, the Emperor’s Children really, really need this kind of treatment too. Hopefully, assuming the world doesn’t end any time soon, they’ll be getting their turn sooner or later.

      • Alexis West

        For the Disk Riders, I wasn’t thinking just a of Squads of Sorcerers, but also stuff like a Sorcerer binding Disks for his personal retinue of Rubricae, so he could zoom around and still have his completely trusted bodyguards hanging with him. Good call on Rubric Havocs and such. I’ve still got a Rubric Marine with a Plasma gun around somewhere, I think, which I’ve been annoyed since before the turn of the century is no longer usable. And Rubric Helbrutes seem like a must. And yes, after I finished typing that out, I was thinking of the Thousand Sons recruiting again post-Heresy, so they could have some mutated, non-Sorcerer, non-Rubric Units as well.

        Emperor’s Children cavalry: The image in my mind involves both somewhat sleeker power armour than usual, and beefier Steeds than those used by Hedonite or Daemonette Seekers. Maybe even have them riding Fiends!

        Death Guard cavalry: My mind went to Plague Drones partly because the Death Guard could really use a bit of speed, but also because of the Pusgoyle Blightlords, which are basically an AoS version of what I was envisioning. Some sort of modified Beasts of Nurgle or Nurgling Palanquins could be cool, too.

        Also, while we’re wishlisting, how about god-specific Chaos Spawn kits!

        In all honesty, Night Lords are probably distinctive enough to use their own model line as well, but at that point, the basic CSM are just getting used for Black Legion, Alpha Legion, and Renegades. (And truthfully, I think post-Heresy Renegades should be their own thing as well, still having access to their Whirlwinds and Assault Cannon and such. (Where are the Red Corsairs and Crimson Slaughter getting their Reaper Autocannon from anyhow?))

        As far as I can tell, the ‘Fiends aren’t Abaddon-sourced like Defilers are, they’re just something some True Mechanicum dudes came up with, so to me, they’re more reasonable to spread around. I think the Defilers are the only ones specified as always coming from Abaddon, actually. IIRC, the original Heldrakes weren’t even manufactured as such, they were just Xiphons and the like that were twisted by the Warp. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I already have a trio of Maulerfiends extensively converted to go with my Khorne Daemonkin that I wouldn’t want to have to leave out of a World Eaters list!

        All that said, Khorne actually does have a pretty good selection of Daemon Engines already, even if the models for the Blood Slaughterer, Kytan, and Brass Scorpion are only available from FW. I wouldn’t mind seeing those (especially the sweetass updated Blood Slaughterer concept) brought to plastic and added to the Dex, tho, and getting Doom Blasters and Cauldrons of Blood would be pretty great. But again, this is an area where Slaanesh and Tzeentch are the ones who really need some catch-up. Khorne has the backlist (including the only Super-Heavy Daemon Engines that actually have rules or models), and Nurgle picked up a bunch in 8th, but Slaanesh and Tzeentch have literally nothing with current rules or models, and very little even in fluff.

  • Azazel

    Well, I do like these models, and I’ve rightly learned over the decades not to fuss too much about either rules nor fluff – GW has really been leaning into more and more Flanderisation of their factions over the, well, decades again. I’ll just get out my Wolf Lord riding a Great Wolf wielding a Wolf Blade and the Fangs of the Wolf alongside the Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Wulf Wolf Woof Woof Bow Bow Wow.
    I do expect that we’ll end up with some of the missing units like Red Butchers and (hopefully!) Daemon Engines and Khorngor when we get the inevitable second wave, just as with the Sisters, Cow-High Elves and so forth. Possibly right after the second wave of Neo-Squats!

    • Wudugast

      Haha – true, at least we didn’t end up with any units named Bloody McGoreface armed with the Gore Axes of Bloody Goring– the names for these were actually pretty pretty sensible. I’m with you on trying to ignore the duff bits of GW’s “fluff” but sometimes it does still get my goat. Rules I have no problem ignoring, never understood why people get so upset over them when they change every five minutes. Hate this new rule and think it’s totally over/under powered and ruins your army? Away and have a cuppa, by the time you get back GW will have changed things again!

