Progress Report – September 2022

Oi, watz dis den? Fort dis was supposed to be Orktoba – what chew doin’ talkin’ abart fings from ova mumfs den?

Settle down greenies – because before we sink our teeth (or should that be “teef”?) into Orktober it’s time to take a look back at everything I’ve managed to paint over the last quarter-year. Back in June I talked a bit about my efforts to clear out the backlog of unpainted models that I’ve accrued over the years and the way in which my attitude towards it has changed in 2022. Rather than reiterate everything here I’d recommend going back and seeing what I have to say for myself by clicking here.

Usually August and September is one of the most productive times of year for me on the hobby front but lately life and work have been kicking my arse a fair bit and the time and energy needed for painting miniatures has been in short supply. Still, you know what they say – the cost of living may be high but it’s still better than the alternative! Anyway, I’ve not been entirely absent from the painting desk so let’s take a look back at everything I’ve managed to achieve towards my various goals.


Since last we looked back we’ve had a new edition of the game and three new warbands so, given that this was where I achieved the most in the first half of the year, you’d expect the hype from GW to have translated into more models ready for the tabletop at my end. Well you’d expect wrong wouldn’t you…

Heart of Ghur


Last time around I think I made some rumblings about working on some 40k/Necromunda terrain but alas that’s still to happen. I did however knock out this ominous shrine to the Dark Gods…

Skull Shrine Chaos Beastmen Warhammer Wudugast (5)

…and a whole load of fences too.

Fences ASOIAF Warhammer Wudugast

Warhammer 40k/Kill Team

Next to naff all done on this front, although with the coming month being dedicated to all things Orky hopefully I’ll be able to redress the balance a bit.

Blood Bowl

I’m pleased to say this is where the real progress was made over the last few months, with four new teams hitting the pitch.

First of all we had the Necromantic Horrors

Necromantic Horrors Blood Bowl Team Wudugast Undead Warhammer

…followed swiftly (or at least as swiftly as they could manage being dead and all) by the Shambling Undead.

Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Team Wudugast Warhammer Zombies

Then just a week or so ago I finished off my mob of rambunctious Goblins as well.

Blood Bowl Wudugast Goblin Warhammer (10)

And finally, with the month almost out, I surprised myself by cannibalising my Goblins – and various others – and putting together a team of Underworld Denizens as well.

Blood Bowl Wudugast Underworld Skaven (2)


Despite bold claims that I would get my Orlock gang painted, or at least started, over the last few months the brave lads from the House of Iron are still notably absent from the underhive. All was not entirely lost though, I did make a start on a gang of outcast hive scum, disreputable down-and-outs ready to scratch a living on the fringes of society by any means necessary.

Hive Scum Gang Necromunda Wudugast

Aeronautica Imperialis/Adeptus Titanicus

I’m rolling these two into one because I’ve made absolutely zip progress on either. Battles between mighty titans would be so damn awesome wouldn’t they? Alas, the god-engines – and the tiny planes for that matter – must wait for another day.

Blackstone Fortress 

With just days to go I finally got myself in gear and painted up the Zoat from Blackstone Fortress. This means we now have a whole new expansion we can play through, Deadly Alliance, and a galumphing alien quadruped to help us take on the sinister creatures that haunt the fortress. There’s still plenty more to do though before I can call the game, and all of its expansions, complete at last.

Blackstone Fortress Wudugast Zoat (2)

Cursed City 

Less progress here than I would have liked (that’s becoming a bit of a recurrent refrain this time around isn’t it) but all is not entirely lost; I did manage to complete the creepy wizard Octren Glimscry. Better than nothing right?

Octren Glimscry Cursed City Wizard AoS Wudugast Warhammer (3)

A Song of Ice and Fire 

I’ve got two armies on the go here; one for the Starks and one for the Lannisters. My plan is to get each of them up to about 30 points then keep building them up in 10 point increments. So far progress on the Lannisters has been slow, but I did manage to get the Mountain’s Men ready to march out under the command of the brutal Ser Gregor Clegane.

