The Cheatin’ Gitz – Part 1

Right, I know what you’re thinking. Another Blood Bowl team Wudugast? Another greenskin team? I mean, fair enough, paint more teams, Blood Bowl is cool, but you do know there’s more to the game than just green guys right? You’ve already got an Orc team, and a Black Orc team, and then there’s those Snotlings that you should be finishing – do you need to start a Goblin team as well? 

Well here’s my excuses. The thing is, I actually have quite a few Goblins already. I painted six of the runty little gits for my Black Orcs and another four for my normal Orcs, which means I have almost enough to field a team already. They wouldn’t be a very good team but still… 

Blood Bowl Goblin Team Wudugast

Back when I started my original Orc team I bought myself a set of Goblins, partly to assist the Orcs and partly because I thought at some point I’d like to paint the whole set and have a Goblin team as well. Of course it’s taken me a while to get around to it, but here we are at last. I also have a troll who I might as well get my moneys’ worth out of now that I’ve finally got around to painting him. 

Blood Bowl Troll Warhammer Wudugast (6)

As well as the ordinary Goblin Linemen and their Trained Trolls there are six other positions on a Goblin team. These tricky, sneaky, cheaty little so-and-so’s are where a lot of the strengths (such as they are) of a Goblin team lie, or so I’m told anyway. The art of playing Goblins, it has often been repeated to me, is to drag the opposition down to your level and beat them with experience. A while ago, when I was putting in an order with Forge World, I talked myself into buying models for three of these positions; the ‘Ooligan, Pogoer and Doom Diver. Anyway, that left me with three positions to fill; the Fanatic, Loony and Bomma. I already have a few Fanatics around so I grabbed one I’d already painted and press-ganged him into the team. 

Anyway, enough of models I’ve already painted – lets look at some new stuff! My next step was to dig around in the bits box and kitbash myself a Bomma with a suitability volatile-looking fungal bomb. 

Blood Bowl Goblin Bomma Secret Weapon Wudugast Warhammer (1)Blood Bowl Goblin Bomma Secret Weapon Wudugast Warhammer (2)Blood Bowl Goblin Bomma Secret Weapon Wudugast Warhammer (3)

I didn’t really need more Goblin Linemen but I had a couple of them sitting around so I painted them up anyway.

Blood Bowl Goblins Wudugast Warhammer (1)Blood Bowl Goblins Wudugast Warhammer (2)

Lastly I turned my attention to the (chainsaw wielding) Loony. I experimented a couple of times with making my own but nothing really looked right. As I was struggling with this however I stumbled upon Slugkap Kipplecrac, a limited edition model from a company called Geek Salad. He was perfect for the job so how could I possibly resist? Better yet, the model I received turned out to be number 007. Those who survive his chainsaw rampages will undoubtedly be shaken, but not stirred. 

Slugkap Kipplecrac Wudugast

The name’s Kipplecrac, Slugkap Kipplecrac!

Blood Bowl Chainsaw Goblin Loony Warhammer (1)Blood Bowl Chainsaw Goblin Loony Warhammer (2)Blood Bowl Chainsaw Goblin Loony Warhammer (3)Blood Bowl Chainsaw Goblin Loony Warhammer (4)

With these done I’m well on my way to having the Goblin team up and running, especially as I can borrow things like tokens and markers from the Orcs (I’m already borrowing half their players after all!). All being well I should get the final lads finished soon.

27 responses to “The Cheatin’ Gitz – Part 1

  • Alex

    Excellent additions mate 🤘

  • imperialrebelork

    Haha great stuff. Any excuse is a good excuse to paint greenskinz mate

  • Faust

    Nah, you can’t have too many green skins in Blood Bowl. And really, I loosely follow the Warhammer lore for the game, so I wouldn’t even fret about seeing Green Skinned Humans. “Hulk smash!?” Enough of that, let’s talk about those minis! I like the little conversions you did on them, but that Bomma is just ingenious! I mean, I know the parts you used (for once), and I’m still surprised that I didn’t see that beforehand. Looks like that figure was born to be a Bomma! Also, I like that Spore Bomb better than the FW one. Alas, I got the FW 3-pack set of Bomma, Chainsaw, and Looney. They came out first, back when I thought I had money to burn on FW stuff. It would be a few years before they finally released the other 3 pack. Had I known, I would have definitely gone the other way around as the first three are much easier to convert or find better models for.

    • Wudugast

      Well, if the Blood Bowl Boss says you can’t have too many greenskins then who am I to argue? Think I’ll hold off on painting those Imperial Nobles green though… :-p

      Glad you like the Bomma, I’m particularly pleased with him. The forge world set are nice models, but they’re not nice enough to pay £30 for the set, especially not the way finances are these days. Plus I’m lucky enough to live on the same island as Forge World, I can imagine the cost and hassle of getting them sent all the way to the states or elsewhere. Back when I got into the hobby you got your main army from GW and then, if you wanted something a bit fancy, you could pick up something special from Forge World to add a bit of extra class. Nowadays though a lot of the “specialist” games (Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Adeptus Titanicus, Horus Heresy) lean pretty heavily on Forge World and I wonder how much that hurts the potential appeal of those games?

