June 2022 Progress Report 

Early in 2022 I found myself thinking a lot about the way I’ve been going about this hobby, and the things I have and haven’t been painting. I think I’m a fairly prolific painter, admittedly not as much as some but I churn out a lot of models and on the whole I’m happy with the quantity and quality of what I produce. Despite this however there are a lot of projects that I’d like to see completed but which, for whatever reason, never seem to get done. By “projects” I mean sets of miniatures; an army, a Necromunda gang, a Warcry warband, a Blood Bowl team, the contents of a board game – you get the idea. By “completed” I generally mean; painted to a stage where we can get a game with it or where I’ve painted all the models in a particular set. So for example my Daughters of Khaine for Warcry is a completed project, even though I have some “bonus” models like a Medusa that I’d like to add to it. Blackstone Fortress on the other hand I’d call partially completed; I’ve painted enough models to play a game with it but I’d still like to paint up the rest of the box so we have plenty of options when we decide to get a game in. I know this criteria is a little vague but the key thing is, it works for me. If you’re thinking of attempting something similar with your own backlog then work out what works best for you and go from there.

Over the years my approach to the hobby has very much been a case of “this is for fun, paint whatever appeals in the moment, follow the hobby butterfly wherever it leads”. This has given me a lot of pleasure and has seen me paint a lot of models but whenever I look back at everything I’ve done I’m struck by the things I’ve still never finished and the models which I’ve been going to tackle “soon” for a very long time. So, over the last few months, I’ve been trying to do something about that. 

Partly this is about changing the way I look at the “pile of shame” (or as I now call it, the “Mountain of Madness”) and my efforts to tackle it. In the past I’ve tended to view the backlog as a single entity which could be wrestled into completion through a combination of time and Herculean effort. All my projects would be completed as a side effect of this (that is to say, if all the models I want to paint are contained within the pile then by painting everything in the pile I automatically complete all of my projects). 


This bias in my outlook cosied up neatly to the tally of models purchased and painted that I’ve been keeping in recent years. New models excite me and so I buy them – but the growing number in the “bought” column doesn’t look so bad if there’s a large number in the “painted” column too. Thus if I had the choice between painting 100 models and completing 2 projects or painting 10 models and completing 10 projects I’d have chosen the former – up until recently that is. The interesting thing is, by changing tack to this more “project focused” approach I’ve actually ended up painting more models than I have in previous years. My current tally stands at 191 miniatures painted so far this year – that’s more than a model a day and vastly outnumbers the 83 I’d painted by this time last year. In fact it’s more than my total output for the entirety of 2020.

In trying to overcome the backlog in this way I had to work out an inventory of how much I’m up against and compare this against how many models I can reasonably expect to paint (I know many of my readers are also fond of spreadsheets – really is there such a thing as a problem that can’t be solved by a spreadsheet? I think not). This gave me a reasonably accurate idea of the scale of the task and unfortunately it’s a biggie. If my goal is to just paint everything I have, I don’t buy anything else (some hope!) and I continue to paint at the current rate (doubtful – for various reasons) it’ll still take me several years to get it all done. Realistically though the more time passes the more likely it becomes that any given project will never be finished at all. And even if things do turn out exactly as the spreadsheet predicts do I really want to wait that long to get around to my Delaque gang, painting up Cursed City or whatever other projects find themselves falling to the bottom of the list? 

Cursed City Cover

Since I first wrote about this back in February I’ve put together a list of projects and started trying to focus on them. From there I worked out how many models were needed to complete each project and how close to being fully painted said models were, and then started with the ‘easy wins’.

So how did I decide what to paint? After all, any way I slice it there’s still a lot of stuff in the heap to be tackled. The journey of a million miles may well start with a single step, but which step should it be when there are so many to choose from? To answer this I applied three key criteria.