Mountains Men ASOIAF Game of Thrones Lannister Wudugast ConvertOrDie (9)

The Starks have managed to drum up more troops however, perhaps the men of the north are a bit more loyal to their liege lords or perhaps they’re just easier to paint. Either way we’re now just one squad off making that 30 point target so I think that, no matter what else the rest of the year holds, I’d like to try and get that done before 2022 is out.

Wudugast Stark Army ASOIAF


I didn’t manage much from the world of Hate, but then it wasn’t really a priority. I did however manage to knock out a couple of tree-zombies from the tribe of Sarrassa, and a giant from the tribe of Um’Kator, which you can see in all their close up glory here.

Hate Barbarian Wudugast Chaos CMON (5)

Goals and Summing Up

Back in June I set myself a bunch of goals for this quarter so the last thing we have to do is take a look back and see which I managed to achieve – and which I failed at entirely!

Necromunda – get another gang up and running, most likely the Orlocks. More if possible.

I’m going to be generous to myself and count this as a win. I may not have painted any Orlocks but my little gang of scum are ready to take on whatever the Underhive can throw at them.

Warcry – get at least one of the “core” warbands painted, the Spire Tyrants look like a good option here.

Failed. Despite my very best of intentions the Spire Tyrants still sit looking forlorn and unpainted and the fighting pits of the Varanspire remain ominously quiet.

Blood Bowl – get the Necromantic Horrors team finished. As that only needs 2 ghouls I’m going to aim for getting another team up and running as well.

Smashed it! Not only did I get the Necromantic Horrors painted but three other teams as well. Consider my back patted!

Blackstone Fortress – complete at least one expansion.

He may only be one model but that Zoat is enough to allow us to play the Deadly Alliance expansion so this one is definitely a win!

Cursed City – make significant progress. Hard to quantify on this one, I’d love to get it finished of course but I’m not going to try to bite off more than I can chew. A squad or two of mooks and/or some of the heroes would count here, whereas a single corpse rat just isn’t going to cut it!

He’s got slightly more panache than a corpse rat but Octren Glimscry is still just one model so I’m going to say I failed to make significant progress here.

ASOIAF – make significant progress. Again I’m not going to put an exact figure on it here, just that I want to get something done and again one model isn’t enough!

With two squads completed (the Stark Bowmen and the Mountain’s Men) I think I can call this one a win with significant progress on both my armies.

Stark Archers ASOIAF Wudugast (3)

Overall then it’s been a bit of a mixed bag but despite having a lot less time to work with than I’d hoped I still managed to get a fair bit done so I’m happy enough. So, how about my goals for the final three months of the year? Well to be honest with you, I’m cautious of setting myself up to fail so I’m going to avoid putting myself forward for anything too demanding. There is a hell of a lot going on in “real life” for me right now (as demonstrated by how long it takes me to reply to comments here – let alone read and comment on the work of all my blog-buddies out there. Love ya anyway guys, keep up the good work!). Over the next few weeks I’m going to be all about Orktober and after that, who knows? The list of projects above remains my priority so I’ll keep chipping away at them as and when I can. There are two tasks however which I’m going to try to give special attention.


Get some Orlocks painted. Even if it’s not a full gang. Even if it’s just one dude with a handlebar moustache and a devil-may-care attitude lets get something done here at last.

A Song Of Ice And Fire

One more squad will get me a 30 point Stark army up and running so that would a nice thing to achieve. Let’s send a clear message to King Joffrey that the men of Winterfell won’t bend the knee to him or anyone else!

Of course in a perfect world I’ll paint much, much more than this but I really have no idea how things are going to go over the next little while – I might get quite a lot done but equally I might manage next to nothing, it’s that kind of time. Watch this space I guess. In the meantime though, it’s time for me to paint some angry green dudes!