      I’m hopeful that the rest of the range will show up for Round 2 at some point, as you say it’s the standard pattern for GW these days. I think I’m just a little prickly because the Thousand Sons never got a second wave – and probably won’t for a decade or two because their models, despite being relatively new, are scaled to match the old tiny marines. As for the neo-squats I like them well enough for what they are but they still don’t look like real squats to me. Hmmm… Squats vs World Eaters 10th Edition starter set. It’ll never happen of course but I reckon I’d be all over that!

  • g g g

    Problem is that the new codex won’t have any devastators and you will need another detachment for Angron. However such CP bleeding will pelase the lord of Skulls

  • Alexis West

    I’ve been looking more over the pics of Invocatus and the regular JuggerLord, and if they are a dual kit, there are a lot of parts getting duplicated in there for very minor differences. Either way, there should have been room to do something better with Invocatus. And yeah, Top-knots are badly over-used on Chaos stuff. Not sure why, but GW’s sculptors really need to start thinking of them at Top-NOTs!

    • Wudugast

      Oh yeah, is there anyone, anywhere in Warhammer who doesn’t have a bloody top-knot? If they were iconic of one faction I wouldn’t mind them (White Scars say) but they’re everywhere. I give them a pass amongst the Chaos Marines from time to time because of the lore about that being the traditional hair-do on Cthonia (which I’m sure was invented as a post-hoc justification for why so many Chaos Marines have that particular ‘do) and there’s probably the odd one snuck into my Escher gang, but apart from that I do my best to purge them outright from my collection. Invocatus would certainly look a hell of a lot better without it; looking at him again his helmet is actually pretty cool – maybe not “wow, that really makes an impact, you can tell he’s some kind of special character just by looking at him” cool but pretty cool all the same – and then that bloody stupid top-knot spoils it. That, as least, is an easy job for the clippers. And what really grinds my gears about it is, where exactly on his head is it growing from? Every helmetless World Eater we’ve seen shows the Nails as covering the entire top part of the scalp, starting close to or just behind the hairline. They’re not just bald, the entire top part of their head has been removed, hair and all. The only explanation I can think of is that he’s wearing a top-knot toupee.

      • Alexis West

        Given how many of them are coming off of helmets, it’s pretty clear that they make extensive use of prosthetic top-knots as well. So they can probably be attached on top of the Nails with no more trouble than that 😉

        The one thing I do like about them is that some of them make pretty good bits to clip off and use a fire spurting from Flamers and such. IIRC you don’t like sculpted flame effects, tho, so that wouldn’t be an upside for you.

        Also, honestly, I saw someone make a really compelling argument on twitter that the Butcher’s Nails are entirely unnecessary. All they really have to do to induce that level of rage is make the new recruits work customer service or retail for a few months, ideally during the Christmas season XD

      • Wudugast

        Hahaha! Yes, having worked in retail for about a decade I can confirm that’s absolutely true!

        In my headcannon they cut a little hole in the top of their helmets for the top-knot to poke out through. It’s bloody stupid but not nearly as stupid as sticking them on with a little rubber sucker or however they attach them.

        Re the flamers – I’ve seen that done and it is damn clever but sadly my hatred of sculpted flame (well remembered there) and my disdain for top-knots makes it hard for me to enjoy them.

        I see GW have confirmed that Invocatus and the Juggerlord are one kit. I’ve got to say, despite the flaws with old Invocatus, it is a clever piece of design – when you look at the different ways the kits are assembled there really is a lot of versatility there. Then again I’m sure they could have made do with a less versatile juggernaught and used whatever space that freed up to make Invocatus a bit more interesting.

        Also just noticed, and I don’t know why I didn’t see this before, the juggerlord with the bare head doesn’t have external Nails. Bit of an oversight there GW! Still really like that head though but I’d probably do a headswap to personalise mine anyway. Plus the helmeted head for the juggerlord is one of the best Khorne heads I’ve seen so if I do use one of the official ones it’ll be that one.

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