      • Faust

        I think mainly it forces people to look for alternatives. One, they get creative and kit-bash their own. Which is all good and I love to see that sort of thing. Two, they find there are other companies out there making some minis that are sometimes better than GW’s offerings. Personally, I think GW can use the competition, but it can’t be great for their pocketbooks. I’m sure their bean counters have done the math and figured out what they stand to gain/lose on the Specialist games though!

      • Wudugast

        That’s good then. I sometimes get the impression that there’s a culture against kitbashing and converting these days. When I was a nipper GW (and everyone else for that matter) would release rules for things that didn’t have models yet (or ever) and we were encouraged to kitbash our own. These days, outside of Necromunda, they’re very much set against that and that seems to have percolated down to the fan base. I’ve often seen people saying “who do you think you are, converting things – do you think you’re better than the professionals?”. I can’t decide how much that’s just them trying to be edgy, how much it’s part of a broader cultural attitude against being practical/self-reliance (I’ve heard the same thing said about maintaining a car or doing DIY) and how much we’ve been trained against imagination in what should be the most imaginative of hobbies. (I should note, nobody says these things to me, but then I try to avoid the social medias precisely because they tend to foster this kind of aggressive culture). Mind you, I tend to think that the Specialist Games crowd are in general an older and more old-fashioned lot than the 40k/AoS types so hopefully the issue is less pronounced there too. I also very much agree that GW can use the competition, the challenge is good for them and creates a healthy “ecosystem” amongst the various companies that supply this hobby. Convert everything I say! 😀

      • Faust

        Hunh, I had never heard about that counter culture. I’ll fix, kit-bash whatever I can. I grew up when you had to take a computer apart to install a sound card, etc. So I tinkered early on. Now cars, unfortunately, I’m not great at and modern cars are even harder. So for things that are going to be a pain…it’s a question of time vs money. Like a lot of things. From what I’ve seen on Reddit, very few people convert minis. But you have people like Spubbbba who turn out Star Player conversions that look exactly like the art in the books. Sometimes looking even better than GW/FW’s stuff thanks to some serious creativity and green stuff skills. I guess there is one instance where I kind of see some negativity, and that’s time and money. Some people just see this as a waste of both. Granted those people probably think any art is a waste of time and money, but I’m sure glad I’m not them. I might not like everyone’s art, but I try to respect their choice and that it means something to them. I think it’s a better use of time than sitting in front of the TV or flicking through social media for hours!

  • Pete S/ SP

    Very nice, characterful figures.



  • theimperfectmodeller

    Fine additions mate and any sport which allows the use of a chainsaw has my attention. 😉

      • John@justneedsvarnish

        Aha! I’ve worked out how I can “like” your comments even though I see no “like” buttons on your blog (I have this problem on some other blogs as well)! The WordPress Reader lets me do it, as long as I remember to look there! If I’ve mentioned this before, just ignore me (a safer path I’m sure)!

      • Wudugast

        Thank you (for the “like”) – although as I may have said before so long as people like my comments I’m not too bothered if they “like” them as well (if that makes any sense!). Always interesting to me how people are looking at the blog as well (through the wordpress reader, at the blog itself, on a computer or a phone etc.). I’ve got a bad habit of always using the wordpress reader but I do like to make a point of actually looking at people’s blogs “properly” as websites, might just be me but I think I get more out of them that way.

      • John@justneedsvarnish

        Actually, I never use the reader, always look at them “properly” as well, even though I get e-mail notifications! I use my Chromebook so at least I can see decent size pictures as well!

  • Kuribo

    The Gobbos look great and your conversion skills always impress, mate! However, in response to your opening paragraph, you’re darn right there’s more to Blood Bowl than Greenskinz! There are elves too for crying out loud! 😉

  • daggerandbrush

    All those models look just super fun. The chainsaw dude is my favourite. Also very convincing TMM.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man – the one with the chainsaw was loads of fun to do. Glad you like the metalwork, I’ve never got the hang of NMM but I do like painting TMM, especially if I can get it looking good. 🙂

  • Azazel

    Can one ever have enough greenskins? We both know the answer to that! Great looking compilation of gobboes and the addtions are on point – including Mr.Kipplecrac there.
    What were the parts you used to make the fungal bomb?

    • Wudugast

      Having too many greenskins is like having too much dakka – it’s just not possible is it? Oh yeah, the parts list for the bomma – I knew there was something I’d forgotten to include in this post… It’s nothing fancy actually, just a normal goblin lineman with the arms adjusted so they’re held above his head, plus one of the fungus “bombs” from the latest night goblins/gloomspite gits fanatics.

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