14 responses to “Progress Report – September 2022

  • imperialrebelork

    Geez mate, it’s a lot. You’ve done really well on chipping away. It’s hard to pick any favourites here but I really love the Hate work. I’m thinking after Orktober I might dig out one or two of the Hate minis I have and slap some paint on them. Keep all the good stuff coming but maybe take a breather in Orktober and just paint one or two minis 😉 Hehee

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man – it didn’t seem like masses at the time but looking back it all adds up doesn’t it? You should absolutely dig out some Hate after Orktober is over – those models are just awesome. As for cutting down on painting this month I couldn’t possibly do that – how else am I going to inspire you to greater heights of Orky architecture?

  • Alex

    Beautiful stuff mate – absolute quality as well as some hefty quantity!

  • Faust

    Congrats on getting those Blood Bowl teams done and I love those Hive scum. I wouldn’t see that output as a fail by any means, you accomplished a lot more than most of us manage in good months! Hope things pick up for you in real life and looking forward to seeing what you can get done in the next few months!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I guess calling it a fail is being a bit too harsh on myself, perhaps its more accurate to say I tried to take on too much and spread myself a bit thin. Plus it doesn’t take into account all the other things I got done away from the painting table. Anyway, I really enjoyed the Scum – they were a breath of fresh air for Necromunda that I was really starting to need – and I’m chuffed to bits with the Blood Bowl teams too. 😀

      • Faust

        Indeed, we’re often way too hard on ourselves. But it’s nice to get a reminder from others that we should take it a little easy! Can you get ahold of Ultimate Blitz Bowl? It comes out in October. I’m not sure if they wizened up and made it easier for people to get yet? The nice thing is they have the rules for way more teams now. I think up to Khorne.

      • Wudugast

        From what I can gather Blitz Bowl is still going to be US only – but I’ll keep an eye out all the same. Guess I can’t complain too much as so much GW stuff (Forge World I’m looking at you in particular) is fairly easy to get here and gets progressively harder to get your hands on the further you get from the UK. That said I’ve got the opposite problem since I got into the ASOIAF game, there’s been quite a few releases which have been out in the US for a couple of years now but are still to appear on this side of the pond. I want my Lannister Red Cloaks damn it! Ah well, I’m old enough to remember when getting something from America felt like a big deal, we’ve been spoiled by the easy years of international shipping.
        Returning to Blitz Bowl I did find rules for Sevens online and I like the look of them, so I think I’ll explore that. Should be pretty easy to get the skaven from the Underworld’s team and turn them into a Sevens team, and I only need two more elves to get a Sevens team there as well. On a totally different note, did we ever find out if there’s a big guy for the Amazon’s team (apart from Glotl Stop as a Star Player)? Either my google-fu is failing me or I’m not looking in the right places!

      • Faust

        That sucks on Blitz Bowl. I’d like to see more people get their hands on it, as it’s a pretty good game that might get more people into Blood Bowl as well. I think it was released in parts of Europe, like Germany. But then you’d have to maybe translate rules. Shoot.
        The Blitz Bowl rules are also online, but not much use without the cards. Amazons did not get a Big Guy for the team. Here’s their roster:

  • Kuribo

    I think you did well making progress despite being busy outside of the hobby. You had better find another gear if you’re going to compete with that mad Australian! I look forward to seeing you paint up those Orlocks when Orktober wraps up too! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – I guess I did get more done than I’d thought, it just didn’t always feel like it! Aye, I’m going to have to find some more time and energy from somewhere if I’m going to give IRO a good fight of it this year. Still I’m off to an alright start I reckon – although how long I manage to maintain that depends on a lot of outside factors. As for the Orlocks, I’ve got a couple of them on the desk that are so near to done I can barely stand it – part of me just wants to take an hour off, or perhaps just 30 minutes would do it, and get them done. Time however is in short supply and I can’t afford to let that IRO get ahead of me for a moment!

  • theimperfectmodeller

    I think it’s good to have goals, whether you achieve them all or not is better than working aimlessly. I’d say you did very well, it’s impossible at times to take full account of external influences over which you can have little if any control. Well that’s the excuse I always use at any rate! 🙂

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