  • 1. Inspiration and enthusiasm. At the end of the day I’m still very much a believer in the idea that this is for fun, it’s a hobby not a job. I’m here to enjoy myself, not to saddle myself with extra chores. Plus I’ve always found that if I’m excited about painting something I get in the zone and power through it, and if I’m not then I really am better off leaving it for another day – the process will be dull and the end results uninspired.
  • 2. How many models did I need to paint? I made a list of all my projects and worked out how many models each one needed to be called complete. The fewer models needed, the further up the list it went. If a model counted for multiple projects so much the better. My Khorne warband for Warcry needed just two models so I decided to tackle it ASAP. My Orc and Black Orc teams for Blood Bowl both needed just one troll (and better yet it was the same troll!) – they too got fast tracked. My WHFB Dwarf army needs around 130 models – needless to say it’s not currently a priority (another insult to be written down in the great book of grudges..!).
  • 3. For my third criteria I used a little mental exercise. Imagine that I discover that I’m going to live a very long, healthy and happy life (hopefully this part is true!) but that I’ll never be able to paint a miniature ever again (hopefully this part is not true!). What models will I look back regretfully and wish I’d painted for my collection? In some ways this covers similar territory to criteria 1 but the fact is there are quite a few models I’ve been really wanting to paint for ages – and yet every time I look at them I think “Not today, there’s something else I ought to paint first”. Well why not today? It’s my hobby and I’ll do what I want damn it! Time to stop putting off fun and get them done. And don’t worry; it really is just a mental exercise – I’m not going anywhere!

Up to now I’ve not really talked about what specifically I’m planning to tackle so the aim of the second half of this post is to lay that out and look at what I’ve managed to complete so far. It’s a living list, things will undoubtedly be added as and when inspiration strikes, but I’ll be aiming to look at it and talk about how I’m getting on every quarter or so – and as we’re now at the end of June this is a perfect moment to take a look back and see what I’ve managed so far. 

Warhammer Terrain Wudugast (16)


Let’s start with somewhere that significant progress has actually been achieved already. I find Warcry is a great excuse to work on little skirmish warbands from all over the Age of Sigmar setting, putting together small groups of models that appeal without bogging myself down in painting large armies. Warcry is one of the few games I actually play on a semi-regular basis and I really like the idea of having a range of factions to call upon. This is an area where I’ve already made great strides and even before I started on this challenge I had warbands from 13 different factions in my collection. The forces of Order were represented by the Daughters of Khaine, Death by the Nighthaunt and the Flesh-eater Courts, and Chaos by the Daemons and Mortals of Nurgle, as well as Skaven borrowed from my WHFB army, and the Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts which were released specially for the game. The forces of Destruction have been particularly busy, unleashing three types of Orc (the Bonesplitters, Ironjaws and Kruelboys) alongside mighty Ogres and scheming Gloomspite Gits. Over the last few months I’ve added Soulblight Gravelords…

Vampire Counts Warcry Warband Wudugast

…Stormcast Eternals in Thunderstrike Armour…

Stormcast Eternal Group Wudugast Warhammer


Sylvaneth Wudugast AoS Warhammer (2)

…Warriors of Chaos…

Warriors of Chaos Group Wudugast Warhammer

…and Khorne Bloodbound.

Khorne Warcry Warband Wudugast Warhammer

Speaking of Khorne I also painted this Bloodmaster (that’s a herald of Khorne if you’re an oldster like me). The range of Khorne deamons for Warcry isn’t all that extensive (just bloodletters, flesh hounds and juggernaughts) so I had planned to just take a relaxed outlook on the rules and include a few daemons alongside my mortals rather than putting together a warband that might feel a bit “samey”. However now I’ve got the Bloodmaster painted up I’ve got options, so once I’ve retrieved my bloodletters and flesh hounds from storage I can unleash an entire band of Khornate daemons should I feel the need to do things strictly by the book.

Khorne Daemon Bloodmaster Herald Wudugast Warhammer (1)

As well as all these factions borrowed from the wider Age of Sigmar setting there are a number of warbands which have been created specifically for the Warcry game. In many ways I think of these as the real Warcry warbands and I’d love to paint all of them, each one is weird, exciting and unique. As things stand however I’ve only managed the aforementioned Untamed Beasts and Iron Golems, both painted back in 2020. I’d very much like to add to that list before the year is out.


Another major project has been to complete all the terrain from the original Warcry starter set and with the completion of this building that’s done at last. 

