The Up-Town Ghouls – Part 5

It’s July, the sun is shining and everyone wants to get outdoors and run around in the fresh air. These long hot summer days are making me feel like taking up a sport so I’m going to spend this month concentrate on my Blood Bowl backlog.

First to take to the pitch are my team of Necromantic Horrors. I’ve been working on these since the start of the year so now it’s time to get the last couple of players unearthed and unleashed. After all you can’t have a team called the Up-Town Ghouls without a pair of ghouls can you?

Blood Bowl Ghoul Wudugast Warhammer Undead (1)Blood Bowl Ghoul Wudugast Warhammer Undead (2)Blood Bowl Ghoul Wudugast Warhammer Undead (3)Blood Bowl Ghoul Wudugast Warhammer Undead (4)Blood Bowl Ghoul Wudugast Warhammer Undead (5)Blood Bowl Ghoul Wudugast Warhammer Undead (6)

And just like that the team are ready for action!

Necromantic Horrors Blood Bowl Team Wudugast Undead Warhammer

Of course there’s still a few other odds and ends before we can call this project done; a couple of counters…

Blood Bowl Undead Coins Wudugast

… and a couple of markers. These actually belong with the Shambling Undead team (more on them soon) but I really like the look of them so I fast-tracked them up the queue and decided to lend them out to the Ghouls whenever they need them.

Zombie Hands Wudugast Blood Bowl (1)Zombie Hands Wudugast Blood Bowl (2)

Now they just need someone to play against. I already have my Orc teams but variety is the spice of life and I’ve got plenty more Blood Bowl on the desk so let’s see what else we can get finished over the next few weeks.

23 responses to “The Up-Town Ghouls – Part 5

  • Alex

    Superb mate – Ghouls are great in BB 👍👍

  • theimperfectmodeller

    I do love the team name, makes me laugh each time, such a neat play on words. Very cool figures as always and I do like the pumpkin helmet. Those markers though are especially nice and I could see those fitting into many a little diorama; food for thought. 🙂

    • Faust

      Makes me start singing the song in my head each time!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I reckon that coming up with silly team names is 9/10ths of Blood Bowl! The markers are great aren’t they – just such nice additions that I couldn’t resist painting them. Would be very cool to see them in a diorama although they might be a bit big, they’re about the same size as the ghouls. Could work though – depends what you’re going for, I’m sure you’ll come up with something suitably impressive! If you’re seriously looking for one Bits and Kits have the markers in stock at the moment (although that does involve the lottery of buying from Bits and Kits – you may or may not get what you paid for…).

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    All very nice! 🙂 I love the markers!

  • Faust

    Nice to see someone taking up the Blood Bowl slack, haha! It’s been awhile since I looked at the Necro minis, did you mod the Ghouls at all or are they both out of the box? I think I made some changes to mine, but they are sitting in a box at home somewhere. Congrats on getting a very nice looking team done, and they are quite a popular one to play with.

    • Wudugast

      Aye somebody’s got to stay on top of getting Blood Bowl painted and you’ve been slacking off lately! 😉 Stick with me though, I’ve got plans for lots more Blood Bowl over the next few weeks. These ghouls are unmodified, I’m trying to focus on getting things done and not distract myself too much and as I like both of these “as nature intended” I decided to restrain myself from making any tweaks. However if you want to see some Blood Bowl players that *have* been modified come back in a few days…

      • Faust

        I’ll be here! Yea, I haven’t done much BB in awhile. Maybe if I can get my daughter into Blitz Bowl, but I think that might be a couple years off. There’s probably 4-5 must have teams that I should finish. Probably another handful I would like to paint, just because. And then a number of them that I don’t even feel like bothering. It’s a lot of work with numbering/decals, static grass, extra Star Players, tokens, etc. By the time I finish a team, I’m ready for a good long sleep, haha!

      • Wudugast

        I hear ya! Out of curiosity which are your “must have” teams? And which are the ones you wouldn’t bother with?

      • Faust

        Settle back with a brandy and a warm fire as I pontificate! Haha! So my thinking might be slightly different than yours, but game-wise you want a good mix of Finesse (fast) versus Bashy teams. I’ve got a Dwarf and Chaos team (Bashy), a Wood Elf (finesse), and a Human (middle-of-the-road) team done so far. I also have the Orcs who are Bashy, but I often play them like stronger Humans. So, that leaves me wanting more finesse teams: Skaven are high on my list and would probably be the next team I tackle. Another finesse team that I love to play is Dark Elves. The rest of the Elves I’m not crazy about, I can wait on them. I also feel like Lizardmen and Chaos Dwarves play much differently than other teams, so I’d put them up there on my list to get done. My son liked playing Norse, so they go up there. I love playing Chaos Pact/Renegades, so that’s another one. The Stunty teams also add variety (and I dominated our Blitz Bowl games using just Gobbos, haha!), so Goblins are up there on that list (painting the Special Weapons is loads of fun). Halflings, I hate (see old posts). Ogres, never played, not sure. Snotlings, would be fun to paint, but likely not fun to play for me. Vampires are probably a no-go for me, unless they drastically change. I would be tempted to paint Nurgle, but I’m not a fan of the team itself. I think I finally tired of Underworld Denizens too. I played them a couple seasons, and always got hammered. OWA is coming, because they were an easy win model/paints wise. I think that only leaves the two newest teams, which I haven’t really delved into much and I’d rather get the other ones done first. Oh yea, Undead. Don’t like playing Necro, but cool looking models. Love playing Undead, but I have a fair number of bashy teams already, so something else should come first. Of course, if I go the 7s or Blitz Bowl route, which is tempting…I could conceivably get these done sooner and tackle more teams!

