Total Waaagh! – Part 6

…And here we have it, the final update of the annual Ork painting contest versus IRO (at least until next year of course). I’ll be away from home tonight so realistically I’m not going to get any more painting done before November. Still, my weekend was quite productive so let’s take a look at what all I managed to get done.

First up, another of the savage Beastsnagga Boys.

Ork Wudugast Beastsnagga Warhammer 40k (1)Ork Wudugast Beastsnagga Warhammer 40k (3)Ork Wudugast Beastsnagga Warhammer 40k (5)Ork Wudugast Beastsnagga Warhammer 40k (2)

Inspired by a couple of Orks I saw at Dave Stone’s Wargames Terrain Workshop, which incorporated a bit of purple in the skin, I decided to try giving him some purple warpaint. I think it’s a bit subtle here, I was a little cautious with it and the blue animal-skin cape draws the eye away from it, but it’s something I’ll keep playing with as and when I get around to the rest of the squad. For now, here he is hanging out with the rest of his newly painted Beastsnaggin’ buddies.

Ork Wudugast Beastsnagga Warhammer 40k (4)

Speaking of Beastsnaggas, next up we have an imposing Beastboss (a Snakebite Warboss by any other name). I built him pretty much “as standard” but swapped out his head – I wasn’t too keen on the original although I reckon it’ll work well on a different model.

Ork Wudugast Beastboss (1)Ork Wudugast Beastboss (2)

He’s a big lad – towering over the rest of the boys.

Ork Beastboss Wudugast Size Comp 40k

One of my objectives for this month was to build and paint the warboss who rules over my rambunctious horde. Sadly he’s still in bits, but at least the Beastboss can stand in for him in the meantime.

Next up, another Kommando.

Ork Kommando Wudugast Warhammer 40k (1)Ork Kommando Wudugast Warhammer 40k (2)Ork Kommando Wudugast Warhammer 40k (3)

I’ve wanted a squad of these ever since I got into the greenskins and doubly so since the new kit was released. With these 5 sneaky dudes (plus Snikrot of course!) done I’m calling that objective achieved although I love these models so much it’s safe to assume there will be plenty more in the future.

Ork Kommando Wudugast Warhammer 40k (4)

Then, roaring over the horizon in a cloud of dust, we have another squig-hog boy.

Ork Squighog Wudugast Warhammer 40k (5)Ork Squighog Wudugast Warhammer 40k (6)Ork Squighog Wudugast Warhammer 40k (7)Ork Squighog Wudugast Warhammer 40k (8)

I really like these models, especially this one with a wheel instead of hind legs, and getting at least a couple of them done this month was a key goal for me. In a perfect world I’d have liked to paint a squad of bikers as well, and kitbash some boarboys on cyboars (hint GW; add these to the next wave of Ork models you release eh!) but no matter, all of that will come in time. In the meantime at least these lads are ready to ride out.

Ork Squighog Wudugast Warhammer 40k (9)

Lastly, but by no means least, I’ve finished off the third of my Killa Kans.

Killa Kan Warhammer 40k Wudugast Ork (1)Killa Kan Warhammer 40k Wudugast Ork (2)Killa Kan Warhammer 40k Wudugast Ork (3)

Much like the Kommandos I’ve been wanting to add a squad of these to the collection for years and years and years so I’m chuffed to bits to have the three of them ready to go at last.

Killa Kan Warhammer 40k Wudugast Ork (4)

In fact, I’m really pleased with everything I managed to get painted over the last few weeks. IRO thoroughly trounced me in our contest of course, but that’s ok because it just means I’m going to have to work harder to regain my honour next year! In fact IRO has been an absolute painting machine this month, churning out awesome terrain and all kinds of Orks at a rate with which no mortal man can compare. He’s also been an excellent sport and a real gent, both on the blogs and “behind the scenes” as it were (although the less said about what his wife thinks I’m called the better…). It really is worth repeating that without the challenge I would have got an awful lot less done so thanks to IRO for giving me the encouragement to find the mental discipline to get these painted and keeping me on my toes all month. There is NO need to be concerned and one of his monkey ninjas is NOT threatening me, knife clasped in one hairy paw, as I write this. I repeat, there is NO need to send help and I’ve NOT been abducted and threatened into writing this praise by murderous simian thugs in the employ of a ruthless Antipodean.

At the start of the month I thought about laying out a list of objectives I was intending to achieve. Having given it more consideration however I decided that this would be unwise, I knew this was going to be a busy time with “real life” concerns and I wanted to have fun with the challenge rather than put too much pressure on myself to complete specific goals. Still I’m pretty damn pleased with everything I did manage to get done; Snikrot, the Kommandos and the Killa Kans have all been longstanding ambitions, and I’ve been wanting to get started on the Squig-hog boys for the last year or so as well.