Ruin Warhammer Warcry Wudugast AoS Terrain (5)

By adding it to all the other terrain I’ve finished we now have a small ruined town to fight over should we so wish. 

Warhammer Terrain Wudugast (3)

Of course this is just the beginning, I’m still planning to work on all the terrain from the Catacombs and Red Harvest sets as well. On top of that I’d like to expand my collection for Warhammer 40k and Necromunda, and with a solid start made to the fantasy side I’m hoping this will take the drivers seat over the next few months. In the meantime I’m calling this goal achieved – although there’s still plenty of room for bonus “stretch goals” yet to come.

Kill Team/Warhammer 40k

I’ve lumped these two together for now as they essentially cover the same territory – one at the skirmish level and one at the army level. As a whole the 41st Millennium is a setting that I love and for which I have a whole heap of models, both painted and unpainted. As games however these two leave me cold, for a range of reasons that would take a blog’s worth of text to elucidate. Thus when I first sat down to address the clear out back at the start of the year I thought I would probably give them only the minimum of attention. To begin with my only set goal was to complete this Death Guard kill team, something that required only a minimum of effort. 

Death Guard Wudugast Plague Marine Warhammer 40k (1)

Now I’ve heard that a plague marine fire team now runs to 3 models which, if true, only serves to illustrate one of my key objections to these games – GW’s constant tinkering with the rules which means that nothing stays the same for more than 2 minutes before an errata is released for the FAQ of the designer’s notes that explain the latest changes in the codex that’s just arrived for the game’s 170th edition. 

However, rules be damned, I love the models and I have a lot of them that I’d like to get painted – many of which are already half-done and lurking in boxes. This situation is nothing new, I’ve not played 40k in any serious way since the early days of 5th Edition and it’s not stopped me painting plenty of them in the years since. However without a rules framework it’s harder to describe exactly what I’m planning to do here. Looking through the pile I find plenty of Orks, Chaos Marines, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Adeptus Mechanicus, Genestealer Cultists and Eldar, plus a few Sisters of Battle. Plenty to be getting on with in other words. Of these some command large numbers of fully painted miniatures, and others are a little more sparse… I’m aiming to at least get together some small armies for most, or if possible, all of them – think something akin to a “combat patrol” (i.e. a couple of squads, a vehicle, a hero or two and a dreadnaught) but as goals go it’s deliberately ill-defined. Obviously some of these factions have already exceeded this goal, in some cases by a considerable margin, but I’ll still be adding recruits to them here and there because I want to, damn it, and all work and no play makes Wudu a dull boy (see also Criteria 1 and 3 above). So far my attention has been focussed on the Necrons and I’m pleased to say I’ve shaken a few of them out of their dusty tombs – enough that I could probably call this goal achieved in their case if I was feeling generous (and I am). Plenty more androids to come in the next few months though!

Wudugast Warhammer 40k Necrons (1)

Blood Bowl 

This feels a bit like cheating (but that’s Blood Bowl right?) because I’m counting one model towards two projects, but I’m going to call it efficiency. I’ve been promising to paint this sporting troll for absolute donkey’s and so when I started this project I fast-tracked him to the front of the queue. 

Blood Bowl Troll Warhammer Wudugast (6)

This completes both my Orc team…

Blood Bowl Orc Team Complete Wudugast

…and their even tougher cousins on my Black Orc team. 

Blood Bowl Black Orc Team Complete Wudugast

Since then I’ve been been chipping away at a team of Necromantic Horrors and a heap of Snotlings, neither of which have achieved full-team status as yet.

Blood Bowl Zombie Warhammer Wudugast (5)Blood Bowl Snotling Team Wudugast

I also have a number of other teams I’d like to paint up so hopefully we’ll be looking at a whole load more Blood Bowl by the time we get to September’s round up. 


Ah, my beloved Necromunda – my home away from home amid the overcrowded hives, the stinking sumps and toxic ash-dunes! I have so many projects I’d like to tackle here but alas the last six months have seen bugger all done. I shall mend my ways by the September round up I promise – and if I don’t you can sell me to the Guilders.

