The Wight Stripes

Bouncing straight from one undead Blood Bowl team to another might seem like madness but as usual there is a method lurking in there somewhere. My thinking goes something like this; the core of both teams are made up of zombies and ghouls, and in fact I’ve used these interchangeably as I put together the Necromantic Horrors team. That only leaves me with a few skeletons, wights and mummies to paint to get Shambling Undead team up and running as well. So I put my necromantic energies to good use again this week and got the two mummies match ready.  

Blood Bowl Mummies Undead Warhammer Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Mummies Undead Warhammer Wudugast (2)

Followed by a pair of Wights…

Blood Bowl Wight Undead Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Wight Undead Wudugast (2)

…one more Ghoul…

Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (5)Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (6)

…and four Skeleton linemen.

Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (2)Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (3)Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Wudugast (4)

Put them all together with some models borrowed from my Necromantic Horrors team and we have another completed team. Not bad for a weeks’ work!

Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Team Wudugast Warhammer Zombies

Of course, this is still far from being all of the Blood Bowl players lurking on the desk – expect to see more shortly as this sporting extravaganza continues!

21 responses to “The Wight Stripes

  • Alex

    Nicely done mate, they look ace! I’ve got a soft spot for these guys – this is my go-to team if I’m ever forced to play the game 😂)

  • davekay

    Excellent title once again! Also I really like how you have done this new (to me) version of the classic undead team.

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    Cripes, these look great! 🙂 Really like the mummies!

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Looks like you are building less of a team and more of an entire league! 😉 Excellent stuff.

    • Wudugast

      Haha – you know, you’re not wrong there! Partly my plan is to have a range of teams available because I’ve got a few mates who’d be up for playing or who used to play but don’t any more, and so by having a decent selection we could get some games in. For a long time I’ve been very much a solo hobbyist, concentrating on the painting and modelling side of things, but since the lockdowns it’s been occurring to me that I’d like to play some games again like I used to years ago. However, that’s also a bit of an excuse because I just like painting the teams as well, so even if this is all I ever do with them I’ll still have had a lot of fun just painting them up. 🙂

  • Pete S/ SP

    Very nice- I love the ghoul.



  • Kuribo

    They may be dingy but they’re a great looking group! I especially like the mummies and the wights. They really capture the classic Warhammer Fantasy feel for me anyway.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks mate! I like to lean into the dingy, dirty look with undead models – I mean, they’re corpses which someone’s pulled out of a graveyard somewhere, they can’t be too clean! Dunno if you noticed but I swapped in a few heads from the old skeletons and grave guard kits on the skeletons and wights to play up that Vampire Counts aesthetic. Anyway, glad you like them. 🙂

      • Kuribo

        I wondered if that was a bit of a conversion or kitbash or whatever the proper term is these days! I think it really lent a touch of Von Carstein to the minis 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    So cool man! A seven nation army isn’t gonna hold these bad boys back.

  • Faust

    I can almost hear the ICKY THUMP they make coming onto the field! Smart thinking mate, getting a few more models done to flesh out another team. I’ve debated in doing the same. On the one hand I’d probably never play both teams (my pref is always for the one true UNDEAD team). But on the other hand, having a battle between Undead and Necro can be interesting. Indeed, it was one of the toughest matches I’ve ever had (I lost a Ghoul over it, *sniff*). If you ever decided to do that though, it’s only a few more minis to paint or proxy something anyways! Sweet work on them all, and interested to see what other models you will get done. 😀

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man! Funnily enough when I was working on these my assumption would be that I wouldn’t try to play undead vs undead. However when I ran the numbers I do have enough for a starting 11 in each team (plus a few spare zombies). They might not be the most optimal teams but it can be done, which is more than I was expecting. In time I might come back to these and add more bodies (I’m guessing more ghouls would be useful) so I can play the two undead teams off against each other with more options but that’s far from being a priority right now. Nice to know it can be done if I want to though! For now though the aim is to get projects finished as quickly and efficiently as possible – and having players moonlighting for other teams seems like a great way to achieve that. 🙂

      • Faust

        Yea, if you painted up the 2 Shambling Wraiths and 2-4 more Ghouls, you’d have enough for some good games. The main thing is those Mummies/Flesh Golems and Wraiths (plus the Werewolves for Necro). I went with 4 Ghouls on my Shambling Undead team. They are the ones who will score for you, but also most likely to die and need replacements. I hear you about projects. I was happily painting away on some stuff and realized that I’m never going to play the games I want to play if I just pick and choose vanity pieces to paint! ;P

  • mellis1644

    They look great. Bloogbowl teams are always fun

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Blood Bowl teams are loads of fun to paint, I try to let my hair down a bit from the grim-realism that I put into most of my models and just try to have lots of fun with them. 🙂

  • Azazel

    Damn, those are some chonky mummies! I very much like the realistic(!) dirty, rusty aesthetic you’ve given the members of this team. 🙂

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