Sitting On The Fence 

With so many newer terrain kits having been shuffled off into early retirement I assumed that the venerable Walls and Fences set from Games Workshop would have been long gone, so when I discovered recently that they still sell it I snapped one up. After all, walls and fences are something that every collection of wargaming terrain needs, whether your armies are marching across Westeros or the Warhammer Old World, your Warcry warbands have left the Eightpoints to assail civilised lands or your Space Marines have made planetfall on a backwater agri-world. In fact if you’re operating outside the Underhive a few walls and fences are invaluable (and even then, who knows, perhaps your Necromundan gangers have broken into a lost pleasure dome in which ancient holo-equipment still renders the strange rural landscapes once enjoyed by long dead nobles). 

Despite my high regard for this kit though I tried not to make a meal out of painting it and just cracked on with getting them all done. Behold – a whole bunch of walls and fences. 

Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (8)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (7)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (6)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (5)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (1)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (4)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (2)Walls Fences Warhammer Wudugast (3)

Anyway, that’s all for today. With hindsight I should probably have opened this post with a “trigger warning” as I’m sure by now many of my readers will have taken a fence…

20 responses to “Sitting On The Fence 

  • Carlo

    Nice! Only GW could come up with a morning star hanging from a tree branch – even for squirrels there. is. only. war. 😉

  • Alex

    I’m stunned that this kit is still available! If it ain’t broke then it doesn’t need fixing I guess 😊
    Nicely done mate 🤘

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Lovely work mate and just one step a way from a diorama! 😉

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Don’t know that I’ll go as far as a diorama but I’ll certainly set them out on a suitable looking board, add a few miniatures and make noises like “Pew-pew-pew!” “Have at thee!” “Aaaarg!” and so on! 😀

  • backtothehammer

    To be fair, they did discontinue the kit a couple of months ago, so you got it just in time! It is a cracking kit though and you’ve done a nice job with it.

    • Wudugast

      Well I’ll be damned (as the river said to the elephant) – I must have got one of the very last ones. Pretty sure it was still there more recently than a couple of months ago though, I checked when I started writing this (maybe a week or two ago – you know how time moves strangely) and it was still up then. Definitely not available now though which is a shame, it really was one of those stock kits every home should have.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Very nice bits of scatter terrain.



  • Kuribo

    This terrain holds up well and it looks like this was all quick and easy to paint as well. I’m sure you’ll be glad you have this ready to go in future games! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah it was delightfully quick and easy to paint actually, which is good because making some progress without doing anything too taxing is exactly what I was in need of at the moment! 😀

  • Faust

    LOOK AT ALL THOSE WALLS AND FENCES!! “How are we evuh goin get over dose?!”. Well, they might be more mundane that your usual stuff, but you did a very very nice job on them! They are some nice bits too. Leave it to GW to make non-generic looking walls and fences, and adorn them with lots of extra bits to paint! On the one hand, they look really nice with the extra bits. But soon as you buy a number of them, they start to look really similar. Though the bean counters are surely saying “That’s why you want to buy Walls and Fences box 3! (and 4, and 5…)!!!” 😉

    • Wudugast

      Haha – thank you! Yeah, you’re not wrong there – and if you wanted lots you’d probably be as well off scratch-building your own walls/fences as converting these. You could chop down the trees and snip off things like the morning star, and the rest are generic enough that a second duplicate set would likely be fine but after that might call for more effort than its worth. Depends how many walls one needs really – I think these should be plenty for me. Mind you if GW did decide to release Walls and Fences 2 (The Return Of The Wall) I wouldn’t be averse – these ones must be about 20 years old after all. Then again they’d probably have them flying through the air or something…

  • Azazel

    Well, you did such nice job on these that I decided to look their availability up.. not something I can get hold of now, sadly – but you’ve certainly done a bang-up job on your set!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, they seem to have gone out of stock within the last few weeks, which is unfortunate. The irony that, given how many models have been sitting on my desk for years, it’s the one thing I bought recently and painted straight away that’s no longer on sale is not lost on me! Personally I think GW had forgotten they even sold them – until I bought a set and reminded them…

  • patmcf

    Hey mate these turned out pretty darn good!!!

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