Aeronautica Imperialis

This one is nice and straightforward to describe; my goal is to paint everything in the Wings of Vengeance box and so far I’ve completed none of it. Just to prove I’ve not been entirely idle though here’s my first assembled Ork Dakkajet. Who knows, I might look to complete the whole Ork half of the set in Orktober. 

AI Ork Aircraft

Adeptus Titanicus

Picture it – two armies of tiny titans, one sworn to the God Emperor, the other to the Warmaster, beating seven bells out of each other as the Imperium burns. What have I done to make it happen, aside from snapping up a few models when they were going cheap a few years ago? Not a thing!

Blackstone Fortress 

We played a fair bit of this a while ago and it’s one we’d like to get back into, so completing all the unpainted models is one of the key projects on my list. Previously I managed to complete most of the miniatures from the core set, minus one or two of the heroes, as well as both models from the Traitor Command expansion and all the heroes from the Escalation expansion. My next goal is to finish up all of the other expansions and the heroes from the original set that I never got around to. 

Cursed City 

Sticking with Warhammer Quest we move from the far future to the grim darkness of a city overrun by the undead. My aim with Cursed City is nice and straightforward; paint everything in the box. So far this year I’ve been working my way through the various baddies that roam the haunted streets and crumbling thoroughfares,  starting with ten zombies (borrowed from the wider Age of Sigmar range)…

Zombies Warhammer AoS Wudugast Vampire Counts Group

… and two mighty ogres of the Kosargi Nightguard.

Cursed City Kosargi Nightguard Undead Wudugast Warhammer (5)

I had hoped to get a few more heroes done by now (so far only Emelda Braskov is complete) and finish off at least one more squad of baddies but it was not to be. I’ll see what I can do about that over the next few months.

Cursed City Emelda Braskov Warhammer AoS Wudugast (3)

A Song of Ice and Fire 

At the moment I have two projects on the go here; a House Stark army and their rivals from House Lannister. My aim is to get each of them up to 30 points (enough for a small game) and then keep expanding in 10 point increments until I get to at least 50 points each – enough for a large game or to mix things up in smaller games. Beyond that I’m tempted by some of the other factions in the game but that can wait until I have these first two armies up and running. 

So far I’ve been quite focused on the Starks and, as well as various characters and the beginnings of several squads, I’ve got a whole unit of Sworn Swords fully painted. I had hoped to have at least one more squad done by now and put together a nice group shot of the army but alas it was not to be – I promise to do better before the September round up rolls around.

Stark Sworn Swords ASOIAF Group Wudugast

My Lannisters meanwhile are a little further behind, but the Mountain is well on his way to summoning all of his men so I’ll aim to get this squad completed in the near-ish future.

The Mountains Men Wudugast ASOIAF


At the moment I don’t have any set goals that I’m working towards here, I just really like the models so I’ll keep chipping away at them whenever I feel like it. Expect to see the odd one pop up whenever I fancy painting some crazy barbarians. 

Hate Barbarian Wudugast Chaos CMON collection

Summing Up

I’m feeling pretty chuffed with everything I’ve got done this year, especially as the past few months are always the busiest at work (and this year has been no exception on that score). By the end of July work will be getting a little calmer but other commitments look set to take over so how much time I have for painting as the year progresses remains to be seen. That said I’m going to list a few key targets that I’d like to achieve by the time we get to the end of September and the next quarterly progress report.

  • Necromunda – get another gang up and running, most likely the Orlocks. More if possible.
  • Warcry – get at least one of the “core” warbands painted, the Spire Tyrants look like a good option here.
  • Blood Bowl – get the Necromantic Horrors team finished. As that only needs 2 ghouls I’m going to aim for getting another team up and running as well.
  • Blackstone Fortress – complete at least one expansion.
  • Cursed City – make significant progress. Hard to quantify on this one, I’d love to get it finished of course but I’m not going to try to bite off more than I can chew. A squad or two of mooks and/or some of the heroes would count here, whereas a single corpse rat just isn’t going to cut it!
  • ASOIAF – make significant progress. Again I’m not going to put an exact figure on it here, just that I want to get something done and again one model isn’t enough!

Really though this is the bare minimum I’d like to achieve. More would without doubt be merrier. Keep an eye out over the next few months and let’s see how I get on.


