Blackstone Fortress: Zoat

Hands up everyone who thought we’d see another Zoat in our lifetimes? Anybody? Anybody at all? Yes, GW may have been willing to plunder their past over recent years, bringing back everything from Genestealer Cults to ambulls, even Squats, but I never seriously thought we’d see a Zoat again. And yet, here one is, ready to join the crew of adventurers in the depths of the Blackstone Fortress.

Blackstone Fortress Wudugast Zoat (2)Blackstone Fortress Wudugast Zoat (3)Blackstone Fortress Wudugast Zoat (1)Blackstone Fortress Wudugast Zoat (4)

Wonders will never cease eh! It’s been a few years now since it was released and I still can’t quite believe it!

31 responses to “Blackstone Fortress: Zoat

  • theimperfectmodeller

    A zoat is a new one on me Wudu that’s for sure but as ever nicely painted mate. 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, Zoats are a weird one. Games Workshop made the odd model for them back in the ‘80s but they were always a bit of a fringe oddity and apart from the occasional obscure reference here and there in the background text there’s been no sign of them since so I think everyone assumed they had gone the way of the dinosaur along with GW’s other more out-there ideas from the early days – until they surprised us all by releasing this one at the start of 2020.

  • Alex

    oh, man, to borrow a phrase from the ‘yoof’, I am well-jell mate!! I missed the boat on this & am still gutted… Lovely paint job dude – someone has had his Zoatibix! 👍👍

    • Wudugast

      Cheers dude! Ah, the 90’s, when the Tyranids still had a slave race who ate weetabix and GW had yet to decided that their space wars ought to be taken very seriously. I’ll admit I had an attack of the FOMO when this one came out and decided to snap it up without hesitation – at the time I thought I was being a bit daft but it turned out to be a good move because he didn’t hang around did he! I guess the money men must have decided Zoats aren’t going to be a big seller, but if they only release one every 30 years or so, and even then only as an over-priced, limited run, then that’s what I would call a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Faust

    There’s a Star Player Zoat for BB, so I think it’s pretty cool to have one in Black Fortress too. Actually, I’d probably get more use out of him, if I had that game. I don’t remember, was this one FW or actually part of a boxed set/expansion? Bang up job on completing him either way! Just like Alex, I’m hella jello! 😀

    • Wudugast

      Ah, I’d forgotten about old Zolcath – he came out about the same time as this one. Just looked him up again and damn but he’s expensive isn’t he! Nice model mind you but too rich for my blood. This one is plastic, he came as part of an expansion for Blackstone Fortress, mid-way through 2020 (and was gone almost as soon as we saw him, sadly).

  • Pete S/ SP

    That is great.

    I’m quite enjoying the nods back to Rogue Trader days that the boxed games have, even if I can’t get them all.



  • Kuribo

    So a Zoat is basically a walking croc, innit? 🙂 I have to admit that Zoats are before my time in the hobby so I don’t know much about them. They certainly look like they can cause some damage and I like the paint job for this one too. It will fit right in with the rest of the Blackstone crew!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, they’re kind of croc-ish – I always think it’s a bit like a horse too. There’s also nods to the dragon ogres from WHFB (I quite fancy painting one of them too now I think about it). They were a bit before my time too, but I’ve been in the hobby long enough to have absorbed them anyway. Basically, back in the late 80s/early 90s they were a slave race of the Tyranids (because that’s how the Tyranids were back in those days – they were a bit more of a weird civilisation than what they became, ie only interested in eating everyone). The zoats were the Tyranids’ ambassadors to other species (and they ate weetabix or “zoatabix” as they called it. Do you have weetabix in the States or is that a UK-only joke?). They also appeared in WHFB as occasional allies of the Wood Elves (because obviously – the natural equivalent of the Tyranids in WHFB would be the Wood Elves…). Anyway, they disappeared from both universes (what we used to call being squatted but I guess we’ll have to think of a new term now the squats are back) and weren’t mentioned for decades. Now they’re back as an ancient, enigmatic race lurking on the fringes – nobody really knows what they’re up to, just that they are individually powerful and dangerous but very few in number. And in a case of life imitating art GW released a new model for them which was available briefly and then vanished again and nobody knows why or if/when they’ll ever emerge again.

      • Kuribo

        Weetabix is not something we have in the US. We don’t have marmite either which a lot of Brits like to talk about 🙂 I didn’t realize the Tyranids weren’t always about eating everything. Warhammer was definitely a different place before I got into it in the early 2000’s! Nobody can deny it doesn’t have a colorful history with a lot of odd and interesting decisions early on either 😀

      • Wudugast

        No weetabix?! How do you Americans get anything done if you haven’t had your Weetabix? Madness! Then again not having marmite is very sensible, foul stuff that it is.
        Yeah, I may have been overstating it when I said the Tyranids weren’t all about eating everything, that’s certainly been a big part of them since the beginning, but they did have more nuance back in the old days (I can’t imagine Tyranid ambassadors in 2022!) and a bit more mystery. It makes sense to me though, back then the ‘nids were just entering our galaxy and all we had to go were confused reports from the galactic fringe. Nowadays we’ve been fighting them for a lot longer, the magos-biologos have had a good look at them and we’ve got a better idea of what they’re like.