There are a fair number of things I didn’t get done of course, but then my eyes have always been bigger than my stomach when it comes to painting miniatures. I’d have like to get the Warboss finished, and the aforementioned squad of bikers. Vehicles are another thing my Ork army is a bit short on; IRO actually has an awesome fleet of ork vehicles (seriously, don’t tell him but I’m a bit jealous – you should go to his blog and check them out if you haven’t already). I do have various unassembled ork buggies sitting around, plus a whole heap of ideas I’ve done nothing with, and part of me did dream that I’d so something about that this month – alas it was not to be. I also planned to add a squad of Flash Gits but that too fell by the wayside, although the balance was redressed somewhat when John of Just Needs Varnish! sent me this awesome git.

Flash Git Ork Warhammer 40k (3)

And although this month was mostly about my Warhammer 40k Orks I did manage to sneak in another addition to the Blood Bowl collection with the star player Varag Ghoul-Chewer.

Varag Ghoul-Chewer Wudugast Blood Bowl Orc (1)

So, where does that leave us? Why, in need of a parting group shot of course! Let’s take a last look at all the ugly greenskins I’ve managed to accrue over the last few weeks.

Orktober Groupshot Ork Wudugast

The score for this weekend comes to another 7 points (1 per Ork and 2 each for the Killa Kan and the Squighog rider). Add that to the score accumulated so far and we find ourselves looking at a fairly respectable 27 points. This falls a little short of IRO’s score (38 points at the time of writing although god knows, by the time I get around to posting this he’ll probably have knocked out half-a-dozen more mad, ramshackle vehicles and added a few more districts to his Ork town).

As for what comes next I’ve got a whole heap of projects that have been crying out for attention, and have been completely ignored over the last few weeks as I concentrated on Orks so all being well they’ll get their turn in the sun next. Or who knows, maybe IRO and I will just carry on painting Orks, disregarding all other concerns in a glorious WAAAAGH! that never ends! Watch this space I guess…

36 responses to “Total Waaagh! – Part 6

  • Dave Stone

    Excellent work throughout Wudugast, and a very respectable score as well. Glad I could inspire your use of purple on the snakebite, as they were always my favourite faction ! LOL

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Aye, I’m a big fan of the Snakebites too – I always waver between them and the Deathskulls for favourite clan – one the one hand the old ways are undoubtedly the best, but on the other hand so is stealing other gits stuff! I like that they’ve given the Snakebites a load of new kits via the Beastsnaggas (don’t know why they didn’t just call them Snakebites but who can guess at what goes on in the minds of GW’s marketers…) would be great to see them giving the other clans the same treatment in time.

  • snapfit

    Congratulations on painting so many greenskins this month, splendid work all around!

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    Great to see them all together! 🙂 Even that one painted by that other bloke seems to fir in with the rest quite well! 😉 It’s a tough choice, but I ;ole the kommandos and Killa Kans best!

    • John@justneedsvarnish

      Cripes! “;ole” should read “like”! Not like I’ve taken up Spanish or anything!

      • Wudugast

        Really, who doesn’t break into Spanish at the sight of a well painted ork? It’s the language of excited exclamation! Aye, I think for me it’s the Kans and the Kommandos that I like best… and the Squighog boys of course… and Snikrot… and the ordinary boys… and your Flash Git naturally… and…

  • Alex

    Brilliant stuff mate, this is a superb group of minis – well done sir!!

  • Faust

    Damn man, that’s some serious output before the bell tolls! The Kommando and the Kanz are my favorites, but that SquigHog with the wheel is just bonkers too! Great stuff all around! Ninja Monkey, huh? I’d be more worried about a DropBear!!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man – nothing like a deadline to get you painting. The monkey ninjas were enough, this year, to stop me from beating him – but I’m sure if there’d been any real risk of me catching him then the drop bear would have been unleashed!

  • imperialrebelork

    So much great stuff here my friend. I’m so pleased you got the (3) squad of Killa Kans done and they look very impressive indeed. Actually I’m feeling inspired to do something with Killa Kans myself now. Very cool. The big boss is awesome and looks mean as hell. The Kommando looks sneaky and I really like the face mask. The Squig with wheels for legs is brilliant. I didn’t know there was one like that in the kit. I’m starting to think my wallet is up for a mugging from GW soon haha. Thank you for the kind words mate, it’s been an absolute pleasure and I think each year will just get better and better. Lastly, just a big well done on all you’ve achieved for the challenge mate. It really is impressive, espy seeing that group shot. You should be very proud and pleased with what you’ve done for the challenge/month. Roll on Orktober 2023 aye 😉👍🏼

    • Wudugast

      Cheers bud! Yeah, there’s been a lot of cool ork releases in recent times, I’d be very curious to see what you did with them. What else are you going to spend your cash on after all; food? Keeping the lights on? Clothes for the kids? Sheer profligacy! Give GW your money instead! After all, wouldn’t it be embarrassing to run out of orks to paint midway though Orktober 2023…
      Anyway, thanks again for an inspiring month – I’m already feeling the itch to get some more greenskins on the table. Better keep in shape for next year right?

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work there- should be really proud. I’d happily face them all on the table.