40 responses to “June 2022 Progress Report 

  • davekay

    Great progress report, and I found the spreadsheet inventory essential to my goal of painting my miniatures. It’s hard to move towards a goal when you don’t entirely know what that involves. Breaking everything up into smaller projects was also an essential part of getting there. I like the ide of going system by system so there’s plenty of action on the tabletop while you’re painting the next thing.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Aye, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there; you need to understand exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve, break it into manageable chunks and maintain a sense of progress and achievement. Good point about being able to get some games in as you go, I’m not a big gamer but I’ve been finding it really helps to be able to enjoy that side of things from time to time and feel like there’s more going on with this hobby than just “remove model from unpainted pile, apply paint, place in painted box, repeat until death”. I should add, your efforts to work through your backlog has been a huge inspiration on this project – still can’t quite believe you’ve managed to achieve the fabled zero unpainted models so have yourself another pat on the back from me.

  • Alex

    Phew, that is some analysis mate! I’ve been in a similar ‘paint what you have’ mindset, but then something new and shiny comes out & I buy it & add it to the ‘mound of opportunity’ (a more positive spin on the pile of shame 😂).
    One thing for sure, I am sooooo over the big army-level games. 40k, 30k, AoS can just jog on as far as I’m concerned, I much prefer small warband / boxed game level stuff these days.

    • Wudugast

      Oh yeah – I love the idea of massive battles with thousands of models on each side but thought of actually playing with them (especially with GW rules) puts me off, plus honesty compels me to admit that I can just about maintain my enthusiasm for painting a warband, but the days in which I could just keep battering away at one army for years on end appear to be past. Not that I don’t have armies’ worth of unpainted stuff lurking in the pile…

      As for the mindset that got us here I don’t think I’m going to be breaking out of that without the psychological equivalent of a crowbar (although in this economic climate I’m certainly giving a lot more thought to my passing fancies before they find their way into the pile). That said I buy them because I’m excited about painting them, and who knows – perhaps even gaming with them – not because I think that GW and their ilk need the money more than I do and I like storing lots of unassembled sprues under the bed! My goal nowadays is to remember that in the weeks and months that follow the heady rush of excited purchasing and try to get my projects from bought to built to painted and finally onto the table – rather than seeing so many of them stall halfway.

  • Túbal Villar - Virakotxa

    What an insight of the woes in the process! I wouldn’t touch a spreadsheet with a halberd, but then, a year of yours looks like a lifetime of things done to me… Room to learn! I just learned that I better never evaluate how long it would take me to paint everything to avoid existential dread.

    • Wudugast

      Haha – true, some things are best left unexamined! I’ll admit it took me a while to really face up to how much stuff there is in the pile and even then it’s best not to look too closely! As for spreadsheets they’re definitely not for everyone. I’ve used them as a tool for work a lot over the years (the place I worked before this we had what was jokingly referred to as the “spreadsheet enthusiasts’ club made up of a bunch of us who did a lot with them). When it came to the hobby it just seemed like a natural tool to use to keep track of things and I’ve noticed that there are a few other bloggers who do the same so it’s certainly not an aliment that’s unique to me! 😀

  • Kuribo

    Its great to see what kind of progress you’ve made this year. I couldn’t juggle as many different games and genres of minis (or at least I don’t think so!) and you have my respect for taming that Mountain of Madness this year 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thanks man! I think I’m the opposite in that regard – I admire the way you can keep focussed on one project for as long as it takes but I tend to bounce around from one thing to the next, it keeps everything fresh for me. I used to be more inclined to keep working on one army for months without anything distracting me but these days I don’t have that kind of focus. However in many ways that suits my interest in warbands and skirmish scale games so it all seems to be working out well enough. 🙂

      • Kuribo

        I’m becoming more like you than you are becoming like me, I would say though too 🙂 My backlog is a bit bigger than I would like but I wonder if the fact that GW are very good at getting you with both FOMO and just stopping production on some minis after a certain amount of time is why you have the backlog you do. For example, Blackstone Fortress content wasn’t available for all that long so if you wanted it, you had to get it when it came out basically. In that sense, if you buy many GW products, its really better to buy early than be out of luck!