      • Wudugast

        Pontificate away mate, you know I encourage that sort of thing! *sips brandy* I like your point about having a mix of bashy and finesse teams. So far I’ve very much focussed on what I think looks fun to paint, which is 9/10ths of the hobby for me, but it’d be nice to have a range of different options available for when we get some actual games in. So far I’ve got Orcs, Black Orcs and the two undead teams. I’ve got a few mates who like the Shambling Undead (but no-one who plays them currently) so I wanted them in the collection should any of them fancy coming round for a game. The Necromantic Horrors are just such cool models I couldn’t resist. I want a “human” team (i.e. a team of human beings to fill the role of ordinary relatable guys – I always like to have something like that in any collection). However the Human team has never really clicked with me and lately I’m feeling less drawn to them than ever (despite converting and kitbashing the models a fair bit, and banging on about how I was going to paint them “soon” basically forever). So I’m thinking I’ll go for the Imperial Nobles to scratch that itch for some ordinary Joes instead, being that they’re cool models and I have them already (although I admit to being very drawn to the Norse – and to a slightly lesser extent the Amazons – but the aim is to paint what I have before I spend money on more stuff). I want to get my Elven Union up to at least a Sevens team now you’ve put the idea in my mind – it’s only two models so it should be easily done. A Goblin team would be easily done, I can just cannibalise the models from my Orc teams in the same way I’ve done with the two Undead teams. All I’d need are the secret weapons and what do you know – that’s exactly what’s on the painting desk as we speak! The Snotling team wouldn’t take much to finish it off either. After that I’ve got Chaos and Khorne teams that I should paint up, and then we’ll see what happens. I’ve often fancied Dark Elves and/or Dwarves but I’d better concentrate on what I’ve got – after all there are quite a few things other than Blood Bowl I’m meant to be painting as well…

      • Faust

        Imperial Nobility is a decent option, and from what I’ve read they seem to play similar enough to Humans. Norse on the other hand are (or at least were) pretty different. Starting with Block on most positional but having very low Armor. Essentially glass cannons. I’m not sure that changed much with the new rules, but they can be tricky to play. There are coaches who swear by Elven Union. Personally, I’d rather play High Elves, which were like more agile Humans (likely to be some changes there I imagine). If I was you, I’d paint the Nobility next. Some of the Gobbos. By that time, Chaos Dwarfs, High Elves, or something even entirely new or different might come out to catch your fancy even more. How’s that brandy?

      • Wudugast

        The brandy is bloody excellent mate! (Actually it’s a can of Guinness but who’s splitting hairs eh?). That all sounds like wise advice there. I think I’ll probably aim for the Nobles as my next full team. Before that I’ll get the Goblin secret weapons done (I’ve already started there, all being well I should do at least one more over the weekend) and get the Elves up to seven. Might look at finishing off the Snotlings as well, they only need a handful of models and easy wins are always a good thing in my book. After that we’ll see, as you say there’s no point in planning too far ahead – not when the hobby butterfly is lying in wait to distract me…

      • Faust

        Sounds like a solid plan! Which also has got me thinking of doing some planning on my own. I’ll have to try Blitz Bowl with the youngest and see if she grasps it. If so, that could really tip the scale for me getting some more BB minis done.

  • Kuribo

    These came out great and being undead makes me like them right away! Those counters look straight out of Nightmare Before Christmas to me anyway 🙂 Congrats on finishing up this team or nearly so anyway!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man – I got the exact same vibe off the counters (I suspect they took it as far as their lawyers would allow them to!). Glad you like them – and all being well I should have even more undead to show off soon…

  • backtothehammer

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever said it but I always enjoy your post titles. No pressure to continue them 😉. Great looking team

    • Wudugast

      Thank you (on both counts!). I’ll admit I do enjoy coming up with silly post titles, and there have even been a few cases where I’ve bumped things up the painting queue just to have an excuse for a good pun. 😀

  • imperialrebelork

    These are great Wudu. All the bits are making me itch to get back to some converting.

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