  • theimperfectmodeller

    More stunning figures mate and a gallant effort on the challenge front. As you say a contest focuses the mind and brush and helps to achieve so much more. Personally I think the southern hemisphere climate made a difference to the contest as IRO’S paints would have dried quicker enabling him to press on quicker, a factor to consider for next year perhaps? 😉

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate! Hey, you know you’re not wrong there actually – the hot Australian climate would for quicker drying paint and faster results than the damp, cold Scottish winter. I think next year, in the interests of complete fairness you understand, I should spend the month somewhere tropical; a nice hotel by the sea, where the sun is hot, the beer is cold, the women wear bikinis and the men are gainfully employed keeping IRO and his devious minions from distracting me. This year’s winner should cover the costs of course, something I’m sure he’ll be happy to do if only to silence all those rumours that are circulating that he only won because of an unfair climatic advantage…

      • theimperfectmodeller

        Now that’s a great idea but given the financial crisis that we face going forward I reckon you’ll need to lose again or find yourself reciprocating. A further challenge will of course be finding scantily clad bikini wearing women in scotland in October. You might have to go to Newcastle for that maybe? 😉

      • Wudugast

        Wise advice but fear not, under those circumstances I’ll have no trouble loosing at all!

  • mellis1644

    You may have lost the. contest but those figs look amazing. Really good stuff there.

  • Kuribo

    27 points is not bad at all and I was thinking that isn’t too far off what you got last year (though my memory could be hazy after a year!). I think its awesome how you used the challenge to get some groups of miniatures done finally and seeing them all together whether it be the Killa Kans or Squig Riders is awesome! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man! I couldn’t remember what I did last year either (or last week for that matter) but a quick nose back through the archives tells me it was 37 models – probably around 40 points if we’d used the same scoring system as this year. Actually that’s very close to what IRO managed this year, shows I could have given him a real run for his money if things had been a bit quieter on the ‘real life’ front. Ah well, that just means next year I’ll have to clear my schedule, keep practising my Ork painting and do some judicious cheating and it’ll be time for my triumphant return!

  • backtothehammer

    Solid buddy! That’s a great effort. I’m sure IRO is technically a freebooter so that makes you by default a winner 😉

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! You know, you’re absolutely right – I guess that means I win by default! Plus it’s worth keeping in mind that although I lost, I went down fighting so it doesn’t count, and having now run away I can come back for another go. Orks never loose! 😀

  • templeofthutmos

    It’s been a fun month watching the competition between you and IRO. I’m fans of both of you, but it’s always neat to see the different approaches hobbyists take when building/converting/painting.

    Love the purple work on the Beast Snagga. My favorite bit of fan-lore ork-logic is that purple is the perfect camouflage, because “you’ve never seen a purple ork.”

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I definitely got a lot of inspiration seeing the different ways IRO was tackling models, especially as we were both working with relatively similar kits. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it – will you be joining in next year? Your Speed Waaagh looks very cool.

      Haha – I love ork logic! One of the first things I found out about the Blood Axes is that they think wearing camouflage makes them sneaky but they don’t want to be too sneaky, they might miss out on a good fight if they just jump out and kill the enemy, so they wear bright colours in camouflage patterns.

      • templeofthutmos

        Thanks for the shoutout about the Speed Waaagh! I really need to push myself to paint/base my in-progress models, to actually finish them up. I’ve heard “NovembOrk” is a thing, so maybe I’ll run with that haha

        Ork logic is outstanding stuff. The sites are blowing up with memes about Orks wanting to avenge the off-screen death of Commissar Yarrick. Never a dull moment with the Greenskins.

      • Wudugast

        Oh yeah, NovembOrk, DecembOrk, JanuWaaagh!ry… it’s always the right time of year for greenskins. (Actually in my yoof JanuWaaagh!ry was more of a “thing” round our way than Orktober).

        Wow, I didn’t know Yarrick was dead, should have seen it coming really but its actually a bit of a blow. I’ve never been much of a one for getting upset when real life celebrities die – obviously it’s sad when any human being looses their life and it’s disappointing if you enjoy their work to know there’s not going to be any more – but Yarrick, fictional though he is, hit me in the feels there. He was the iconic enemy from my younger days, I got into Orks around the time of Armageddon, and he’s still, I would argue, the coolest human in the entire setting. I should have been him that decapitated Ghaz (*farts in the general direction of Ragnar Blackmane*). Never mind Orks in memes, I want to avenge his death personally! I mean, I get that they’ve moved events on by 100 years – and he was an old man at the time of Armageddon 3 – but still, what a missed opportunity. Fair enough, remove the model from sale and take out his entry from the codex if they so wish, but instead of dying have him demand to be put in stasis so that he’s ready for the day the Orks return. Then the door is open for GW to someday do the sensible thing – the Fourth War for Armageddon (complete with new Yarrick miniature and a new Steel Legion kit – all the ingredients needed to get me to start a Guard army). Honestly I’m not at all keen on the new Commissar model – he looks like 3 ratlings in a trenchcoat to me – but now I’m wondering about getting him and using him as the basis for a Yarrick conversion.

      • templeofthutmos

        I’m truly hoping the reports of the old man’s death have been exaggerated, but I’m similarly planning a commissar conversion in his honor.

  • lordcommandereloth

    Great work, that is an impressive amount for only a single month well done!

  • Mark A. Morin

    Thanks to you both for the stunning eye candy! We win!

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