      • Wudugast

        Yup, exactly. Going with the Blackstone Fortress example I knew after the first couple of expansions that any further expansions they released would be limited edition (even if not labelled as such) so I needed to snap them up if I wanted them, especially as everyone else seemed to be reaching the same conclusion and so things were selling out faster than ever. The way they drop some products from the range also makes no sense whatsoever – take the (very nice) Skaven warband from Warhammer Underworlds which they recently discontinued after it had been available for what – maybe 4 years? Meanwhile there are some truly awful, ugly and misshapen Skaven kits which are still on sale more than 20 years after they were first available (and frankly they shouldn’t have been put on sale in the first place!).

        However although I think that’s the biggest factor in starting the backlog there have been others. GW are very good at packaging models into sets and saying “Hey, you want Model A and Unit B right? Well if you buy them in this box you’ll get Unit C which you wanted but probably not enough to buy, and you’ll save money! Oh and you’ll get Unit D which you definitely wouldn’t have bought but it’s essentially free now right!”. Of course Unit D still contributes to the backlog…

        Plus there were a couple of other factors that definitely played a part. Having been skint to the point of not knowing where next month’s food was coming from for a long time (plays world’s smallest violin) I suddenly had some disposable income and the temptation to treat myself and put some models aside for a rainy day was often too much to resist. Add that to the chance to get a really good deal – but only if you act now! – and you can see how the backlog came to be. I actually used to get a lot of models from a store that offered really huge discounts but only if you pre-ordered, it was by far the cheapest way to get miniatures but the FOMO was very real there. In the end I stopped using them, mostly because their service was duff, but it certainly stopped the build up of models before it got completely out of control.

      • Kuribo

        Blackstone Fortress is a great example of GW’s unpredictability with their releases and I don’t think it was fair or beneficial to consumers as you could easily miss out on expansions if you didn’t buy them right as they came out.

        I completely agree about the boxed sets being a way to squeeze more money out of fans too. I don’t care for that practice in particular because they’ll hide one really cool new mini in the box that people want and then consumers end up with tons of stuff they don’t want or will never get around to painting because you get so many minis in a single one of those boxes and GW releases several a year.

        Those types of things make it easy for me to avoid GW from the gaming side of things. They also don’t try very hard to make any solo friendly games so that really helps too. With all that said, I think your reasons for the backlog are totally valid and I’ve found in my life that you don’t usually see that you’ve got too much stuff, until its happened and you already have a problem on your hands. I’ve had it happen a couple of times and all I could do was try to manage the problem once I realized it. It wasn’t something I saw coming and knew I could stop and didn’t unfortunately.

  • imperialrebelork

    191 models in six months is a fantastic output Wudu. Mountain of madness is good but I’m still sticking with pile of opportunity hehe. I’m still following the hobby butterfly but have been enjoying sticking to bigger projects this year where as usually I’ll flutter from one to the next to the next to the next.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man! I’m starting to wonder now if I can manage 365 this year – that used to seem completely unattainable but I’d be well on my way. Of course as you know there’s a lot of other stuff going on in the coming months which deserves my attention more than miniatures do. As for the hobby butterfly I think I’ll always be in-thrall to her, so lately I’ve said “Alright bitch, if that’s how it’s going to be then you can work for me!”. Now when I get distracted from one of my projects I end up working on another from my list instead, rather than always being drawn in by the lure of the new and starting yet another new project. This way I end up chipping away at lots of different things which keeps everything fresh and satisfies the butterfly. So far so good, but we’ll see how long it lasts! 😀

    • theimperfectmodeller

      I left this post to the weekend so I could have a proper read. An excellent update which must have taken you quite a while. Strikes me you have had a great year thus far and I’m confident you’ll build on that in the second half too. Leaves me with a lot of food for thought regarding my own way forward. I’ve no idea what I plan to do just yet but once I get my latest project out of the way then some major changes will be on the way. 🙂

      • Wudugast

        And of course then it’s taken me until the next weekend to get around to answering! Out of curiosity, and I hope it’s not too personal a question, but what’s got you thinking about making major changes to your hobbying? The reason I ask is that you’re not the first person I’ve heard say that this year, in fact it seems to be quite a common refrain – and as you see I’m doing it myself. For me it’s changes in my personal life that will affect how much time/space I have for the hobby but obviously that doesn’t apply to everyone else – which leaves me curious as to why so many of us are making 2022 the year we re-evaluate and restructure the way we go about painting our collections of miniatures.

