Kruel and Unusual – Part 4

Time to start some warm-up exercises ahead of Orktober, and my now annual Ork War vs fellow blogger The Imperial Rebel Ork (who’s already been hard at work assembling his own Ork invasion which you can see here). As all great athletes will tell you it pays to train so over the last few weeks I’ve been hammering scrap metal to my body as makeshift armour, yelling “Waaagh!” at passing strangers and mounting a spiked deff-rolla on the family car. This week I even found time to paint a few of the green lads. You won’t catch me retiring on day one having exacerbated an old ork-painting injury, oh no!

This year I’m planning to focus on my 40k Ork army but I do have plenty of fantasy Orcs kicking around as well, including various Kruelboyz, so I grabbed three of them out of the pile for a quick warm up.

Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (5)Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (4)Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (1)

I really like how this one’s shield matches his own face down to the eye-patch.

Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (2)

Ugly gits aren’t they!

Orc Wudugast Kruelboyz Warhammer (3)

Plenty more green lads are just a couple of weeks away but, assuming life can find it in itself to be a tiny bit less manic for a few days, I’ve got a bunch of other models I’d like to knock through first. Watch this space!


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