      • Kuribo

        Most cereals in the US are pretty sugary but there are things kind of like Weetabix on the market here so I imagine you could survive over here if push came to shove 😉 I tend to think of Tyranids as equaling Aliens and the Zerg from Starcraft but I’ve never actually seen Aliens so that could be totally unfair. I’m sure I think that way because that is what their lore was like at the time I got into 40k 🙂

      • Wudugast

        Say whaaat?! You’ve never seen Aliens? You’re missing out dude! Have you seen Alien (singular – the first one)? Both excellent films, well worth a watch. After that the series goes downhill, the director’s cut of the third one is pretty decent but after that I’d not bother, but definitely catch the first two if you can. And yes, the Aliens = Zerg = Tyranids, to all intents and purposes.

      • Kuribo

        I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten in trouble for not seeing Aliens before haha! I have not and have never had any interest in the series. I did see Predator on TV (so I think it was censored at least somewhat) at an impressionable age so hopefully I still have some credibility! 🙂

      • Alexis West

        Weetabix isn’t common in the US, but you can find it if you look. There are other brands of shredded wheat cereal like Kellog’s Mini-Wheats that pretty much dominate that segment of the cereal market, tho.

        Amusingly, Kuribo, Nids come in between those two comparison points, having been inspired by Alien, and then themselves serving as the inspiration for the Zerg in turn.

        Re: Nids and eating or not eating everything, I’ve actually been reading a bunch of older fluff lately, and in some of the older materials (perhaps most notably Advanced Space Crusade), they were noted for using lots of mind-controlled slaves of various species. I suspect, tho, that this may have largely been to allow for additional gameplay variation without having to sculpt any new models, since it let them re-use a lot of the enemies from the original Space Crusade.

  • terryshithole

    i really regret not getting one of them. looks great.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I feel like I’m really bringing out the jealousy and regret in everyone today! :-p Seriously I’ve had so many case of wanting to pick a model up “someday” and never getting around to it, only for it to be gone before I stumped up the cash. This time I was one of the lucky ones but I really wish GW wouldn’t do this silly “here today, gone tomorrow” nonsense.

  • Argentbadger

    Nice painting. I am a bit of a sucker for these nostalgic references, and Zoats in particular just had something cool about them. Perhaps it comes from the zoatibix?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Aye, even all these years later I’m still chuckling about zoatabix. I do like all the nostalgic nods too – they had a lot of cool ideas back then and it’s nice to see them being kept alive.

  • Azazel

    Love your work on this one! I’m now hoping for a more significant return of the Zoats to the 40k universe in some form! 😀

  • lordcommandereloth

    Lovely work man. My eldar brother had some for Warhamer Fantasy that he used with his wood Elves many years ago, I remember really liking the models as a kid.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Seeing that got me thinking, I wonder if we’ll someday see zoats back in 40k as part of an Exodite Eldar faction? I really wanted a Wood Elf army back in the old days and I’d love to see them bring them back – or something very much like them – either for the Old World or AoS, and really refresh some of those cool old elements like the zoats and wardancers. The Sylvaneth are cool but there’s a lot more to the Wood Elves than the trees!

      • Alexis West

        I’m hopeful that we’ll get more, given the Kurnothi Aelves in the Beastgrave starter set for Underworlds. I mean, yeah, they’ve got hooves and tails, but they’re still mostly basically wood elves.

        But 40K Zoats along with Exodites would be absolutely awesome!

  • Alexis West

    Nice work on him! I really do wish that GW would bring back BSF and the various expansions again, both because others should get a chance at them and because I missed out on the final expansion myself.

    • Wudugast

      Hey – there’s a face I’ve not seen in a long time! How’s tricks? Hope life’s been treating you well!

      Aye, there was a lot of good stuff in those Blackstone Fortress expansions and a lot of them seemed to be here today, gone tomorrow. It was a case of “grab ‘em before they’re gone” most of the time and that’s a pity because most of the models deserved better. Oh well, at least the release of Cursed City has been a lot more organised and trouble free…

      • Alexis West

        In all honesty, life has not been great. There’s still plenty of good, but I got covid twice, and the lingering effects have been messing me up quite a bit. A couple of random things have recently got me thinking about the 40K blogosphere again recently, tho, and I’ve been poking around and remembering how much I miss y’all, so I’m going to be trying to be more active around here again.

      • Wudugast

        Sorry to hear you’ve not been well – Covid is a funny one isn’t it, knocks some people for six whilst others shrug it off. Glad to hear you’re back in the blogosphere though! 🙂

      • Alexis West

        Yeah. It’s also weird because the acute phases of both infections were really mild. But the ongoing effects have just been debilitating. Good to be back, tho!

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