      • theimperfectmodeller

        Not a personal question at all. Quite what I decide to do I’m not entirley sure but looking ahead two things concern me. The first is the old issue of space. I like doing dioramas but despite having a large house I’ve pretty much run out of space for them and simply boxing stuff and storing it just doesn’t appeal. The second is the realisation that in a few weeks I’ll be 65 and the future for my stuff is mostly the skip at some point. I don’t want to give up the hobby so I might put more emphasis on ebay, not so much for the money, I’m fortunate in that regard, but as a means to pass stuff on to people who might appreciate it. It’s a quandary for sure but my instincts tell me something has to give. 🤔

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, that all makes sense. I used to find the idea of boxing all my miniatures away terrible but eventually the collection grew too big and I had to face facts. The thought of it all going to the tip someday (hopefully not any time soon for either of us!) is a bit depressing isn’t it – especially with things like dioramas. There’s so much time and love goes into them, but as you say they take up a hell of a lot of room. Ebay is a good idea though, it’s nice to be able to pass these things on to people who’ll enjoy them and make some space into the bargain.

  • f

    My plan is to paint two bolt action boxes before buying anythig, I got totally pasted in a tournament so no 40k in a while

    • Wudugast

      That’s wise, always good to set yourself achievable goals. As for getting a kicking in a game, as much as it can suck at the time it can also be a great motivator to paint up something different!

  • Faust

    Ah, the old “What do I do with this mountain of plastic before the SO bins it?!” Or worse checks the credit card receipts…!!! I wasn’t doing too bad when I first got bit by GW’s Blood Bowl re-release, but it definitely got worse. I found straying away from GW’s stuff has helped a bit. Their models are interesting, but their ever changing game rules that invalidate and screw up things sucks. Glad to see you making headway though! By the way, there is a pared down (quicker) version of Blood Bowl called Blood Bowl 7s, that only uses 7 minis. You might check that out. GW released the rules in one of their books, but I think it’s not different than the free tournament rules that have been online for a long time.

    • Wudugast

      Haha – aye, that’s true, although my wife generally encourages me with my miniatures which is nice.

      I’d forgotten about Blood Bowl Sevens, that’s a great shout, thanks! I thought it was stuck behind a paywall so I kind of ignored it (I’m not buying yet another rule book) but I’ve found the tournament rules online and they look like a lot of fun. Should make for a nice mid-way goal – I can paint up a team for Sevens and then add a few more models to turn them into a full team later if I want to.

      • Faust

        Exactly, works about the same for Blitz Bowl too. 1 spruce of minis, then can add more to make a full team. Supposed to be another edition of Blitz Bowl coming out soon. If you’ve never played, it’s probably easier to get into.

      • Wudugast

        Hmmm… Again I’d dismissed Blitz Bowl because it’s not available in the UK but I’ve just noticed that GW has posted the rules for free so I’ll give them a read. What did you think of the new Amazons yesterday? I reckon they look cracking, could be a lot of fun to paint (and an excuse to break out the bright colours!).

      • Faust

        Oh shoot, I forgot that Blitz Bowl isn’t available everywhere. That’s so dumb! Maybe with “Ultimate Blitz Bowl” it will be more available. I’m (like most reactions) a bit mixed on the Amazons. They are one of the teams I never owned, because the original GW minis were horrid and I just didn’t see anything else I was crazy about. Proportions look good. The snakes on the arm, seemed kind of dumb. The feathers will probably break off. The armor wasn’t too inspiring. But then again, this could be another case where the GW paint job didn’t do them justice. As a team, they never really appealed to me either, mostly some Blodgers that were only good at initial TV I think. I will likely get them, as they could be something used to test out Blitz Bowl with my daughter. The Big Guy reveal could be a major deciding factor for me. There was a rumor that it might be a Krox, and that would be kinda fun to actually play with.

      • Wudugast

        Aye, a Krox would kind of fit with the Amazons, although if it was going to be available to multiple teams wouldn’t we have been more likely to see a plastic version ala the treemen, ogre and trolls? Just thinking that the big guys who play for more than one team (and therefore presumably have a wider appeal in terms of sales) tend to be in plastic, whereas the ones that can only be taken by one team are resin. Maybe it’ll be an ogre in a wig like the old female maneater from WHFB! ;-p Actually, on a sensible note, are we sure there’s going to be a big guy for the team? I know not every team has one – in the livestream they kept comparing them to elves and Dark Elves/Elven Union don’t have a big guy so perhaps these ladies won’t either?

      • Faust

        Yea, possibly no Big Guy. I would totally pick up a Unicorn or Krox though. Maybe the Unicorn (Lucky Luc) will pop up as a Star Player. And speaking of….the revealed Star is pretty damned awesome!!

      • Wudugast

        Oh yeah, that snake star player is awesome. I don’t tend to go in for the star players (there’s only so much cash I have to throw at this hobby) but that one looks like he’d be fantastic fun to paint. As for Lucky Luc I’d completely forgotten about him – you could be right though. I don’t tend to think of unicorns as jungle dwelling creatures but who knows? They brought back the zoat after all!

  • daggerandbrush

    Impressive output! The quality is top notch and I really like your Cursed City warband, but then I am partial to undead and vampires.

  • Akrim

    Wudugast your Warcry warbands look great. I love those Nightguard figs – magnificent models.
    Just wanted to say well done, Ive followed your blog here a long time, fellow converting enthusiast here. Great material my friend.
    Regards from Canada

    • Wudugast

      Hello Canada! I always find it really cool the way the internet allows us to share this hobby with each other all over the world. Glad you’ve been enjoying my stuff – I know I’ve not been converting as much lately (I’m trying to keep my focus on clearing that backlog!) but I’ve still got loads of ideas up my sleeve so expect plenty more in the future. 🙂

  • backtothehammer

    Great read and the timing really coincides with similar thoughts I’ve been having recently too, mainly after I’d been updating my spreadsheet of models. I definitely agree with enthusiasm being a driving factor. Oddly I’ve recently struggled with this factor for blogging (that seemed to directly correlate with word press and their proposed changes) but my painting is on a real roll (for me). Because the bulk of my painting is for various whfb armies I’ve been taking the route of painting one unit at a time. It’s definitely helped, as has having targets (the club show in October and the start of the new BB league at the same time). I find reading related fluff/hobby items also helps galvanise me.
    What I am impressed with is the scope of games you have on your list. That’s something I made a conscious decision to cut down on, just because of an assessment of what I’d have time to play.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, I always reckon that time is at a premium, the hobby has to fit in around everything else in life, but if I’m feeling enthusiastic about something I’ll make the time for it somehow – and if I’m not I won’t. WordPress’ planned changes really knocked my enthusiasm for blogging for a while too, but now I’m trying to just enjoy it whilst it lasts. As for the range of projects I’m finding this is the best way to get around that terrible beast known as the Hobby Butterfly. Years ago I could concentrate on one project for months on end but those days seem to be past, now I seem to get distracted a lot. My solution seems to be having lots of small projects on the go and bouncing from one to another. So far it seems to be working for me and with luck we’ll end up with a range of games that we can pick and choose from as the mood takes us. 🙂

  • patmcf

    Oh man you make me feel that on the tread mill of nowhere! Bugger winter, I have so many unfinished stuff , I’ll just put it down to still being immature !! What at 67!!!

  • Progress Report – September 2022 | Convert or Die

    […] Settle down greenies – because before we sink our teeth (or should that be “teef”?) into Orktober it’s time to take a look back at everything I’ve managed to paint over the last quarter-year. Back in June I talked a bit about my efforts to clear out the backlog of unpainted models that I’ve accrued over the years and the way in which my attitude towards it has changed in 2022. Rather than reiterate everything here I’d recommend going back and seeing what I have to say for myself by clicking here. […]

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